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Creating and Funding Pipelines of Decisions

In the Lean community, there is much talk about identifying Value Streams. For some organizations, I think this gets hard to understand in practicality. Yes they can identify the end point where a product or service comes out and the first few steps backward are easy and then the complexity of its construction takes over as it enters the more complicated structure of the hierarchy. 623 more words

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"Great Teams are less like 'awesome machines' than awesome organisms”

“A MECE breakdown takes something – say, customers – and segments them into a series of categories that do not overlap, but together cover everything. Customers might be divided into “paying customers” and “non paying customers…

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Aaron Dignan: Digital Isn't Software, It's A Mindset

Aaron Dignan talks through how companies can have the right mindset to thrive in the future: It’s good to have a purpose, a process to support it, the right people, and (most importantly) these need to combined to make products that serve a community larger than any employee or organization. 16 more words

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The difference between Employee Satisfaction and Employee Engagement

Employee satisfaction and engagement are deceptively similar sounding attitudes when seen superficially. Many people tend to use these terms interchangeably but there are clear differences between these two and it is important for business leaders to know the nuances. 763 more words

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Stop Your Agile Transformation Right Now

What has enabled companies such as Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Tesla, and Google to achieve global market dominance in just a few years? Some people attribute the successes to strong, visionary leaders with an almost dictatorial approach to the topics they find important, such as design, strategy, or experimentation. 44 more words


Organizational Design, Pt. 2: Can Your Organization Handle Change Effectively?

Theme: There’s a reason why certain organizations can cope with change and others can’t.

Introduction: Organizational Change & Stability

Organizations throughout their life cycle face change. 1,444 more words

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Decentralize to be more nimble

Flattening the organization (i.e., reducing layers of middle management) by itself is not the answer to becoming more nimble. Flat organizations are still steered by the remaining managers and not driven by market pull. 114 more words