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Many companies and organizations are in the process of defining or refining their strategies to move into 2016 and beyond. Strategies are invented (and reinvented) across many different pillars or focus areas for the business needs at the time. 1,151 more words

Strategy And Mission

Guest post: Louise Shaxson on advising governments... and ugly babies

I have known Louise Shaxson for many years and have always valued her advice and insight. However, when she wrote to me recently to tell me that she had written a blog about how to talk to new parents about their ugly babies… I was seriously concerned that we might be heading for a fall-out. 1,043 more words

Are Your Systems All Go?

No organization can exist without systems for conducting their business.

Systems are a wonderful tool that should augment the people in your organization. They are the oil to make your teams work smoother and more effectively. 532 more words

Leadership Strategies

Top 5 Common Leadership Mistakes

All of us are leaders. On a daily basis we  exercise leadership within our family, our team at work, and our community. Like it or not, all of us carry obligation to and shared responsibility for the common good. 771 more words


How to Handle Feedback

A Review of The Disapproval Matrix by Ann Friedman

Handling feedback and criticism is challenging for most of us and is a common issue on which I coach my clients. 653 more words

Executive Coaching

Attracting Millennials & Keeping Them

Due to their sheer numbers alone, Millennials are garnering lots of attention in the war on talent, and for good reason. The world they’ve been raised in is very different from that of other generations. 470 more words


08.20.2015-Houston’s Best and Brightest-Best Practices in ACTION!

Culture, strategy, employee engagement, and recognition, OH MY!  Are you a CEO, leader, or manager in your business?  Do you know what your employees think about your organization?  107 more words

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