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Topic: Raise your company’s delivery-fitness by measuring and enhancing its core value drivers

For the first time in history core organisational drivers contributing to organizational success and delivery, can be numerically measured. 178 more words

Delivery-Fit Organisations Quantified

The Epic Fall of Guess Jeans And The Marciano Brothers

Technically, Guess went public in 1996. As far as control goes, though, it remains as much a family-run company–family-dominated, really–as when it was founded in 1981. 111 more words


Will you be the Change Agent? Will you embrace transformation?

Change is the second most popular word in 21st century. Why change is so tough and what really keeps (C-suite) executives from embracing organizational transformation is FEAR: fear of letting go of heroic leadership, fear of losing control, fear of navigating through uncharted territory, and fear of chaos. 196 more words


Commitment or Resistance

Do employees resist change or is it simply a lack of individual commitment to change?

Commitment to Organizational Change

Research has shown that between 33% and 80% of all organizational change initiatives fail. 1,236 more words

Academic Research

The Businesses that Stop Selling the Confederate Flag

June 24, 2015

LANDsds Sustainable Voice News

Walmart, Amazon, Sears, eBay to stop selling Confederate flag merchandise

The South Carolina and American flags fly at half mast as the Confederate flag unfurls below at the Confederate Monument June 18, 2015 in Columbia, South Carolina. 782 more words

Sustainable Voice

Things Are Changing. Be Happy.

Change. It’s supposed to make us happy, isn’t it?

At least, it’s sometimes supposed to make us happy, isn’t it?

The truth is, we are happiest when we know what to expect, when we have some sense of control about our lives and what is happening in them. 340 more words


Going into and Coming out of a Closed Mind

In the previous article I discussed two panels from the graphic novel, Watchmen. In one of these panels we see two lovers, happy, carefree, potentially at the peak of their attraction, and in the second panel we see the outcome, a painful break up. 1,087 more words

Decision Making