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Once the illusion of some warm nurturing quality to our helping work had begun to give way to a more realistic sense of what we are engaged with, it was possible to think a bit more creatively about this worker – client tension, not as a disappointing distraction from what we had set out to do, but as a feature of the work to be understood and applied. 523 more words

The Sackulator - how soon to a new job if you get sacked?

So you wake up one morning, put on your suit and tie, kiss the family goodbye and come into work. You get yourself a piping coffee, settle into your cabin, and have just started reading the papers when the extension rings. 197 more words

Corporate Humour

The Neo-generalist: Reflections on a new book

I recently finished reading Kenneth Mikkelsen and Richard Martin’s excellent new book, The Neo-generalist, which I was alerted to by Harold Jarche’s blog. I found the book a really useful contribution to the traditional dichotomy between specialism and generalism which led me to consider some further questions about what it means for neo-generalists themselves but also for how they add value to others. 1,583 more words


Surviving hate

This can be a disturbing experience – too much for some parents sadly. It was whilst struggling with the task of bringing up my own two daughters that the insights of Donald Winnicott into the value and importance of hate spoke directly to me. 334 more words

Grab opportunities to promote your book

If you write fiction that has a particular topic to it and can be connected to various organisations, why not grab any opportunities to contact them to help your book. 384 more words

Asperger's Syndrom

(PSA 3) What to look for in a rescue

PSA 3: Every dog and cat do need a home, however; most people usually buy from a breeder and ignore the fact that shelters and rescues have perfectly adoptable dogs and cats. 548 more words

Animal Rights