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Yellow Flowers - Part VI

Probably the last of my yellow flower series. These shots, as most of the previous ones, are of yet another variety of yellow wildflower. You can view the first post of the series… 9 more words


Tropism (18)

Tropism is when an organism’s entire body reacts to an external stimulus. In this case, I held an unfamiliar object in my dog’s face and she reacted by sitting up and away, ears alert and attentive.


This is an image of a K-strategist. A K-strategist is an organism that lives in a stable environment, produce few offspring, but have a long life expectancy. 39 more words



This picture shows a bee which is a type of pollinator. Pollinators are animals that help plants reproduce and spread their seeds. Bees do this by moving pollen from one part of the flower to another part of the plant which then allows for fertilization. 39 more words


This is picture shows lichen growing on the trunk of an apple tree. Lichen is a composite organism made up of fungus in a symbiotic union with algae. 18 more words