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Tips for being organized: planing your week

I am obsessed with organization and being organized. There. I said it. I like to plan my next week every weekend at Sunday morning.

Every Sunday I have a morning ritual: wake up by 9am, eat my breakfast, watch a bit of news and then I seat down and start to plan my week. 161 more words


The Simplified Daily Planner Review

I had planned on writing this post back in January but as with everything in my life I procrastinated it and then it seemed a little late in the year to do a planner review. 500 more words


A Closet--A Case for Chaos: I'm Declaring A War on Clutter!

The worst part of being arty is that being so requires an inordinate stash of stuff, and the more types of art that one does, the more his clutter. 349 more words

If You Need Some Organization Help For Parent-Teacher Conferences, Look No Further

So you’re stressed about conferences. (Don’t worry, this is normal!) But there’s honestly no reason to be, especially with the super handy Class Tag program. 158 more words

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6 Things You Must Throw Away

To keep or not to keep? That is the question. Often it’s what stands in the way of people living an organized life. Throwing things away is necessary to keeping an organized space yet for so many people it’s a mental stumbling block founded on uncertainty, distraction and forgetfulness. 474 more words

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A Family That Organizes Together Stays Together

Would you consider yourself to be an organized person? If so, does your home live up to your own organizing standards? If you answered no to one or both of those questions then it’s a great time to evaluate the reason why. 457 more words

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