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Encourage curiosity in the workplace

The human being has been wired to navigate the waters of this life with curiosity.

It therefore goes against humanity when the demands of life force us to push aside curiosity and replace it with practicality, busyness, mundaneness, and a daily grind of did and donts. 23 more words

Ghana Railway Authority

My current project investigating the Ghana railway authority, watch out for more images


Plastic gourment

Plastic is an epidemic. It is almost compulsory to use plastic in our daily life, because of the widely consumption and manufacture. Not only does it take 500 to 1000 years to degrade, it is also 10% of our waste product. 138 more words


What is it that's being aborted?


Is it a fetus? Is it a baby? Is it a person, a child, or perhaps a human being?

In the ethics debates over abortion, the status of the aborted individual is no small matter. 2,990 more words


Who Am I?

I talked about how you probably perceive me because of the news but what truly am I?

Bacillius Anthracias or B.Anthracias (derives from the Greek) is a Gram positive spore, which simply put means that we have more lipopolysaccharide than our Gram negative microbiology cousins. 52 more words


[NB] Planets, Doubles, and the Doctrine of Signatures

I have discovered there is a rhythm that works fairly well for me as I work my way deeper into the Sefer Yetzirah. I take a set of lines and begin working through them as a structure, contemplating them as they are represented… 625 more words

Rethinking Old Ideas

The Deceptive Evolution Scandal

Life cannot be derived from non-existing life. How could nothing turn into something, and eventually yield life? It can’t!

In the public schools kids are taught since they were little that evolution is true and it is how we got here today. 543 more words