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Leadership Introspection: The Only Person You Can Actually Change Is Yourself

Leading change means dealing with resistance. Whether in organizations or in our personal lives. Many change initiatives fail because people are not willing or not able to follow the new direction. 567 more words

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6 Rules of Change | #ChangeManagement

Great info graphic on change management that sums up many of the key principles.

6 Rules of Change: “Esther Derby is quite right when she says people don’t resist change, they resist coercion. 52 more words

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Doing Better And The Element Of Change

“We can be better.” Do you believe the team you work on and the organization you work for can be better? Is it productivity, results, customer service, a reduction in complaints, profit margins, quality of staffing, working environment or physical spaces to name a few things? 868 more words

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What's Self-Care Got to Do With It?

It’s amazing how often our misconceptions take us down the wrong path.

  • We think that the way to get ahead is to work harder than anyone else.
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Transforming Expertise

Mickinsey and Company recently published an interesting article entitled “Transforming Expert Organizations”. The article identified an interesting “expertise paradox”. Expertise builds up within an organization, is highly effective and transformational, but then becomes increasingly more difficult for outsiders to understand and access. 843 more words

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Book Review: Organizational Resilience: How Learning Sustains Organizations in Crisis, Disaster, and Breakdowns

D. Christopher Kayes: Organizational Resilience: How Learning Sustains Organizations in Crisis, Disaster, and Breakdowns. New York: Oxford University Press, 2015. 171 pp. $59.95, hardcover.

Karl E. 213 more words

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Overcoming Hurdles to Change

I recently listed to a short piece on my local public radio station from the TED Hour (http://www.npr.org/2015/02/06/379184277/what-s-the-antidote-to-political-apathy). The speaker talked about getting people to the polls and ways to overcome apathetic voters. 490 more words