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How to fold your tshirts/tops!

How do you fold your clothes?

Can you see your tshirts that are right at the bottom? No…why not fold them and place them facing you. 36 more words

Fresh Friday

This Friday I made a list of what I want to get all my friends and family for Christmas. I have planned every present and I know now where I am most likely for the best price going to get those presents from. 94 more words

Storing SkinCare

Do you ever need to get a particular jar of cream and have to pick up and look at every single one in your cupboard, and have to move them around to see what’s in the back? 94 more words

Elegant Bathroom Decoration (without the price tag)

Where do you store your makeup pads, earbuds and any other products you regularly use?

Why not store them in these beautiful lolly jars? You can do this without the hefty price tag! 57 more words

Storing Nailpolish

What to do with all the nailpolish laying around your house?

Go ahead and grab all of your nail polishes. Put them all into a drawer. 68 more words

Minimalism Challange: Day 1

They say we only wear 20% of our wardrobe which I 100% believe! I have so many outfits but I still go back to the same old every day! 110 more words

Today will be a good day..

You know its going to be a good day when you receive your Lorraine Lea Linen order, from an attractive young man, in a state of just woken up, braless and make up smudged panda eyes…. 36 more words