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Matrix Organizations: Advantages and Disadvantages

I’ve been thinking about matrix organizations recently—about the pros and cons of these complex structures and about my experience in one many years ago.

A matrix organization is one in which there are dual reporting structures. 829 more words


Holacracy: Can the newest innovation in organizational design solve the problems of traditional hierarchy?

Many large organizations struggle with exactly that: they’re large. And slow, bureaucratic, creativity-squashing, and a zoo of office politics. They have a hierarchy. I report to you, you report to someone else, and they report . 635 more words

Organizational Diversity: Is Your Business Diversity Commitment Only Skin Deep?

I absolutely agree diversification of people improves organizations, communities, and society. I agree that including many minds makes a better professional and personal environment, organizations can become more flexible in thought and action, and ultimately better members in a society are trained and built. 1,167 more words

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Organizational Culture: A Leadership Opportunity and Responsibility

In the interest of full disclosure, I have been employed by both organizations mentioned. Both employment situations have ended, and I currently have no further business with either organization. 1,220 more words

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Hiring Randomness

I ran across this article on companies’ interest in interviewing different archetypes of programmers, e.g., “Academic programmer”, or “Enterprise programmer”. I had two big takeaways from the article. 575 more words

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