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Customer Call Center Leader - Part 6: The Role of Technology in Creating a Culture of Adaptability

The role of technology is to act the neutral part in the human work relationship. Technology is a tool, like a hammer, designed for a specific role embodying potential for good or ill, delivering a specific role, and serving a specific function. 2,046 more words

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Ask Jeff! Leadership and Organizational Change

Last week we posted about five important programs for your workplace. Some of these included wellness, mentoring, and professional development. Another program any organization can benefit from is leadership development. 370 more words

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We Are Built For Change

When you work in the health sector, you know that something new is always around the corner.  When you do communications in the health sector, you’d be lucky to get to the corner without something changing. 893 more words


The 4 Disciplines of Execution

Dear Teachers,

I am almost 80% done with my current grad school class, the one that is both helping and vexing me so with my plan to take over the world improve digital literacy through student-created content. 1,931 more words

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The Psychology of Organizational Change

Interesting article on Psychology Today addressing the topic of organisational change, and entitled The Psychology of Organizational Change. I’ve quoted the conclusion from this article below in full… 425 more words

Organizational Change

Are They Really Helping You?

It feels good when people agree with you. If feels even better when they say supportive things and offer their encouragement. But when it comes time to carry out a really tough change, are they actually helping? 309 more words


Working Paper #03.16 now available

By Simone Strambach and Gesa Pflitsch.

The Working Paper #03.16 “Micro-dynamics in regional transition paths to sustainability -an analysis of organizational and institutional in Augsburg’stransition topology” is now online and available… 192 more words

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