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Keeping It All Together

Today I was thinking back to those first days at home after my latest downsizing, I remember a feeling of exhilaration at the possibilities of moving forward on my back-burner projects. 374 more words


Transparent realities of bad law

In the closing nights of the 2019 session, while most Iowans slept, the Iowa Legislature enacted substantial changes to the way city and county governments fund public services. 633 more words


Organization is Key

I mentioned a few weeks back (when I started up this blog again) that I had been spending a lot of my time on a video game project and how I hoped to speak more of it in the near future. 586 more words


Washi Clothes Pin Magnets

I have a very off obsession with office supplies. Folders, pens, binders, chalkboards, magnets… Oh man! I am head over freaking heels for it all. Taking a stroll through the office aisle is always such a great time. 277 more words


Great Apps to up Your Productivity

We’re all looking for ways to increase our productivity, and thankfully technology is here to help! Here are three great apps to help you increase your productivity today. 229 more words


World of Acronyms

Corporate life is full of acronyms. In fact, many a corporate veteran talks only in acronyms. If you have felt inadequate, even downright miserable, in the corporate jungle for not being able to understand what is going on in conversations filled with acronyms, and felt like an outsider struggling to get in, rest assured you are not alone. 338 more words

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Documentation Tips To Upgrade Your Freelance Business - Admin Steps For The Artistically Inclined {Video}

Your gifted creativity can shape into a thriving career and there are some key steps involved in the process.

Few things can change the free flow of a… 718 more words

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