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A Guide to Living Artistically, by Georgia O'Keeffe

This article about Georgia O’Keeffe’s artistic practice is fantastic, and makes me want to read more of her letters.

Update: Campaign


As many of you know, Needs4 LIFE was supposed to start the 12th of January. However, the only people who showed up were the leaders– which was fine since we had a chance to talk about what we needed to do in order to get the attention we want and need to get this thing going. 568 more words


Checking in...

There’s not a ton to report in our daily lives. I have been keeping one of those 5 year journals where jot down a sentence or two every day and this is the 4th year of it, so needless to say there is some history building up in it. 853 more words

Mi Casa

Think globally act locally

Many years ago I was in my first year in college.  There was an organization on campus that called it’s self “Web of Life”. They were our local eco group. 484 more words

Getting Started

Setting Up Your Studio: Storing Finished Work

One of the frustrations I have is storing my finished projects.  I simply don’t have room for everything I make.  Here are some ideas which might help if this is a problem for you too. 512 more words

Boys Full Bathroom Redo

Hey Guys,

We’ve been working on redoing the boys bathrooms and getting rid of the colors from the previous owners that don’t match our style. These bathrooms have no natural light and are not very spacious so my goal was to brighten them up by choosing the right paint color, it took me about ten paint samples to find the perfect one. 507 more words


What is Bullet Journaling and some Tips to Start

Bullet Journaling is an alternative to using a traditional planner. While it still includes writing in a physical notebook, it is more customizable. If you are considering bullet journaling, like everyone – I would recommend looking at the… 847 more words