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FOLLOWERSHIP & How to Create Willing Followers #video #BBC

by Bob Whitesel D.Min., Ph.D., 8/25/15.

Greg Dyke was the popular CEO of the BBC, and it was because he was an excellent manager and leader. 102 more words


Sometimes Change Management Just Isn't Enough.

Sometimes when I post a blog I hear from people who wonder why I am addressing a particular topic. They’ll say that it’s interesting, or that they’d never really thought about it before. 947 more words

Change Management

Your Change Leadership Through Their Eyes...

How important is the change to you? How invested are you in its success? What price are you willing to pay?

If you are leading change at any level of your organization (or in your personal life), then ask yourself this question. 903 more words


Fear in Higher Ed... Fear in the workplace...

I’ve been thinking a lot about this concept of fear in the workplace. What causes it? What are the signs and symptoms? How do you reduce it? 927 more words


Large Scale Agile and Scrum vs. Waterfall: Agile is 6X More Successful, 1/4 the Cost, and 10X Faster Payback!

A pair of recent findings from the Standish Group confirm the astonishing success and cost savings of Agile approaches over waterfall.

In the “Chaos Report 2015… 307 more words


Don't Ask How Big the Change Is...

Ask “How tough will it be to succeed?”

All too often, the needed investment for a change is measured by its cost. But the only way cost measures into success and failure has to do with whether you are investing the necessary financial resources. 920 more words


A Response to Mike Cohns Comments on 64% of Software Features Rarely or Never Used

I have a saying.  “Scrum Trainers usually agree on 99% of Scrum, but they spend a lot of time debating the other 1%.”

Let me say this first.  705 more words