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Disorganisation, Distractions, Discipline and Desire.

Some work best in disorder, with apparent chaos ruling. Some need order, pattern and habit to produce their best. I belong to the ‘clear desk’ brigade. 750 more words


Minimalistic March

My “new years resolution” this year was to be more minimalistic.

I have never been one to be minimal, i (like im sure many of you) have accumulated a lot of ‘STUFF’ over the years but i feel that this is the year to let it all go. 173 more words

30 Day Challenge

Packing Your Life In A Suitcase

I know packing can be the most daunting and yet annoying part of travelling or planning to travel. I’m a fairly good packer, I take what is necessary and if I forget something I can always buy it afterwards. 504 more words


A conversation with my CEO: Why Strategies Fail

This is always a pleasure to get an opportunity to work with a CEO, who is accessible, responds to your questions and feedbacks in impressive time and drives an organisation with exemplary motivation and zeal, because of which, his employees feel ‘free to innovate and deliver results’.  546 more words

Business Development

Working it out!

For many of us university students, the demands of a degree and perhaps a part time job leave you feeling like you haven’t any time for the gym right? 228 more words


Lifestyle: Cluttered Desk, Cluttered Mind? Well, sort of...

We’ve all heard the phrase “cluttered desk, cluttered mind” usually from an angry parent who has been trying to get us to tidy up. But is it true? 339 more words


Borrowing from Urban Development to consider Organisational Change

I’ve been doing a mooc recently about decision-making in a complex world – decision-making is a topic that I’m finding clients are increasingly interested in … “how can we assure ourself that our people are making the best possible decisions?” is a question I’m hearing more and more. 144 more words