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Becoming a Manager - the first 18 months 7

There were few in probation and social work at that time, that explicitly made the case for management as a support to staff and therefore requiring management activity to be valued and protected from being swamped by practitioner demands. 364 more words


jan kalyan kendra is an NGO in India directly benefitting over 600,000 children and their families every year, through more than 250 live welfare projects on education, healthcare, livelihood and women empowerment, in over 950 remote villages and slums across 25 states of India. 310 more words


A story for Tomorrow

It was a sunny Morning, with great charisma and feeling peaceful, I had just signed a huge contract with one of the famous businessmen in Nairobi. 375 more words

Life Motivations

Becoming a manager - the first 18 months 6

The stress of the first 18 months in the role was considerable. I had to draw on relationships from outside the team for my support and to remind myself that the team’s fantasy about me was just that, a fantasy, and that there were others that saw me in a more realistic light. 273 more words

Becoming a manager - the first 18 months 5

This then was my understanding of what I was experiencing as a new manager – and of the experience of many colleagues at a similar phase of their career. 134 more words


RORY: I called the Sunnyside home. Do they need any volunteers? And believe it or not, they don’t, but they do need an accordion player for their Friday night polka party. 132 more words

Reality Check


RORY: I called the Fireflies. Do they need troop leaders? Yes. Good, I’ll be a troop leader. Great. The only catch is, it’s summer. Camping season. 186 more words

Character Insight