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A Dutch artist collective installed a responsive ‘digital organism’ in a forest

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In the province of Drenthe in the Netherlands, around seven and a half acres of forest are lit up at night by more than a thousand pulsating red lights. 315 more words


Sebutkan 5 Kebutuhan Makhluk Hidup? Inilah Jawabannya

Apakah kamu tahu apa saja kebutuhan makhluk hidup itu? Untuk kamu yang belum tahu kamu bisa baca tulisan ini hingga selesai. Dan untuk kamu yang sudah tahu kamu bisa juga baca tulisan ini supaya kamu semakin hafal hingga diluar kepala. 115 more words



Sneak peek Tuesday night work 😊✊🏼🍄🖖

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Luiza Mogosanu

Check out the genes on this huge ‘shroom

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As is the case with most titles that end in “-est,” the competition for The World’s Largest Organism is fierce. The Great Barrier Reef certainly has its proponents, most of them Australian. 427 more words


Ten Reasons Good Employees Get Fired

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For years we were taught — and most of us believed — that working hard and hitting your goals at work would practically guarantee career success. 762 more words

Money Matters


In itself, the world is really quite simple. Yes, there is immense complexity, staggeringly vast Cosmic distance, deep historical depth, strangeness, novelty and a beautifully self-generating sophistication to the Way of things but our fatal error is in assuming that there is intrinsic meaning in all of this. 189 more words