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Sharing Our Experiences

There’s nothing like a little travel to provide a fantastic change in perspective – different cultures, unique landscapes and new daily adventures. And it’s fantastic to experience and even more fun to share – as long as you’re not holding people hostage with a thousand slides of the same Yellowstone buffalo taken at every angle. 345 more words

Organizational Development

Courageous collaborations: how one plus one can be greater than two

Organizations have always been complex.   And in today’s world the enormity of our challenges calls for rethinking how our establishments operate.   In her March blog… 823 more words


Strategy and Power

Power gets a fair bit of attention in organizational literature. Power gets talked about a lot, typically in the abstract. However, one of the things current and typical understanding of strategy tends to create is very little meaningful day to day  1,011 more words

Organizational Development

Are you planning for change?

Change is a natural and even inevitable part of an organization’s life cycle. As the organization grows, learns, and adapts, it will be necessary to alter your strategies or even shift your mission. 606 more words


Reducing OUCH! In Strategy con't

The last post focused on the first of four quite typical and normal things that happen once the organization strategy has been established or revisited: 1,034 more words


Now It's Time For The Company's Annual Review

When the discussion of annual reviews comes up, it usually revolves around how the employees can get honest feedback, and how managers and human resources can better give the process value and meaning. 469 more words


Integrating the “U” model

Some of you will recognize me for the simple reason that we have spoken, not just on social media but in person.
This Tuesday 10 of us were on the call with Julie Arts, and yesterday over 180 people from all over the globe were together on the call with Otto, Adam & Kelvi… 680 more words