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Digital can't be outsourced - can it?

“If you let an IT company do all your analytics for you, you are going to fall behind” said Jeff Immelt recently, speaking to LinkedIn’s Dan Roth… 309 more words


What price digital talent?

Should your digital leader be paid more than your CEO? Demand for digital talent is outstripping supply. Firms are scaling up their digital teams to reflect digital’s growing impact on competitive advantage and performance. 171 more words


Digital and IT - better off together?

Should digital and IT teams be merged?  Companies are trying to simplify their organisations as they seek greater agility, and digital is an unwelcome addition to an already crowded organisational matrix.  211 more words


Feeling your way to digital success

Digitally-driven disruption is playing out in nearly every sector.  Executives in incumbent organisations experience a range of emotions as disruption plays out. Here’s a typical sequence: 289 more words


The 50:50 rule - building digital teams

As incumbent businesses reinvent themselves for a digital world, building a new culture with high ‘Digital Quotient’ is essential. Yet culture change is notoriously difficult, and needs to be carefully managed to preserve the best of the old whilst adding new attributes (e.g., agility, creativity) that firms seek as they seek to compete digitally. 193 more words


I have been in my studio for 18months now, and whilst it has been a joy to use and create in, it is time to  de-stash and move onwards. 201 more words


My Bullet Journal Journey: The First 6 Months

Wow!  When I first started to use my bullet journal, I thought I probably would still be using it after six months, but I didn’t realise how much of an impact it would have on my life and in so many different ways.   987 more words