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PhD study planning in my bujo

Hello my lovelies!

Today I’m going to be giving a bit more detail about how I study for my PhD, which is a pretty niche thing to be talking about given that most people don’t make the mad decision to do a PhD in the first place! 722 more words

Bullet Journal

Luke Templeman - Human Writes

Luke Templeman is the public relations spokesmen for Human Writes – a long established British  non -profit humanitarian organisation founded for the purpose of befriending prisoners on Death Row in the USA.  185 more words
Death Row

Half Term What?

So half term 1 as an NQT is over… And as usual I’m not sure how! The last seven weeks have flown by in a blur of assessments, trying to learn names and making it up as I go along. 670 more words


Book review: Is this what we wanted? (1)

How do people act and what kind of action is required by the situation? This is the basic question Van Dinten answers by showing examples from daily life in his book  223 more words


Planning tab set up.

Continuing the theme about planning for 2017 I wanted to share my final binder set up now up and running ready for next year.

This is slightly picture heavy but pictures are better than how I can describe it. 858 more words


Spread Out

When it comes to trying to get rid of things, often we find ourselves thinking that a problem isn’t as bad as it truly is. We look inside a cupboard and think ‘its not too bad in here, I’ll just have to neaten it up’. 514 more words


The Art of fixing things vol 1

At my department at CBS we’re playing a little game: every other week 4-5 employees are asked to come up with a short definition (their own, not more than 30 words and a couple of other rules). 34 more words

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