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Bob Marshak: Making Sense of Organization Development -The Imperfect Org

The Imperfect Org: Bob Marshak: Making Sense of Organization Development, this is a video that discusses, simply, what Organization Development really is. You can find tons of videos dealing with Organizational Development and this is one of the better ones, in my opinion:


Five Minutes That Will Change Your Workplace Forever

2017 is up and running at organizations small and large, and the pace is already staggering. How about in your organization? Can you feel it? 728 more words


2017 Leadership Series - 2017-01

Entrepreneurs and Small to Mid Size Business Owners

Welcome to 2017

It is my goal to bring you once every 2 weeks an article that will assist you in becoming a better leader, making better decisions and hopefully provide you a better balance between business commitments, personal relationships and your spiritual walk. 730 more words


Evangelizing for UX Without Overwhelming Your Organization

So you’re organization wants to get started with UX? Maybe your CMO heard about it at a buzzword-filled session at some marketing conference or as a designer you’re tired of designing, by committee, things that don’t meet user’s needs, or maybe, you’re somewhere in between? 1,174 more words

User Experience

Why are Millennials So Interesting?

Originally published on Expressworks International LLC.

The mystery behind what drives our generation is both the most unanswered and answered question of the last decade. 734 more words

Thought Catalog

Power of Ignore (Or Ignorance)

ig·nore  verb   —refuse to take notice of or acknowledge; disregard intentionally.

fail to consider (something significant)

If you’re like most people you probably deny you ignore problems.

1,033 more words

Organization OR Environment?

[We’re pleased to welcome Jennifer Tosti-Kharas, Assistant Professor at Babson College in Organizational Behavior. Tosti-Kharas recently published an article in Organization & Environment entitled “ 486 more words