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An organism that depends on external sources for its body heat.

Deep see creatures are ectotherms.


Irregular Synth - Final Decision [ORGANISM]


ARTISTS_ Tom Hades, Ben Long, A-Brothers, Kostas Maskalides, Irregular Synth

!Organism make a carefully selected foray into the vinyl market with their next EP, which comes both digitally as well as on wax, with different tracks making up each package. 281 more words

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Video of the Day - 11/13/15 (The Biggest Organism on Earth)

Daily Video — “The Biggest Organism on Earth

From MinuteEarth, this very interesting video tries to answer the question, “What is the biggest living thing on Earth?”  It turns out that the answer is really based on how you define “biggest” and how you define an organism.   37 more words


Week 5 - Exploring the World of Insects

Today during project true Debby came with a hissing cockroach and discussed its role in the food chain and the ecosystem of our planet. Cockroaches play an important role as they feed on much of the waste that we produce and that which is produced naturally. 394 more words

Arthropod Project

Golden State Warriors Are A Living Organism

I know it’s early in the season, but the Warriors are really showing no case of the championship hangover and I’m very excited about it. There could be many factors that could be motivating them, like the little off-season jabs coming from the Rockets and the Clippers, the doubters saying that they didn’t play anybody in the playoffs, Steph Curry has it easy because all guards in the West were injured. 363 more words