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How to Organize Your Day

That right there is my desk. I know…it’s terrible. I’m always really jealous of people with permanently beautiful rooms. It’s like the kind of perfection I strive to achieve but am too lazy for. 638 more words


Organization TipsĀ 

The organization Tips

  • Get outfits ready for the next day
  • Make a list of things you want
  • Just meditate
  • Just organization your own emails
  • Make a schedules

Organizing Your New Home

Moving day is over, and you take a look at the boxes surrounding you and sigh. Now what? Organizing your new home can present a daunting task, so today we offer some tips for you. 341 more words

Self Diagnosis: OCD

Confession: I am a self-proclaimed perfectionist. No, I have not been diagnosed by a doctor or psychologist but, trust me, I am definitely OCD. Just ask any of my friends; it drives them insane! 988 more words

Bedroom Revamp | Nightstand Reorganization

Welcome to another edition of my bedroom revamp series. The first installment was my dresser trash to treasure. We come across pieces that are inexpensive at the time, yet break down, but there’s no sense in throwing it away if you can make it work. 650 more words


2017 Planner Picks

Hi Lovelies!

It’s no secret I’m obsessed with my planner. I carry it everywhere. I would die without it. It’s perfect in every way: color coordinated, decorated with washi tape and stickers, and full of inspirational quotes for those weeks that feel impossible. 425 more words

Wellesley Lauren

Leaving on Vacation Gracefully

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(This is a re-run of a post from several years ago. I hope you’re enjoying familiy and riends this July 4.) 579 more words

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