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Conclusion of Attachment paper

In this paper, I have spoken of the probation officer’s task in terms that imply some criticism of some current social work thinking, but I do not have the space to develop these debates. 192 more words

Behavioural change.

Mathias observed “When people talk about “behavior change” I often feel a very subtle but deep lack of respect for the humans that supposedly need to change.” 285 more words

Limit setting and holding

I have referred before to the apparent tension between attachment theory’s caregiving role and the social control function of modern day probation and social work. It does seem to me that the significance of limit-setting is not fully examined in Bowlby’s work. 388 more words

Organisation culture and climate - know the difference?

What is Organisational Culture? 

Organisational Culture is a shared belief or collective perception of the tacit rules and expectations of what the organisation expects from us and what it holds as his values. 690 more words

Strategy Hacks

Accessibility 2

Thinking about predictability put me in mind of the study undertaken for the Department of Health and Social Security[1] of the practice of field Social services teams. 576 more words

Leading through turbulent times

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IN recent years, Singapore has shown a slowdown in economic growth and this is expected to continue in the future.

The reality is that businesses today operate amid uncertain global economic conditions, heightened geopolitical risks and a backlash against globalisation. 678 more words

Money Matters