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Debunking urban myths in management wisdom II

Myth 2:

Traditional strategic planning and copying currently most admired or successful organizations is a useful and beneficial way of creating a successful strategy.

Let us briefly look at what we a talking about here. 1,013 more words

Performance Management

Rework - Great Read on Work, Operating Models, and Organizational Design

REWORK by Jason Fried & David Heinemeir Hansson (founders of Basecamp) offers a fresh look at work, Operating Models, and Organizational Design. If you are a manager, leader, organizational designer, or someone who wants to positively influence organizational design and culture you’ll find that this book is just packed with interesting observations, insights and inspiring ideas. 81 more words

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Digital Isn't Software Or About Technology, It's A Mindset

The most dominant companies are now digital-first. Think Netflix over Blockbuster or iTunes over Tower Records. Aaron Dignan founding partner at TheReady explains in this talk that for future success companies need a purpose, responsive structures and processes to support it, the right people, and (most importantly) how these need to be combined to make products that serve a community larger than any employee or organization. 6 more words


The Organization Of The Future: Arriving Now

In today’s digital context organizations face a growing imperative to redesign themselves to move faster, adapt more quickly, facilitate rapid learning, and embrace the dynamic career demands of their people. 52 more words


Business Agility Series #2 - The Organization of the Future

High-performing organizations operate as empowered networks coordinated through culture, information systems, and talent mobility. Yet many organizations continue to operate according to industrial era models. Which means, many legacy practices, systems and semantics must be confronted and discarded before true change can take hold. 874 more words


"Welcome to Flatland" - Valve Software Employee Handbook

Want to read about an interesting management model? Check out the Valve Software Employee Handbook which they kindly published on their web site. If you are not familiar with Valve Software, they are the makers of the  STEAM digital distribution and gaming platform. 114 more words

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