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Navigating the Changing Terrain of Organisations

Here’s an excerpt from my upcoming book. Comments and feedback appreciated:

Among all human endeavours, wrote German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, change is the only thing that is immortal. 760 more words

Organizational Change

My Upcoming Book - Managing Change the SIMPLER Way

It’s been a while since I last blogged – years in fact. However, I didn’t stop blogging because my interest in change management has waned. On the contrary, my interest in business change has deepened. 392 more words

Organizational Change

Speaking of Communicating...

In earlier posts we talked about how to create and tell your change story. Over the next few weeks we’ll take a broader look at communicating your change. 494 more words

Numerical Measuring of Appropriateness, Strenght and Quality of Strategy, Structure, Teams and Individuals result in changes that increase profit and substantially decrease cost

Numerical measurement of the appropriateness, strength and quality of strategy, structure, teams and individuals and the expression of dysfunction/weakness in % gap focuses change to strengthen organisations for success. 46 more words

Delivery-Fit Organisations Quantified

A time for change

Personal, communal and organizational change is the result of not being happy with what is or what has been. Not satisfied with the results to date. 146 more words




It’s so easy to say. It’s so hard to do. During change it’s often missed, forgotten about, skipped over, avoided, or put on the back burner. 1,117 more words

Lessons from AOL's TBM journey

Up to this point I’ve pitched the benefits of adopting a progressive approach to transforming technology organizations, the benefits of discussing IT value, and the notions of… 1,477 more words