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Being a successful change agent: models and techniques

change agent (CA) is someone who brings about change in another person, process, set of circumstances, group, environment, family, organization, institution, community, or theory. He or she can work for example, from the outside or the inside of a community, business, or organization, etc., to alter values, motivations, procedures, knowledge, communications, products, physical and psycho-social environments, and policies. 555 more words

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Leaders...Go Bold or Go Home!

Do you consider yourself a bold person? For some, a certain pride comes with identifying themselves as “being bold.” Boldness is different, it’s daring, and it requires courage. 764 more words


Leading Change: How Slowing Down Can Help You to Make Progress

Leading large and complex change initiatives is an intensive and demanding job for those leading it and for their teams. The need for change, the timelines, the urge to meet targets and deadlines, it can put substantial pressure on teams. 538 more words

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Organizational Demands on Productivity, Innovations, and Safety

Most organizations must be able to combine efficiency, innovativeness, and safe and healthy working conditions, but these demands may appear paradoxical to the employees, and if not handled well by the organization, such paradoxes may create stressful goal conflicts.

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6 ways to use branding to power organizational change

Posted by Sarah Hindley and Karmen Major on January 27, 2017.

Is there ever a time when an organization isn’t experiencing some type of change? Change leaders and corporate communicators can learn from the ways leading brands adapt to changes in society, technology, and consumer preferences while keeping customers loyal. 580 more words

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Bob Marshak: Making Sense of Organization Development -The Imperfect Org

The Imperfect Org: Bob Marshak: Making Sense of Organization Development, this is a video that discusses, simply, what Organization Development really is. You can find tons of videos dealing with Organizational Development and this is one of the better ones, in my opinion:

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