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Organizational Design

Organizational Design.


An organization that wants different results must change the way it does things because all organizations are perfectly designed to get the results they get. 201 more words


Snake in the Suburbs

Yesterday, I found a dead rattlesnake in the gutter a couple of houses up the street from mine. My first reaction was, “there could be one of those in my own back yard – have to alert the kids and make sure they always have shoes on and are careful where they step.” I posted the picture of the critter on facebook where there was a range of responses from “horrifying” to “snakes and cars-not a good combination” to “the other white meat.” My reaction was definitely on the “horrifying” end of the continuum of reactions. 240 more words

Arts Funding

#AlignedValue: "Talent alone doesn't make a great team" // Do you agree? #Leadership #TalentManagement #HR #HCM

“Talent alone doesn’t make a great team.  You need faith in your colleagues and alignment behind a common goal.”

– United States General (Ret.) Stanley McChrystal… 541 more words


Jack Of All Trades- A Respected Professional

He is a man with an extraordinary business understanding and striking skill, which is clear from the way that he ended up ready to adequately secure and offer two Golden Corral Stores at a massive profit in the year 2006. 71 more words


10 Guiding Principles Of Organization Design - PWC

by Gary L. Neilson, Jaime Estupiñán, and Bhushan Sethi In the 18th annual PwC survey of chief executive officers, conducted in 2014, many CEOs anticipated significant disruptions to their businesses during the next five years as a result of…

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Designing Services

Team´s Organizational Context

Leaders cannot make a team be great, but they can put conditions in place to increase likelihood (although not guarantee) that a team will be effective. 387 more words