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School Winner: Humans and Perception

Essentially everyone has their own reality. Everyone has their own little world with thousands of things different to the person stood next to them.  Say for example there were fifty things going on at every given moment around every person on the planet, and we observe maybe 30 of these at every given moment; any slight change to the world around us. 472 more words

School Winner

Meant for Mars

It’s as if we landed on Mars. It’s proximal to the land of conversation, but the people here feel a cloud of distortion. We ring the bell and the only person that can answer is the one who works inside. 411 more words

This Is Sage.


Garden of roots
And sky line of fruits

In between rests
One of many towers of Babel

Latinized by Linnaeus


Newly discovered gut organism protects mice from bacterial infections.

While bacteria are often stars of the gut microbiome, emerging research depicts a more complex picture, where microorganisms from different kingdoms of life are actively working together or fighting against one another. 104 more words


Ce proteine ar trebui să consumăm?


De câte ori aţi apelat la proteine? Acestea sunt destinate în cea mai mare parte sportivilor, culturiştilor. Aşa că dacă te regăseşti printre cei care au activitate sportivă intensă şi de performanţă, atunci ar trebui să ştii ce proteine te ajută să îţi dezvolţi masa musculară. 206 more words


Knowing Which Organism has the Strongest Biological Substance on Earth

Blog Highlights: British scientists discovered that small snails called limpets, have teeth made from the strongest biological material on earth The limpet’s teeth are made from a composite of minerals and protein The limpet’s teeth are five times stronger than spider silk, and ten times stronger than the enamel on human teeth The snail’s teeth are hidden below the radula, Continue Reading

Detoxifierea de toamnă, paşi esenţiali pentru o slăbire sigură

Înainte de a slăbi, cu toţii ştim că o cură de detoxifiere este mai indicată. Pare a fi startul cel mai potrivit înainte de începe un regim de slăbit. 226 more words