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Organization Tips

I am the most chaotic person in the world: clothes, books and trash are what you can find everywhere in my bedroom. But last week I decided to finally put an end to the mess: clean up and get organized. 564 more words


Organizing, For The Unorganized!

Organizing, for the unorganized.

You have as many hours in a day as Beyonce.

And, you CAN accomplish everything on your to do list for the day. 733 more words

Practical Ways Writers can better Organize their Files

I apologize for the sudden hiatus on this website.

I have been overwhelmed involved with a lot of projects!

This is what happens when someone is trying to take up too much and not actually being intentional or organized with what she is doing. 442 more words


Desk Declutter | Crush the Chaos

Welcome to another new series here on my blog, Crush the Chaos. This series will feature me going through my home and other areas of my life, organizing and implementing systems that I can keep up with. 968 more words

Planning & DIY

Closet Organization Tips

With a closet filled with nothing to wear, I sure do have LOTS to organize!

If I had to associate myself with a character from a television show, it would be Monica Geller. 561 more words


Downsizing: camino al minimalismo I

Hace cuatro años empecé un camino, del que estoy segura no habrá vuelta atrás.

Siempre he sido una persona amante del Orden. Con frecuencia me encontraba entre mis cosas, volviendo a diseñar la forma de como las expondría: fueran piezas de mi oficina, mi closet, mi baño, cocina y demás hierbas aromáticas. 723 more words