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3 Essential Principles to Solve Complex Problems

Problems, issues, challenges, we all have them. They are like big boulders in our streams of life.  There’s a difference, though, between problems with a small “p” and big, hairy, “P” organizational or community problems.   500 more words

Organizational Development

Organizations are gendered, and it’s about time somebody noticed.

In case you haven’t noticed, organizations are gendered. Since most organizations, particularly ones of economic import, were founded by men, they tend to be gendered in a way conducive to male norms. 860 more words

The New New Scrum Master: Two Main Focus Areas

I’m going to take a break from talking about the New New Product Owner to talk about the New New Scrum Master now.

Preface:  In the last 4 years, the Scrum Guide has had two very significant updates, including updates to the Scrum Master Role. 1,146 more words


When Is The Change Journey Done?

Most organizations (and many individuals) undertaking major
change end their change journey way too early!


The simple answer is, improper planning. The root cause, however, is a little more complex. 570 more words


Thriving in the Midst of Change: Ask 3 Questions

When your organization and people are challenged with impending doom—I mean, impending change—leaders often stick their heads in the sand and hope it passes. Yes, it will pass, but your organization can take advantage of the transition using the science of motivation and what we know about the way people experience change. 762 more words


Policy and process for the sake of it

A snippet resonated with me from this CIPD article when I first read it a few years ago: So much so that I decided to tweet it. 742 more words



Stuck happens!

If your change is big, it is only a matter of time before you’ll be stuck. It may be early on. Or, things may seem to be on track and moving along when suddenly they start going awry. 603 more words