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Time to Stop Judging & Start Mentoring Millennials

Sustaining Innovation in the Millennial Age: Why Everyone is a Millennial

Originally posted on RiseSmart’s blog.  

In a four part series, innovation and “growth hacking” consultant, Lockie Andrews outlines the primary forces that drive millennial engagement – and the surprising connection between millennial-friendly cultures and innovation. 739 more words


Unlimited vacation is not the answer, Pt. 2

In last week’s post, we spoke about two alternatives to unlimited vacation: flexible and remote work arrangements. Today, we are going to cover off three more: 778 more words


5 Ways Innovative Companies Attract and Retain Millennials

Despite a volatile employment landscape, smart companies are always looking for ways to attract the next generation of talent. Engaging with Millennials, however, requires a strategic approach. 236 more words


Unlimited vacation is not the answer

If there is one topic that gets people going at a networking kibbutz, it’s unlimited vacation. .

Well, at least for the typical corporate worker, that’s what they think happens. 1,002 more words


Customer Call Center Leader - Part 6: The Role of Technology in Creating a Culture of Adaptability

The role of technology is to act the neutral part in the human work relationship. Technology is a tool, like a hammer, designed for a specific role embodying potential for good or ill, delivering a specific role, and serving a specific function. 2,046 more words

M Dave Salisbury

The 4-C’s of Effective Leadership: Collaboration, Compromise, Cooperation, and Competition Are Desperately Needed – A Leadership Primer

Probably the most egregious and recognizable, contentious, viral moral and ethical dilemma spanning generations of workers across the world has to be the rise of labor unions.  1,917 more words

M Dave Salisbury

Drunk Tank Pink Organizations

I went to visit the Virginia Holocaust Museum to witness the Tibetan Monks of the Drepung Loseling Monastery finish their mandala. The mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol. 2,057 more words