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DIY: Cushion Covers 

I decided my bed was looking a little sparse a couple of months ago so I decided to buy cushions for my bed, however I discovered that cushions were pretty expensive for a student on a budget. 196 more words


The usefulness of being organised

Being organised doesn’t come naturally to me, if I didn’t do anything about it I’d forget everything and never get anything done ever. This feeling of unorganised, chaotic out of control-ness make me anxious, stressed and I can’t relax so I do something about it. 706 more words


Hard Times

Part of my planning for this week is knowing I want a lot more organisation generally in what I do. That means thinking about headers and artwork, and providing myself with a long-term supply of images that can do this but not fall foul of copyright. 319 more words

Life Of Grumpy

Planning. Paragraphs. Post-it notes: A Dyslexic, part-time PhD student shares his writing tips and tricks

“I go through spells where I don’t do anything. I just sort of have lunch—all day.”

Writing is not my natural forte, I like the Nora Ephron quote above about her writing process, so similar to mine.

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Organising your PT Phd by @SRDent89


Due to things being more than a little hectic recently, my blog has taken more than bit of a backseat. So has my cooking.

Today I have started things off by reorganising my  39 more words



After people finish counting my children and comment on how I must have my hands full, the next thing they say is often along the lines of “How do you get everything done?” The honest answer is I don’t get… 644 more words

Homeschooling With Toddlers

30 ans

ou l’occasion pour moi de vous emmener en voyage dans ma vingtaine…

c’est le nombre de bougies que je dois souffler aujourd’hui même

Il y a quelques jours, je suis tombé sur…

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