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The Alpha Organization: Preparing to Succeed in a Digital Future

Agile, Adaptable, Innovative, and Efficient – these are key attributes of organizations that will thrive in the rapidly changing, highly competitive environment that is the digital economy. 3,165 more words


Preventing the Barriers

Most organizational changes I’ve been involved with start something like this:  leadership sends out a communication that announces a big “transformation” effort, says how important it is to the future, hires a bunch of consultants and off they go.  303 more words

Organizational Change

Top 10 List for Making Organizational Change

Change is a constant for today’s museum or heritage organization leader. It happens on a multitude of levels. One of our Leadership Matters interviewees summed it up when she quipped, “If you’re the kind of person that needs a structured environment to survive, I don’t think you can be a successful director.” Anyone who’s had their board president announce her resignation on the same day the pipes froze, which was also the same day an elderly volunteer slipped on the front walk and the NEH grant was due, knows that life in museum leadership can come at you fast. 443 more words


Resistance by any other name….

Anyone who says change is easy has never actually had to change, or has never had to make a change that was not mandated by someone else.   375 more words

Organizational Change

Timing is Everything!

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven…    Ecclesiastes 3:1  (NIV  1984)

Any gardener knows that you plant your vegetable seeds in the spring and early summer, not mid-winter!  389 more words

Kingdom Leaders

Made for Humanity

Mark 2:23—3:6


Let’s do some Bible study. What is going on in today’s Gospel?

The passage begins with the words, “One sabbath”; an important detail. 1,932 more words


What Two Starbucks Employees Made of the Company’s Anti-Bias Training

In April , two men visited a Starbucks in downtown Philadelphia, for a business meeting. First, they were refused a request to use the bathroom before they’d ordered, and then an employee called the cops on the men, who were black. 93 more words