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Solution focused social science

A recent article by Duncan Watts in Nature prompted me to structure some thoughts that I had about the challenges in creating and predicting changes in society. 827 more words


Getting in a mess

Defensiveness in working with people in trouble is therefore to be welcomed as a sign of getting close to some powerful emotional drivers in their lives. 306 more words

Can Biblical doctrine direct organisation strategy?

We need our organisation to be effective!

It needs to be ‘moving forward’ ,

Stagnation is capitulation! ,

Growth is good, efficiency is the name of the game,

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Youth Ministry

Making friends with our defences

All these ways of making sense of the experience of working with clients in distress are just that – a response to the pressure and strain of the helper’s closeness to distress. 366 more words

Learning histories

Tomorrow and the day after, I will be in Groningen (at the top of the Netherlands) for a scientific conference about learning histories. 333 more words

Defensive options for the helper

There are all kinds of defensive options for people in the helping professions and if I think of some early colleagues, some illustrations come to mind: 449 more words


In 2003, I wrote a long document about my craft. One of my insights was that when people form groups, there are three elements that are always there. 318 more words