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Want L&D to Have a Seat at the Executive Table? 5 Steps to Get You There

L&D professionals have a unique role to play in supporting senior executive vision—but only if they are fully equipped to operate in the same high level of executive space. 579 more words

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The Corporate Immune System

Have you heard of the Corporate Immune System? Its heavily related to “Culture: The iceberg that sinks organizational change“. It’s when an organisation pushes back against a change, often to the extent that causes major upheaval and rebellion in a company. 318 more words

Change Management

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The broader aim of our work is to theorize organizational change that emphasizes the role of the marginalized. Each of us has an interest in organizational change, and the critical perspective associated with marginalized groups resonated strongly with us as well.

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What's Your "Plan B"?

How many times have you heard that question? For me, I am sure the answer is “in the hundreds.” It began as a young boy who wanted to become an architect. 1,160 more words


Responding To New Technology: There's Cautious And There's Glacial

How well does your organization embrace innovation, change, technological improvements and emerging trends? Are you able to respond quickly and take advantage of how your clients and customers communicate and prefer to do business or do things move so slowly you’re looking forward to unveiling the Commodore 64 next month? 858 more words

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Is Your Change At Risk of Falling Into a Black Hole?

Dr. Who and the Jedi have encountered black holes. But black holes aren’t just fictional. In astrophysics, they are described as “a geometrically defined region of spacetime exhibiting such strong gravitational effects that nothing can escape from inside,” (Wikipedia). 563 more words


How Do You Get The Change Word Out?

Effective communication of your change is one of the keys to success.

Do it wrong, and you can drive away the very people whose support is critical; you can foster the belief that the change isn’t really going to happen; you can confuse people about what you are trying to accomplish. 767 more words