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A busy day

Today has been a busy day.

We took the children to the local outlet where we had a mooch around the shops. I had a look for a good book to read but left empty handed. 166 more words

SMU, BT organise seminar on digital transformation

(Source: www.sgsme.sg)


A ONE-day seminar on digital transformation will be held next month, organised by the Singapore Management University (SMU) and The Business Times. 530 more words

Money Matters

Plan With Me 24th - 30th July 

Hey and welcome to this week’s plan with me. It is the start of the summer holidays and days are a little less structured which I’m not sure I like much as I very much like to know what I’m doing lol. 54 more words


I suck at planning

It’s Monday today which can only mean it’s time for a fresh start. Every Monday begins with a healthy breakfast, because I have almost definitely eaten nothing but junk food over the weekend, and an early shift at work because my boss hates me. 517 more words


Say No to Clutter

Proper lighting, colour choice and even mirror placement can all help to create an illusion of a bright open space which, can quickly become overshadowed by excessive clutter. 541 more words

7 Ways to Combat Stress

We all get a little stressed every now and then. A little stress is perfectly normal but if you find yourself getting stressed quite frequently, then you need to consider the impact this can have on your health. 1,034 more words

Random Ramblings

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Brilliant stress busting tips! Me and Dizzy can sometimes get stressed about even the little tiny things, so we love this post as a reminder of ways of helping to not get so stressed. :) xxx

How to organise a Roadtrip

Hello World!

As you might know, I’ve already been on a few roadtrips and my travelmates usually admired how organised I am. Well, after a while you just know how certain thing need to be handled and honestly it is a lot easier and relaxing if you have some sort of “plan”. 1,095 more words