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We Are Human

Why has the use of analytics seemingly become the key tool of those in management? Why the unfettered use of analytics? 1,288 more words


Become Data-Driven or Perish

When new technologies catalyze a shift in socio-economic paradigms, economic historian commonly refer to it as a revolution – the industrial revolution of the 19th century, the agrarian revolution before that.   374 more words

Organizational Behavior

Org.Schema: Do not hire!

In the article “Org.Schema: Creating Redundancies“, I argue how for every position, you need to have a succession plan. You need to prepare the second employee, through job rotation, and I have conveyed that message through a case study. 652 more words


Literature Review - Shaping Cultures and Ethics of Organizations

This literature review examines organizational culture and ethics from the perspective of organizational design and structure.

Corporate culture has been defined as “a system of shared meaning held by members that distinguishes the organization from other organizations.” Because corporate culture is not written down, but more caught than taught from the founder’s traits and from the traits of people who are hired over time, leaders must shape what type of cultures their organizations have. 4,130 more words


Creating and Funding Pipelines of Decisions

In the Lean community, there is much talk about identifying Value Streams. For some organizations, I think this gets hard to understand in practicality. Yes they can identify the end point where a product or service comes out and the first few steps backward are easy and then the complexity of its construction takes over as it enters the more complicated structure of the hierarchy. 623 more words

Agile & Lean

"Great Teams are less like 'awesome machines' than awesome organisms”

“A MECE breakdown takes something – say, customers – and segments them into a series of categories that do not overlap, but together cover everything. Customers might be divided into “paying customers” and “non paying customers…

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Good Reads

Aaron Dignan: Digital Isn't Software, It's A Mindset

Aaron Dignan talks through how companies can have the right mindset to thrive in the future: It’s good to have a purpose, a process to support it, the right people, and (most importantly) these need to combined to make products that serve a community larger than any employee or organization. 16 more words

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