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Change at DevOps Speed

Technological advances now enable a growing number of companies to release software product updates with previously unimaginable speed and frequency (see below; source: DataKitchen, 2017). 185 more words

Two Things You Must Know about Transformation

Transformation sounds better than change for some reason.


Transformation may appeal more because of its implied promise of total newness.

And who doesn’t like a fresh start? 363 more words

OCM - On the Sidelines

If you have worked as an OCM consultant in any development project, you would know what the topic of my blog means. You may be one of the many OCM team members/leads who get to state their status in any project meeting right in the end. 681 more words

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Mindfulness and the Business of Change

A parent, guardian or other familial caregiver might have provided your first instruction in mindfulness:

Mind your manners!

Or, often with more raw emotion, a third-grade playmate, shouting: 600 more words

The Psychology of Change Management

“Companies can transform the attitudes and behavior of their employees by applying psychological breakthroughs that explain why people think and act as they do.”- Emily Lawson and Colin Price… 81 more words

User Adoption KPI’s What should I be measuring and how frequently?

Organizational change management and user adoption efforts often focus on the “softer” items, like effective training and motivating people.

But statistics have shown, the best organizational change management programs do both… 649 more words


Training as a Solution to a Problem Situation

I am in training domain and I am drawn to provide training as a solution to almost every problem that comes my way. But, at an individual level or at an organizational level, it may  not be prudent to rush to training as an immediate solution for any problem situation. 389 more words

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