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Reinventing Management

Building organizations that are more adaptable, innovative and engaging requires deep innovation of the technology of human accomplishment. Gary Hamel presents the case for reinventing management. 7 more words

Leadership/People Dynamics/Culture

The Fundamental Difference Between Thriving and Dying Organizations

Most organizations spend an inordinate amount of time and money trying to avoid, mitigate, maneuver around, or generally “manage” tension but very few, if any, of those tactics involve transforming it into something useful. 35 more words


The Responsive Organization

Responsiveness is becoming the key to competitiveness in the ever faster moving and interconnected global economy. This demands companies, start-up to blue chip, to shift their focus from efficiency of process to effectiveness of outcomes.

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Evaluating the Effectiveness of Social Networks

While simply having a reliable map of a network is valuable, it is also important to assess the performance of the network.  Hoppe and Reinelt reported on several different dimensions for evaluating network effectiveness, beginning with “connectivity”.  514 more words

Organizational Design

Designing Organizational Structures for Sustainability

The alignment of organizational design and sustainability begins with the development of a sustainability strategy and accompanying goals and priorities.  In order for the sustainability strategy to be effective and successful, it must align with the structure, competencies and culture of the company.  1,042 more words

Organizational Design

Launching and Supporting Communities of Practice

Communities of practice have joined cross-functional teams, customer- or product-focused business units and work groups as dynamic and innovative organizational forms that can be used to collect and disseminate ideas and information throughout organizations.    1,032 more words

Organizational Design

Organization Meter: Policy & SOP

Policy is formalized practice.

Your organization has been doing something for so long that it becomes part of its identity. It formalizes it by taking approval of the management.

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