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Why We Need Another Agricultural Revolution

The aggressive
Industrialisation of agriculture in the mid 20th century was contrived to
ensure an increase in food production with the rapidly growing global
population while ensuring farming remains a profitable business. 399 more words


Eating Well on One Income - Meal Planning

How & Why We Meal Plan as a One Income, Family of Three

…Whatever the case, planning meals ahead of time removes stress, allows more time spent with your family, better financial awareness, and opens the door to make better nutritional decisions. 1,013 more words


H&M's Peppermint Lip Oil

I just found a new like product today.

It is a lip oil with vitamin E.

Vitamin E promotes cell turnover and regeneration. So if you have dry or chapped lips it will relieve the issue and bring new cells to the surface faster. 37 more words


This versatile black chilli sauce originated from the Ga tribe in Ghana West Africa. It is mostly used to complement foods such as the ever popular waakye, Kenkey with fish, steamed or boiled rice, yams and potatoes etc. 189 more words

Exploding Buds Antrodia Certified Organic Mushroom Powder 4 2 oz 120 g

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Exploding Buds Antrodia Certified Organic Mushroom Powder 4 2 oz 120 g
ID: 133230577388… 38 more words


Peju Winery (and a small organic tangent)

Since I started working in the retail wine industry, I’ve had a lot of surprises — both pleasant and unpleasant (but that’s a post for another day). 1,114 more words


Everything You Need to Know about Hair Texture Changes!

With age, comes wisdom and it also comes with: hair texture change! Just as your skin does, hair needs to be nurtured and cared for to ensure that it remains as thick and healthy as it was when we were younger. 850 more words