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Me, Myself, and Coffee

Deciding to go back to work has surely made my life more fast paste. The early mornings and late nights have me feeling like sleeping is an inconvenience at times, lol. 308 more words


Time Management: A Daily Planner

Daily planners can be very cool, I promise. This is part two out of two of my time management series where I tell you about objects that can make your life so much easier and organized. 414 more words

Organization Tips

moving like a minimalist

*Amanda clambers out from beneath the rock she’s been living under for 2.5 weeks* 1,233 more words


Time Management: The Whiteboard

I’m going to sound really old and kind of like your mom in this post, so I am really sorry. But, time management is so important. 725 more words

Organization Tips

Keep Clothing Organized in a Small Space

If you’re living in a small space, such as a dorm room or a small apartment, you might be having a hard time finding a home for everything you own. 460 more words



An updated look for a more organized closet, by The Container Store

Why organize your closet?

It may seem like a superficial goal, but it’s really about preserving your investment and lifting your mood.  1,751 more words