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Good News! "Campbell's calls for nationwide mandatory GMO labeling..."

“In an announcement on its website, Campbell’s CEO Denise Morrison threw down the gauntlet, declaring a new era of food transparency for the company, affirming the inescapable conclusion that consumers want to know what they’re eating. 64 more words


Good News: "Monsanto’s DARK ACT Stopped Dead in its Tracks in Congress"

HR Bill 1599, also known as the DARK ACT (Monsanto’s favorite bill that would effectively ruin the food supply and halt GMO labeling initiatives) … 21 more words


Nextup: Jet Lag - Kalden Bess

Kalden Bess is a young (in the game) producer from Canada who seems to have his feet firmly rooted in the underground. He recently dropped a three track EP on the… 342 more words


Genes for a longer, healthier life found

Out of a ‘haystack’ of 40,000 genes from three different organisms, scientists have found genes that are involved in physical aging. If you influence only one of these genes, the healthy lifespan of laboratory animals is extended — and possibly that of humans, too. 21 more words




An organism that depends on external sources for its body heat.

Deep see creatures are ectotherms.


Irregular Synth - Final Decision [ORGANISM]


ARTISTS_ Tom Hades, Ben Long, A-Brothers, Kostas Maskalides, Irregular Synth

!Organism make a carefully selected foray into the vinyl market with their next EP, which comes both digitally as well as on wax, with different tracks making up each package. 281 more words

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