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Working for Equity in Organizations Is A Lot Like Community Organizing

I have worked with a few clients over the years who hire me basically to give them a magic bullet that will help their organization become diverse and equitable once and for all time. 461 more words


The Leadership Traps that Stop Transformative Change in Higher Ed

Note: This is the first of two posts that summarize the presentation Sue-Anne Sweeney and I made at the Higher Learning Commission annual conference 2016 in Chicago in April 2016.   3,286 more words


Managing up design thinking: 5 steps for promoting human-centered design in museums

Whenever I lead a workshop or give a talk about applying design thinking in museums and non-profits, inevitably someone asks a variation of this question: 1,071 more words

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Courageous collaborations: how one plus one can be greater than two

Organizations have always been complex.   And in today’s world the enormity of our challenges calls for rethinking how our establishments operate.   In her March blog… 823 more words


Evidence Based Practice in Workplace Change

My social media feeds are filled with posts that declare the solutions to almost all of my organisational and personal problems in seven or less easy steps. 577 more words


Transparency and Leading Change: 3 Areas to Focus On

“Thank you for your transparency!”

These words came at the end of a presentation I gave where I shared a new strategy—a strategy that would require change, including new roles and some sacrifice, from everyone. 554 more words


You Can Learn to Change Your State of Mind

How we experience life is often up to us. Ultimately, all states of mind are.

What is a state of mind? It is a collection of mental images with associated internal dialogue and emotions. 461 more words