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In implementation lies your success – Part 1

The test of a strategy is in its implementation. This may be a big blow to the egos of those who pride themselves as strategists, but it’s not enough to design a great strategy. 268 more words


Impressions from the photo exhibit 'The Forgotten Animal' in Bruges

Anyone who’s going from the station in Bruges to ‘t Zand in the coming week cannot miss this. There are about a dozen big bords with a photo on each side of… 435 more words


Hiring the right person – Part 2

Read Part 1 of the post here.

An examination of personality normally throws light on the person’s mental framework: attitudes, behaviour patterns, nature. Is he or she extraverted or introverted? 257 more words


What Customer Loyalty Really Means

Everything, really.

The costs of getting new business are just too high, when compared with maintaining existing relationships.

Not only when things are bright, but through the tough moments. 49 more words

Hiring the right person – Part 1

What’s the formula for hiring the right person?

If you’ve carried the responsibility of putting a team together, or even adding a single person to your team, this question must have dogged you along the way. 268 more words