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Apples that won't go brown aka UH.... WHAAAAAAAAT?!

Ok ok, this post is a month overdue.

So there’s a company that can modify apples so they won’t eventually go brown after being sliced. … 432 more words

Society Woes

A fi speriat de moarte / Lumea vie

Farse de genul acesteia sînt cu grămada pe internet, sperieturile mai mult sau mai puţin intenţionate provocînd reacţii de tot genul, unele mai amuzante, altele doar neplăcute. 57 more words


Saturn Research Paper

I wrote this last year. It is not another chapter of my new story, Unexpected.



Saturn is the 6th planet from the sun. It is the 2nd largest planet, Jupiter being the largest. 253 more words

Gas Giant

Different Avenues

How am I going to do this? I am so much better at writing than I am at speech.  Time to work this out… Do I need an interjection? 302 more words


Tips&Tricks pentru un triatlon reusit

Acest articol este o parere mea personala asupra unor detalii care cred ca daca le-as fi stiut inainte si respectat, m-ar fi facut un triatlonist amator mai bun. 2,349 more words


Which Life Form Dominates Earth?

Which organism has had the biggest impact on the planet?

We humans tend to assume we rule the Earth. With our advanced tool making, language, problem solving and social skills, and our top predator status, we like to think of ourselves as the dominant life form on the planet. 2,262 more words

Natural World