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My Week Using A Bullet Journal

Hello all!

Last Wednesday, I decided that I wanted to start a bullet journal to help keep me organized. Traditional planners have never worked for me–I would use them for a week or two before either getting bored or forgetting completely. 395 more words

Organization Tips

Helpful Tips for Organizing This Spring

It is time to get organized this spring. Besides just cleaning your home in honor of spring cleaning, get yourself and your items well organized so everything is neat, easily accessible, and arranged in a way that doesn’t look like a cluttered mess. 357 more words

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The Ultimate Family Camping List

Camping is all about enjoying the outdoor.

Planning ahead, being well-organized and minimalist are key factors to a successful camping trips.

It’s a lot of work but it’s worth it! 246 more words


The Power of an Old-Fashioned Checklist

I have yet to find anything better than the old-fashioned checklist for keeping track of daily tasks. This is a very powerful tool that keeps my life sane, no matter how many deadlines and things-to-do that crop up both professionally and personally. 931 more words

Organized Authors


Bae said he didn’t understan why I was reading this book on organization and decluttering, as I cannot be more organized that I already am, apparently; I got to be honest, this month I’ve been a bit lazy on my reading, and I haven’t finished it yet, I’m on the last chapter, but I promise I will before the month ends, but I will still share my thoughts on this with you. 517 more words


How to Avoid Building Up Clutter Again

Have you ever decluttered and then found that just a few months later you need to go through the process again? I’ve written before about… 559 more words