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Internet detox and taking a break!

Hello readers,

Today’s post is not as hopeful as a post that I’d planned. A lot of things have happened over the weekend, this is going to be one of the most stressful holidays I’ve had. 205 more words


Organisation is as easy- busy day ahead edition!


How are you today? How have you been the last few days?

My week has gone up and down – on Monday I went to visit an old friend, it was lovely to see her after a year and properly speak to her :) On Tuesday I had an argument with my mum but then we made up! 412 more words


5 Tips for Packing & Moving your Life Abroad

The idea of having a capsule wardrobe, minimalist furnishings and a well-loved and considered collection of possessions has been integral to the founding of this website. 647 more words


Planning Meals for Long Days

My friend has recently started a new job, which is great, but this new job has a much longer commute and he is finding it hard to motivate himself to prepare proper meals in the evening when he is shattered. 432 more words


How to Pack like a Pro: 6 Quick Tips

Let’s be honest – packing is probably the most annoying part of any holiday, no matter where you’re going. Some of us are packing ninjas, able to get organised and sort out a suitcase at a moment’s notice without breaking a sweat. 471 more words


The Irony of Organisation 

Today I’ll make a to do list,

Colour code it too.

I’ll even set priorities

Satisfied at crossing them through.

And I’ll make one for tomorrow, … 60 more words


Filing Cabinet

Filing Cabinet

The lovely man came to mow the lawns today. Yes! I know, I’ve got actual lawn. He’s been here before and he replaced the front lounge blinds, but I’d struggled to remember his name. 178 more words

Hell On Wheels