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Scripps Research Institute create the world’s first semi-synthetic bacteria

The development could eventually lead to the discovery of new medicines and “much more”.

In a significant development for medical science, researchers at the Scripps Research Institute have produced the world’s first stable semi-synthetic organism. 270 more words

Global Perspectives


I absolutely love to watch fungi. There is something artistic about them; their colours, their different shapes, their smell, the base they grow on and the many details they have. 86 more words


that clearing house

o yea a creature buys things then, keep on, then nothing happens. thats like

expect to get layed, then the word is no.  what u going to do ? 65 more words


Cum să mănânci fără să te îngraşi de sărbători

Poate că este cam retoric zic că de sarbatori mancam fara sa ne ingrasam. Secretul consta in CUM sa mancam. Sunt ceva persoane care se confrunta cu kilogramele in plus, deci perioada in care suntem necesita multa atentie. 162 more words


De sărbători mânânci fără să te îngraşi


Din patria celor cu probleme greutate există câteva regului despre cum trebuie să mâncăm pentru a nu ne îngrăşa.  Dacă acestea sunt urmate, atunci este numai bine pentru organismul fiecăruia, iar după  perioada sărbătorilor nu vom avea temeri în a ne urca pe cântar. 257 more words


The Largest Organism Is 2.4 Miles Long

It’s a mushroom that spans across the blue mountains. Both tasty and big. 8 more words


School Winner: Humans and Perception

Essentially everyone has their own reality. Everyone has their own little world with thousands of things different to the person stood next to them.  Say for example there were fifty things going on at every given moment around every person on the planet, and we observe maybe 30 of these at every given moment; any slight change to the world around us. 472 more words

School Winner