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Doomed Pizza In Cook, Serve, Delicious!

Now this is getting serious.
It’s not about money anymore, nor fame.
My very inner power is challenged here.. but it’s not the time to be scared, nor to retreat! 204 more words


So it Begins: Spring Cleaning-Part 1

Since I am the coolest 20-something ever and still live with my parents I have two types of spring cleaning: my personal stuff and the ‘house stuff.’ I used quotes there because none of it is actually mine, but because I am a member of the household I am expected to help clean it. 317 more words


Get Your Pet Supplies Delivered. Seriously!

As I’ve mentioned in previous product or service posts, I make no money or any form of compensation for mentioning products or services that I like. 328 more words

Menu Planning Guide

“What’s for dinner?” really is the eternal question. Menu planning was something I struggled with for awhile, until I found this genius approach from Peanut Blossom, and adapted it for my own needs. 552 more words

Mom Stuff

Quick Tip: This Week Board

Each week, when I am creating my grocery list, I dig around my Pinterest Boards to find recipes for dinner that week (which usually get pushed aside for something in my comfort zone).   76 more words