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The difference between Employee Satisfaction and Employee Engagement

Employee satisfaction and engagement are deceptively similar sounding attitudes when seen superficially. Many people tend to use these terms interchangeably but there are clear differences between these two and it is important for business leaders to know the nuances. 763 more words

Employee Engagement

Stop Your Agile Transformation Right Now

What has enabled companies such as Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Tesla, and Google to achieve global market dominance in just a few years? Some people attribute the successes to strong, visionary leaders with an almost dictatorial approach to the topics they find important, such as design, strategy, or experimentation. 44 more words


Understanding OB's Definition: Why Its Assumptions Don't Reflect Reality

Introduction: Organizational Behavior (OB) from a Logical Viewpoint

How we perceive of science: lots of stars; perfection

The social sciences face a difficult situation: Understand and explain how humans interact with each other (in addition to communicate their findings to colleagues). 976 more words

Academic OB

Decentralize to be more nimble

Flattening the organization (i.e., reducing layers of middle management) by itself is not the answer to becoming more nimble. Flat organizations are still steered by the remaining managers and not driven by market pull. 114 more words


Organizational Design, Pt. 1: Steps Toward Defining & Characterizing Yours

Introduction: Organizational Design

Managers and shareholders want their business to succeed. The same goes for nonprofits, governments, nongovernmental organizations, and agencies. Why would you want to fail? 955 more words

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How Spotify Balances Employee Autonomy And Accountability

Spotify’s unusual combination of squads, tribes, chapters, and guilds is the organizational infrastructure that underlies the company’s operating model. At first reading, it might sound like just another way to define a conventional organizational matrix in Millennial- and digital-friendly terms. 34 more words


A Model for Determining Your Organization’s Span of Control

Introduction: Organizational Hierarchies & Span of Control (SoC)

You’re the CEO of a brand new startup. This is a very exciting time in your life as both an entrepreneur— 746 more words

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