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Silver Nuggets Earrings/Studs

    These little nuggets earrings are made from little chunks of solid silver. I’ve used recycled silver for these, which of course is much more sustainable than new silver. 141 more words

    Turmeric Milk Pana Cotta

    Hi guys! Haldi Dudh/Turmeric Milk has a huge significance in building our immunity. Haldi/Turmeric is the miracle spice that helps in building your immunity weather you take it in its plant form (which looks very much like ginger) or as a spice. 337 more words

    Organic Hot Drinks

    Organic hot drinks. Serving only at Ale-ale, Isabela Permaculture Development Center

    • blue tea @ 10php
    • black coffeee in organic mascovado @ 15php
    • burger veggies @ 45php
    Food Trip

    No Control

    We’re ebbing towards the end of the rose chafer season. Part of me wants to claim at least a partial victory. Not that we didn’t suffer losses; we did. 306 more words