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Releasing your organisation's full potential

Here’s a tale of our times.

Tom works for a well-known company in a valued and influential role; doing things that he enjoys and is good at. 936 more words


Little high, little low

Hi there, me again.

You know when you get news but it just feels you with dread? That’s social anxiety for you.

I’ve got papers on dementia and dance interventions to my left, with my philosophy lecture notes under that, and make up, perfume, a notebook, a to-do list or three and highlighter pens spread out over the rest of my desk. 151 more words


When it becomes too much, divide and subtract.

Subtract and divide. Multiply and add with caution.
Having to solve two problems is usually worse than having to deal with one (obviously): accidentally leaving the water on – the water bill for this month has dramatically increased. 361 more words


I Know that Cracks in Care Between Institutions Undermine Patient Safety, but How Can I Rectify the Problem?

Cracks between institutions

It is well known that danger arises when care is fragmented over many organisations (hospital, general practice, community care, social services, care home, etc.). 1,346 more words

Richard Lilford

New Bullet Journal - or, Jumping on the Bandwagon

During October my bullet journal had become much more of a hybrid, containing longhand journalling elements as well as the normal bujo modules. It had become quite a personal space, and very exciting to use. 1,182 more words


My Experience Bullet Journaling  

Bullet journaling is a craze which seems to have swept the internet recently, but is it really worth the hype? Based on the concept of using a single book to log everything that goes on in life, it is an analogue alternative to the electronic whirlwind we get lost in. 883 more words



The thing I find useful about proper planning is that it gives me nowhere to hide – and that’s a very good thing! If I start each day with just a vague idea of what I intend to do, then I end up doing a lot of things that  didn’t need to get done.   74 more words