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My week 08/02/16

Last week my spending on groceries was £33.50, so I managed to keep below my £35 target. It did feel strange having such a high spending limit compared to any week in January, but a lot of things won’t be needed to be repurchased for a while, so that will keep future spending back at the normal amount! 370 more words


Bullet Journal Daily Layouts

When I first started my bullet journal adventure, I was quite set on the weekly layout.  I’d transferred from a week-to-view academic year diary so I was quite set in my ways of having a weekly spread where I could plan events and tasks.   550 more words


Five Things Friday: Healthy Breakfasts for Children

As the mother of an increasingly fussy toddler and a one year old who would eat me, if only he could move fast enough, meal times are a battle between giving them something healthy and giving them something they’ll actually eat.   570 more words


My week 01/02/16

Last week I managed to keep my food shopping below £10 (£9.55 to be exact), and I budgeted to my heart’s content on Friday, so I’m all set up for February, and feeling pretty good about the amount of money I’ve allowed for various categories. 291 more words


My Bullet Journal Journey: The First Three Months

Aaaaahh, my beautiful bullet journal. With its pink, butter soft cover and its reassuring weight, I’ve grown rather attached to this little beauty! Who knew, when I started this journey, that I would be so dependent on this little notebook to keep my life running smoothly. 1,012 more words


Five Things Friday: Birthday Cards

Happy Birthday to me! Not quite a milestone birthday (that’s next year) but definitely worth celebrating. This year I’m spending the weekend away with my sisters and their families so it’ll be a weekend of chasing many small children around and solving endless arguements of ‘this is mine, I don’t want to play with it, but if I see you playing with it, I’ll want it immediately’! 175 more words


Tips For A Tidy Home

Whether you live alone, have a room mate or a big family, its always difficult to keep your house looking tidy after a big clean up. 511 more words