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Stop Believing These Persistent Myths About Leading Change

Let’s change the way we lead change!

In one of our most-read articles here on Leadershipwatch ‘What Does Change Mean to You?’ I describe how change always has been and always will be a natural part of our lives. 898 more words

Business Transformation

Four Keys for Managing Change

Though this is written primarily for financial advisors, the principles apply to any business in any industry and provide a simple four-part model to consider when undertaking a change initiative of any size. 942 more words

How Psychology Promotes Organizational Change - A Guide by Hilary Scarlett

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – communicators aren’t spending enough time getting their heads around psychology and how it can help us better engage with our audiences (what’s the point in understanding the how of our jobs, if we don’t get the why). 746 more words


2017: The Year of Nurturing Dissent

Dissent, at its core, is not an exercise in screaming to be heard. Dissent, at its most fundamental, is a sustained conversation that confident, perceptive leaders – and healthy leadership infrastructures – actively nourish. 863 more words

Sustainable Performance Plans

As I write this article the Washington Nationals have the highest batting average in the Major Leagues. This should come as no surprise to Nats fans who already appreciate the work of hitting coach Rick Schu. 333 more words

Organizational Change

Leading Organizational Change in a Divided World

If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner. Nelson Mandela

Effective leadership across an organization is the key differentiator to maintaining competitive advantage and organizational performance. 676 more words

"They Just Get It" Method of Putting the Right People on the Bus

One time while interviewing with an executive leader, I referenced meeting next with X leader on his team. The executive’s reply was, “Oh, good. He gets it.” 1,007 more words

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