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First week back at uni - Final year, ahhh. 

Hey my loves.

So today’s post is just going to be a casj blog post.

I’ve started my final year at uni, ahhh. The pressure is on! 658 more words

Be the CEO of your life.

Well, actually you already are. Yep. That’s right. So… How’s your job performance going? Would you give yourself a bonus or the boot? Are you kind of just moseying along putting out the fires when they come along and spending as much time on social media as you can get away with postponing what you really need to be doing. 647 more words

Saving, Saving & Saving

What with a wedding AND saving for a house deposit for the last year and a half it’s safe to say money has been tight. The wedding is paid off in full (thank goodness as it’s 19 days away!) but we still need to save even more money for a house deposit. 346 more words


How my Bullet Journal has changed my life

For a few months everywhere I looked I saw bullet journals and I dismissed them as some kind of fad. Surely it wouldn’t be long before a new bandwagon would roll along for us to jump on. 207 more words


I’m Having a Party

Goal: Practice inviting people to a party, while using the days of the week

Preparation: Piece of paper for each student. Can make a worksheet if you want. 188 more words


Organise Your Life

As much as I appreciate being a creative and the lives we live just going with the flow of things and taking it one step at a time etc I still believe one thing that all of us should do is organise our lives. 929 more words


The Best Way to Sort Your Stash

The second time it happened I knew I had to do something. I’d been looking for a particular fabric in my sewing room and couldn’t find it. 888 more words