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The ST Guide To... spotting fake news

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Around the world, governments and news organisations are focusing their attention on fighting the spread of misinformation.

But it has been hard to nail down a definition of fake news, with the term having taken on different meanings for different people. 863 more words

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Partnership working

I was therefore keen to start on this issue where I was. I was a professional. I was paid to work on behalf of the powers that be to change the behaviours of offenders. 263 more words

Break down silos to manage your cyber risks

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If companies are to have a successful cybersecurity strategy that stands a higher chance of success, the whole of the business needs to break down the silos and come together, according to cybersecurity experts. 1,081 more words

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Protecting Expat Staff During Crisis Events

Anthony Fee takes a look at how international workers are protected during times of crisis.
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Journey Update

Now I am close(r) to moving and getting my own dog to train, I have been contacting organisations that could help – since I AM planning to owner-train my assistance dog, but would like to have ‘backing’, as I put it, from an organisation for things like advice, training help, constructive criticism, and other things that would ensure quality of training and working. 212 more words


Professional development

This last discussion chimed in with a recognition that clinical interventions to change people’s lives would not be enough – the conviction I met in Bill Jordan that drove him to political engagement and to client led activities. 252 more words