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12 Things I Do To Stay Organised & Stress-Free.

Hi everyone,

This post is a little different to my usual book related content that is featured on this blog. This post is a list of 12 things I do throughout the day in order to remain organised, relaxed, and  stress-free. 712 more words


Half Marathon Training Schedule

Before I started running last year, friends who were runners would tell me they were going to run a half or full marathon and I would outwardly be impressed and wish them luck and comfortable trainers.   770 more words


Overcoming digital difficulty #7: Neither top-down nor bottom-up works

“Most of what we call management consists of preventing people getting their work done” (Peter Drucker). In digital transformation, management need to ‘get out of the way’ and create space for innovation, yet at the same time provide sufficient direction to ensure that the innovation that flows will deliver the desired outcome. 254 more words


Our Colourful Cottage

Welcome to our cottage! It felt like home pretty quickly, but we’ve been steadily putting our stamp on it and it’s really feeling like our nest now. 874 more words


Fitness Recording in my Bullet Journal

Ever since I started running using the Couch to 5K plan I’ve been steadily building up the miles I run each month.  At the beginning of the year I set myself a target of running a mile for every day of the year, to begin with it didn’t go so well.   355 more words


Overcoming digital difficulty #5: No owner

“Only the guy who isn’t rowing has time to rock the boat” (Satre). Digital transformations involve every function in the organisation. In turn this requires the entire leadership to row in unison. 245 more words


Blooms Taxonomy Bullet Journal Collection

In the past few years we’ve completely changed the way we plan at school.  We’re focusing more on challenge for all and using questioning to extend learning.   85 more words