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My 48hour fasting experience and endurance

Without immediate energy sources in the blood, the working intensity of my body is limited, although I can maintain that pace for hours. It was proved in the endurance swimming test, which I did after two days of fasting. 1,014 more words

Workout & Mind

Ignorant Bliss Sealed W/ a Safety Pin

fingers went on walking

to the gun shop

                               licence to kill in

                         the palm of the land

(Shops closed. All are on strike)

fingers went walking… 37 more words



We have effectively created a super-organism…Same as when we just had multi-cellular beings, without nervous systems, and they would communicate by osmosis.

— Elon Musk…

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From one cell to a body

I found this wonderful article in Science Magazine about new technologies that are revealing how a single fertilized egg becomes an entire organism. Scientists are accomplishing this task by using single-cell sequencing technologies (reading genomic material from a single cell rather than from cells  275 more words


Buy The Universe a Vast Electric Organism on Amazon FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders Free Shipping. Buy The Universe a Vast Electric Organism at Walmart A signal as referred to in communication systems, signal processing, and electrical engineering is a function that “conveys information about the behavior or The Universe is all of space and time and their contents, including planets, stars, galaxies, and all other forms of matter and energy. 372 more words


One Humble Limb

Might I suggest that this planet
is a single organism.
Trees and all manner of green things
are its organs, and we are its limbs, broken… 217 more words


The Science And Philosophy Of The Organism EPUB

The science and philosophy of the organism on Amazon. FREE shipping on qualifying offers. This book an EXACT reproduction of the original book published before 1923. 479 more words