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Coconut obsession?

Well, maybe…?

Almond Breeze- Almond Coconut

It has stronger coconut flavor than the 100% coconut milk has.

SMARI Icelandic organic yogurt-coconut

Yes, it’s nonfat yogurt, so it tastes like non-fat, like nothing. 130 more words


Allergy Alert: Glenisk ‘Honey 0% Fat Organic Yogurt with Granola’ & ‘Natural 0% Fat Organic Yogurt with Granola’

Glenisk is recalling its ‘Honey 0% Fat Organic Yogurt with Granola’ and ‘Natural 0% Fat Organic Yogurt with Granola’ as the granola contains low levels of peanut which is not mentioned on the labelling. 134 more words

Trading Standards

Dairy Free, Gluten Free and Sugar Free Sorbet in 5 Minutes!!

Sugar is in everything these days and we really don’t even realise how much! This is a great recipe that will replace those overly sugary ice creams and sorbets and tastes even better! 100 more words

Healthy Option

a late lunch lite! . . .

Went by the local health food grocery store called “Living Earth” here in our little town on a Saturday. Picked up some small golden beets, fresh watercress that looked like it had just been plucked from a cold mountain spring, small white nectarines and some organic yogurt from a local farm. 83 more words