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The Authorities will Never Find Out

Of course they will.

Someone always does. Acting without ethics always backfires. “Taking one back from the system” and other such statements are the things used as justification. 72 more words

Fused, but not at the hip

I was standing at the front desk, chatting to another work colleague and an awkward scrawny middle-aged man came up to the counter.  I was in the watch-house at the Police Station.   1,452 more words

Kait King

Four Levels of Leadership

Great leadership is an elusive quality that we all think we recognise when we see. It takes hindsight and history to set a final seal of approval on an individual’s greatness as a leader. 394 more words

It's the personal touch...

When I read that same quote waaay back when I initially inquired about PT and whether I would send in an application it was a statement I read but overlooked, I mean that’s what all gap year organisations want you to think right? 990 more words


The danger of big animal rights organisations

I think Mercy for Animals is one of the most impactful animal rights organisations in the US. In just a couple of years, they have grown out to be a group that very regularly gets… 477 more words

Geen Categorie

Good enough

I’m tired of organisational ‘stretch’ goals, increased productivity year on year, more-better-faster, doing-more-with-less, change after change, restructure after restructure. I’m tired of the push for endless growth, non-stop better performance, climbing the pole, getting to the top, being a ‘world-class’ whatever-it-is. 266 more words


'Which legal structure?' A question asked to us during Small Charity Week

As a small charity without limitations to the personal liability, and which is hoping to rent premises for the first time. Do we become a company limited by guarantee or a charitable incorporated organisation and why? 494 more words