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Diving lesson

During your visit in Opole you can learn diving!!!.

But before participation in that activity, you need permission from your parents.

Learn about possible health problems here: 28 more words


Restoring Order

The utility drawer is meant to be a small collection of things we want quick access to. I have my own tools in there so I can find them without venturing into my husband’s domain in the garage. 158 more words

8 Cool Filofax or Day Planner Ideas

Things can get unorganized very rapidly. A once; fantastic, crisp, new day planner, schedule or system can soon become a disastrous mess imposing itself on your life. 758 more words


Sebagai sebuah organisasi di desa yang berkembang di Kabupaten Lamongan. Muhammadiyah Pimpinan Cabang Laren menginginkan kompleks untuk mendukung aktivitas organisasi tersebut dengan nyaman.

Di dalam sebuah site yang memiliki luas ±6000 m², terdapat beberapa bangunan penunjang kegiatan organisasi tersebut, antara lain: 91 more words


More important than being a full-stack employee is owning a full stack of skills.

More important than being a full-stack employee is owning a full stack of skills.

The Changing World of Work: Going Beyond Specialization because an increasing number of jobs now require working knowledge, or at least awareness, of cross-disciplinary advances. 220 more words


Cancer Care Trust - Fraud Organization

Atul on Apr 21, 2015

So I recently got a bunch of calls from an NGO calling itself Cancer Care Trust. The calls themselves were a bit odd and over zealous with the volunteers flinging themselves at me and describing the plight of children in gory detail, but it was the frequency of the calls that first gave me a clue that something wasn’t right. 42 more words