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Travel toiletries

In order to simplify one aspect of my life recently, I decided to duplicate some items.

I know!

That was a hard sentence for an aspiring minimalist to write! 308 more words


Trying to be organised Part 2

In part one we tackled one of the biggest and most used rooms in the house, although there were areas I did not alight on, in this part, I want to discuss our hallways which generally get turned into dumping grounds for handbags, keys, shoes, everything that you bring in through the front door normally gets dumped as soon as you get through the door, don’t get me started on our upper hallways, they are havens for clothes which don’t make it to laundry. 432 more words


Continuity of Civilisation

Ignorance of the consequences of such elementary dependencies as those generated by ubiquitous thermodynamic or informational entropy (in ordered systems on all scales) are at least partially induced by limited exposure to and awareness of the logical facts and functional boundaries of material and physical systems as they are currently known to exist. 57 more words


Organisational Ecologies

It may be a matter of logical necessity that we will always lose some value, information or organisational order as a necessary consequence and cost of the existence of ordered structures and systems. 62 more words


Open Minds and Closed Organisations

By all available evidence, nature has (as successfully as materially or logically plausible) resolved issues of optimal energy and information exploitation and recycling over billions of years of integrated testing, selection and development. 86 more words


Order and Decay

The production and continuous maintenance of social and economic order and collectively structured organisational intent is a product of (and as subject to) the laws of physics as is any other material process. 29 more words


Organisations: Reproducing (through) Sociopaths ?

Do organisational bureaucracies breed sociopaths; or, do organisational bureaucracies breed through sociopaths ? A lack of conscience and a burning ambition to trample anyone in their way provides the perfect vector through which the self-propagating inefficiencies of organisational systems might manifest their own, unconscious and agent-less survival strategies. 77 more words