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R.I.P. Stefano Bellotti

If you haven’t already heard, Stefano Bellotti, winemaker and biodynamic guru from Novi Ligure in Piedmont, sadly passed away last week. What he suspected to be a dodgy oyster turned out to be pancreatic cancer and it was to prove fatal.  529 more words


Organic Wine Market Manufacturers, Trend, Growth, Share, Countries and Future Forecast Report 2023

Organic Wine Market studies produced from grapes that are grown organically. Organic cultivation excludes the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides. There are more than 2,000 organic wine producers globally. 596 more words

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Is organic wine healthy?

Why organic wine?

Many people do not know this, but grapes accumulate more harmful pesticides and herbicides than most other fruits. It means that conventional wines are not just alcohol, they come with additional harmful toxins. 360 more words


Spain, Part Two: Parés Baltà and our Hunt for Anything Locked

After our visit to Albet i Noya, we hopped back in the car with our new friend Marc of Barcelona by Road and headed towards our next stop in the Penèdes wine region, … 1,282 more words


Shock, Horror and a Golden Lining

My alarm clock seemed louder than ever this morning. I got back from Paris late last night and having enjoyed every baguette crumb, every bite of cheese and every drop of wine, I was running a high sleep deficit. 547 more words


Sulfites in Wine

A common explanation for wine headaches is that it contains sulfites.  It is true that a small percent of the population is allergic to sulfites but there are more common causes of wine headaches like drinking a bottle or two, or reactions to tannis or… 351 more words

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Histamine reaction

I used to get flush when I drank many red wines.  Over the years I kept eliminating tasty wines from my shopping list and looked for ones that didn’t give me a reaction.   283 more words

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