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7/26/15 Sourdough Split Top Loaf

Yesterday I did not cook much, I did make the last of the yeast dough from the day before. I tried to have a ‘sourdough’ experiment by leaving the dough out to rise and get sour overnight. 613 more words

Blog A Day Challenge

Our Top 5 Day-Timer Tips

Here are our top 5 Day-Timer tips that Day-Timer users love! Implement them into your schedule and in your Day-Timer for a simpler look at your to-dos, schedule, and goals! 105 more words

Time Management

Cleaning Out and De-Cluttering Your Closet

Depending on the size of the home or apartment, the amount of closet or storage space could be very limited. In fact, there usually is more stuff to store than there is storage space. 751 more words

Organization Tips

Simple organizing tips for your home

Is there anything else in the world better than sleeping in between a freshly washed and pressed pair of sheets? Chocolate fudge cake maybe?…. Still debating. 639 more words

Garage Organization

Tired of seeing a mess piling up in your garage?  Or perhaps you would just like to park in it again!  Well let’s make today the day to clean it out and give everything a home with these… 65 more words

5 Small Habits to Keep Your Home Clean Everyday

House cleaning may become very intimidating and stressful if you don’t know how to do it wisely. I In this post, I want to share some small habits I keep up in order to maintain my hom­e clean most of the time and decrease the time spent on heavy cleaning. 379 more words


Garage Organization Tips

Garages are great for parking your car, storing tools, and keeping your seasonal items out of the house.  However, as great as that is in theory, more often than not, your garage turns into a mess.   34 more words