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Behind the scenes

I thought that I would take a few moments to share my craftroom with you all.

I can’t take credit for the pegboard idea, I have Pinterest to thank for that, but it works brilliantly. 193 more words


Creating Collections in your Bullet Journal

How’s it going? You may have noticed a gap in our mini-series last week, my birthday celebrations continued for over a week so I took some time off! 434 more words


January Plan With Me Challenge 

I love a challenge and I love spending time being inspired by ideas on social media, so the Plan With Me Challenge hosted by Kara, Jessica and Kim over on Instagram is my kind of fun! 2,356 more words


Using a Tracker for Repeating Tasks

If you’ve been following this series since the beginning of the year, you’ve now been using a Bullet Journal for a month. That’s pretty good going and you should have a really good idea if it’s going to work for you. 346 more words


Long Term Planning in your Bullet Journal 

Let’s start this post as we always do in this series and consider how your Bullet Journal journey is going. So far we’ve looked at daily… 798 more words


Using a Legend/ Key to Organise Your Day

If you’ve been following this series you will have been writing your weekly lists for two weeks now and thinking about migrating tasks for the last week. 610 more words


To Migrate or not to Migrate - that is the question. 

If you read my previous post here, then you’ve hopefully spent the week trying out the basic Bullet Journal process of writing a daily list of tasks, having a go at completing them and marking off your progress. 427 more words