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Lagos Government shuts 10 firms over N45.52m tax fraud in August

The Lagos State Internal Revenue Service (LIRS) says it sealed 10 companies in August for failure to remit N45.52 million Personal Income Tax of staff to the state government. 406 more words


Opinion: WHO should be telling us how to improve global health?

So the end of summer also sees the end of the 40°C heat wave in Geneva and my internship at the World Health Organization (WHO). And along the way, between my apartment in suburban Ferney-Voltaire, and my windowless, carpets-on-walls office, I learnt a thing or two about the way in which the WHO works (and doesn’t work). 511 more words


Power, ego and perspective

(Part of our systems leadership series, wrote by John Atkinson)
Working effectively in systems leadership requires a recognition that power is dispersed, that we don’t hold the answers and that our views and beliefs are just that, ‘our’ views and beliefs. 350 more words


Toronto Pig Save - Bearing Witness

I decided to write about an organisation called Toronto Pig Save because, well to be honest I haven’t really stopped thinking about it since I saw one of their videos on YouTube. 1,193 more words


Shedding habits

The world is built on patterns of behaviour. Comfortable old habits worn as talismans and held as guiding hands. Some habits are essential to survival. They’ve developed as response to threat, or as mechanisms of doing that not only sustain places (and us as individuals), but are also the preservation of soul, identity, heart, or even physically being. 288 more words


Argyris- Theories of Action

According to Chris Argyris everyone and everywhere (systems) have an internal ‘mental map’. These mental maps influence behaviour, thought and understanding. He calls these mental maps… 308 more words


Great Artesian Basin Protection Group

The Australian Great Artesian Basin is the underpinning pre-requisite for primary production across the majority of the available fertile and arable land on the continent. 337 more words