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My Final Assignment as a Graduate Student

I do believe this is the very last thing I have to do to complete all three of my graduate degrees. I want to have something especially insightful, but the reality is that much like graduate school started four years ago, I am still burning the midnight oil and insight cuts into sleep time. 445 more words


Working Board, Governing Board, ... Policy Board?

Red fish, blue fish, but where’d this yellow fish come from? In providing BEST with organizational development consulting, I have come across a term that never came up in my nonprofit management work: policy board. 439 more words


How difficult it is to change an organization around a simple insight

In the last few months I have been going back to my change and organizational development roots. I have been on a journey to reconnect my more recent insights on… 977 more words

Thinking Out Loud

5 Approaches To Thrive In The Connection Economy

We live in the most connected world ever. Social media, cell phones, satellite broadcasts, internet – we have launched so many methods to reach out and touch someone across the globe. 422 more words

Leadership Strategies

Measuring Learning Impact

You have recently launched a highly-anticipated company-wide learning initiative. You have got the best facilitators who can provide air-tight content, and now that the first few sessions seem to have received a positive response, you are in a celebratory mood. 801 more words

Oh, the places a memo will go!

Back in winter 2017, I was in Lorna Flormoe’s “Public Participation for Diverse Communities” course, and as can happen with a procedurally motivated person like myself, I found myself frustrated with the course. 294 more words


Wanna win? Start at the Finish Line!

This month our guest blogger is Eric Roberts. Eric is the Vice President of M&A at Blackberry and knows a thing or two about getting things done! 999 more words