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PhD plans

So I guess some things have changed, but everything remains the same. Difficult to not fall into a real lull between assessments. They’ll hit me like a ton of bricks if I am not careful. 212 more words


Study Documents: ToDo Lists

As you may have caught onto in my previous blogposts I love to use ‘Todo lists’ to stay organised. There are many different types of ‘todo lists’ that can be helpful, so I thought I  would create four different pdf ‘todo lists’ to inspire everyone to get organised. 368 more words


FIFA - die größte Organisation der Welt

Die FIFA ist ein Verband mit Tradition. Gegründet wurde sie vor über hundert Jahren von Frankreich, Spanien, den Niederlanden, Dänemark, Schweden und der Schweiz in Paris. 191 more words

Where to get cute stationary in Japan?

Japanese stationary is some of the best in the world! If you have ever fallen for a cute washi tape or a bullet journal lay-up, it was probably created (and inspired by) Japanese stationary. 652 more words


Social media in the public sector

We have seen how social media has been widely adopted by private organisation in the attempt to improve collaboration and communication outside and inside an organisation. 481 more words


Tips for blogging

Hey Everyone
So today I thought I would give you some of my advice about blogging. I obviously am no where near knowing everything there is and down below I would love to know some of your tips for blogging. 421 more words

East Side Bujo Continuing Story

Remember, je présentais en Septembre dernier mon Bullet Journal, East Side Bujo. Et si après huit mois il me sert toujours à gérer mon temps, mes habitudes ainsi que mes repas, je l’ai grandement simplifié, en trois parties sur 8 pages. 425 more words