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"Cheap vitamins are made from GMO glucose syrup fed to bacteria"

“”Bacteria will be fed glucose syrup…” With nearly 90 percent of the corn grown in our nation being genetically modified, the thought of using glucose syrup — which is usually made with this same GM corn — in something that is supposed to boost our health is completely absurd… 69 more words


Are You a "Self" or an"Organism"?

Self or Organism. Which word would you prefer as a label for yourself and other individuals?

Self  has a long history of helping us call attention to ourselves. 730 more words

Surviving And Thriving

ideas of super wonder boy

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Atunci când erai mic, părinții sau bunicii te rugau să dormi la prânz o oră-două. Iar tu deveneai tot mai mărunt și nu știai cum să faci sau ce să le spui pentru a-i convinge că tu, de fapt, nu vrei să dormi, ci să te joci, pentru că ai foarte multă energie. 213 more words

Trezitul De Dimineata

Economics, Government and Bruce Lee

Some people may think this strange but when I think about big issues like economics and government, one philosophy I think we should take comes from an unlikely source, Bruce Lee’s Philosophy on Martial arts.   515 more words


SURF ’N’ TURF // Silas Parry

6th April 2017 – 23rd April 2017

Living and working in Edinburgh, Silas Parry explores sculptural form and materials in a context of environmental destruction. Through this, he discusses the other organisms that share our world; he is interested in how we relate to other forms of life, as we contribute to ecological change. 201 more words


About "organic" in general

Why I think “organic” was the worst idea ever to name products of “not using artificial chemicals in the growing of plants and animals for food and other products” ( 563 more words