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All change please

It is the human interface with new technologies that will mostly likely drive the best personal and business value propositions into the future. Yet both companies and individuals can miss the people behind the tools and the mindset of change for adoption of new tools. 450 more words


Six little lessons from big science

Professor of HRM at Middlesex University Chris Mabey reflects on how all organisations can learn from the success of the ATLAS particle physics experiment at the… 513 more words

Business School

Money: Do we have to have a debt system?

I follow a group from UK called Positive Money. Sometimes I agree with them, sometimes I do agree with the way they are asking questions about the way money / economy works. 2,284 more words

Big Ideas

AIESEC and TED - A match made in Heaven

“Success is not just about what you have accomplished in life, but also about what you have inspired others to do.”

This powerful quote emphasises the potential impact that an individual can have on the world. 591 more words


Light Fingers

Writing 201: Day 7 prompt, form and device are – fingers, prose poem, assonance.

Light Fingers

“Light Fingers” means to steal. To move outside the common weal of caring sharing. 327 more words


Necessary but not sufficient

We have to stop imagining that every difficulty we face has a technical solution.

For ourselves – if I just learned a new technique I’d have riches, fulfilment, love, power, or happiness. 272 more words


Why I wrote A Mind for Business

As many readers will know, my book, A Mind for Business, is out now published by Pearson, and I wanted to give a little background as to why I wrote it, and how it relates to our work here at Mindapples. 604 more words

The Idea