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To Do List

This list will be checked off as I go through and complete each task, It helps me to have a visual record of what I need to do. 47 more words


8 Tips to Organize Your Desk

Your desk is your command center. It’s where all of your hard work and creative thinking happens. It’s where you sit (or stand) for hours every single day. 664 more words

5 2017 planners that I would buy if I could think of an excuse to need 5 planners

I’ll be the first person to admit that I have a bit of a problem when it comes to planners/notepads/post-it notes/pens/stationary of any kind. And I’m working really hard to overcome my obsession. 418 more words


What causes data loss?

Data loss may seem unavoidable at times, but with the right precautions it can be prevented and if not, don’t worry we can help!

  1. Hard drive Failures…
  2. 442 more words
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Perfectionist or just very organised

Am I a perfectionist or just want to be very organised?

One thing I know I can be such a perfectionist sometimes, like with drawing. I have made a drawing but never finished it. 440 more words


Cleaning Services: 3 Reasons to Organise and Clean Your Workplace Now

The health and well-being of an individual isn’t just influenced by factors within the body. Your overall wellness is also determined by the key elements in your immediate environment, particularly the cleanliness and safety of your surroundings. 77 more words


Clutter is not just physical...

Clutter invades our lives in a lot of ways.  Living in a capitalistic society, we are encouraged to buy everything, and replace it often.  The old adage ‘keeping up with the Jones’ is just as true today as it’s ever been.   472 more words

Less Is More