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Tip top tip. Here
Comes another slip,
Fall from the snow
Cap and I
Climb back up to the rooftop
To the next ones, and again. 58 more words

All Organizations Are Living Organisms

How should one think of the state? Of the corporation? Of the local softball team? Each of them is a group of many individuals with differing goals, qualities, and pasts. 1,032 more words



Though I am not entirely happy with the last two posts, I’ll share anyway. Perhaps someone else will see some value in these words.

We live in this organism… 228 more words


Apples that won't go brown aka UH.... WHAAAAAAAAT?!

Ok ok, this post is a month overdue.

So there’s a company that can modify apples so they won’t eventually go brown after being sliced. … 432 more words

Society Woes

A fi speriat de moarte / Lumea vie

Farse de genul acesteia sînt cu grămada pe internet, sperieturile mai mult sau mai puţin intenţionate provocînd reacţii de tot genul, unele mai amuzante, altele doar neplăcute. 57 more words


Why have I started writing this?

Simply because I wanted to share the answers that I finally found to my abnormal, unusual questions I have been asking myself since my childhood. I realized that for many people it could be not only interesting but also informative. 306 more words


Saturn Research Paper

I wrote this last year. It is not another chapter of my new story, Unexpected.



Saturn is the 6th planet from the sun. It is the 2nd largest planet, Jupiter being the largest. 253 more words