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CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CTOs ... CMOs, CROs, CLOs, CXOs!

Way back in the day there used to be two or maybe three Chief Officers in a company: the CEO, the CFO, and the CTO. But over the past couple of years in reading the business and tech press I’ve been inundated with new brands of Chief Officers: we have Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Product Officers, Chief Revenue Officers, Chief Legal Officers and yes, Chief People Officers. 646 more words


The 4 Keys to Growing Up as a Leader and Executive

In today’s hyper-connected corporate world, it would be very difficult for a CEO with a “command-and-control” and silo mentality to lead their company, without adapting to the ever-shifting ocean of change. 875 more words


Ambidexterity in the Pharma Industry: the Innovation Holy Grail?

It’s Sunday morning, and I find myself waking up with the concepts of agile organizations buzzing around in my head.  This may officially make me an organizational design geek.  955 more words


Applying Design Thinking to Employee Engagement

Design thinking is now taking center stage in improving Employee Engagement and Experience at the workplace. Marketers have long obsessed about the Customer Experience (CX) journey.   714 more words

Employee Engagement

The difference between Employee Satisfaction and Employee Engagement

Employee satisfaction and engagement are deceptively similar sounding attitudes when seen superficially. Many people tend to use these terms interchangeably but there are clear differences between these two and it is important for business leaders to know the nuances. 780 more words

Employee Engagement

Design Nirvana?

As Winter Quarter begins, I dive into the Organizational Design readings.

I consider the design models and reflect on the multiple organizational changes I have experienced during my two and a half decade career.  610 more words


What “Going the Extra Mile” means in Customer Service: A Call Center Labyrinth

I met a unique call center representative, who when asked by management to “go the extra mile for the customer,” remarked, “I go the extra mile for the customer by simply answering the phone.”  Recently, “going the extra mile” has resurfaced as a customer service topic, and I think we need some parameters for understanding the term to really appreciate what it means to “go the extra mile.” 1,273 more words

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