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ESCE Organization 501c3 offering 'up-cycling workshops' in roadshow format...

ESCE Organization 501c3 offering ‘up-cycling workshops’ in roadshow format. Funded by public donations http://www.40billion.com/company/635096110 *ad


Stuff 3: The Plan

I know getting rid all this stuff is not going to be easy. There is no straight path to taming the piles and piles I have accumulated… 282 more words

Lou Belcher

Hoards and hoards of stuff

I’ve been out of commission the last couple of days because of the moving I’ve been doing. Friday, I straight up just played video games all day. 1,052 more words

Habit Related

Creating Order in a Disorderly Fashion and...Hamburgers


Now, this is a touchy topic because some people vehemently dislike order or at least claim to, yet there are numerous examples in our everyday lives which are dictated by order:  Language, numbers, time, line-ups, roadways, petals on a flower, TV channels, the court system, sports, construction of buildings, maps, government, etc. 1,081 more words


5 Ways to Start a Business Plan

How do you get started on a business plan? It depends on who you are, what you like, what you do well and how you think. 97 more words

Still Sleepy

I GRADUATED!!! YAY!!! I’m still tired, though.

I did decide to cave and start a new notebook system, though, after going crazy without one. I’m sure many of you have heard of the… 317 more words