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Knowing Which Organism has the Strongest Biological Substance on Earth

Blog Highlights: British scientists discovered that small snails called limpets, have teeth made from the strongest biological material on earth The limpet’s teeth are made from a composite of minerals and protein The limpet’s teeth are five times stronger than spider silk, and ten times stronger than the enamel on human teeth The snail’s teeth are hidden below the radula, Continue Reading

Detoxifierea de toamnă, paşi esenţiali pentru o slăbire sigură

Înainte de a slăbi, cu toţii ştim că o cură de detoxifiere este mai indicată. Pare a fi startul cel mai potrivit înainte de începe un regim de slăbit. 226 more words



Donna the Chicken may look like a cold-blooded killer, but she is in fact warm-blooded. Known as an endotherm, warm-blooded animals are capable of the internal generation of heat. 38 more words



Calypso the horse, aka Jim Bob’s best bud, is an example of a K-selected species. Unlike r-selected species, which produce a large amount of small offspring with early maturity and a short life expectancy, K-selected species birth a much smaller amount of offspring. 34 more words


Tendril of a Plant

Plant tendrils, like the pumpkin plant tendrils pictured above, are primarily used for the anchor and support of climbing stems. A tendril is a slender, thread-like strand that is extremely sensitive to touch and, if brushed, will curl toward the point of contact in a matter of minutes. 20 more words



Jim Bob appears to be photobombing a lovely image of a honey bee. More broadly classified as an insect, honey bees share the same characteristics with all other insects: all are small, air-breathing arthropods with a three-part body (head, thorax, and abdomen). 15 more words



Willy the Worm, pictured in a rare photograph above, is also known as a protostome. Protostomes are identified by the fact that the mouth developed first during embryonic development, and they are also known for being bilaterally symmetrical. 9 more words