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Evolving Your Conceptual Filters Awareness

Every day we dress for work and take with us our collection of conceptual filters. We use these filters to structure the constant stimulus of life. 427 more words

Organizational Communication

How To Make Change Part Of Your Company Culture

Working alongside your team is vital to changing the company culture.

Many businesses work to develop a specific company culture, but they forget about change. 702 more words


7 Strategies To Help Your Team Communicate

Any leader who is working on becoming a more effective communicator can tell you the one ingredient they need to focus on is themselves.

But ask those same leaders what the focus should be on to make their teams communicate better, and the answer is not so clear. 641 more words

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3 Essential Principles to Solve Complex Problems

Problems, issues, challenges, we all have them. They are like big boulders in our streams of life.  There’s a difference, though, between problems with a small “p” and big, hairy, “P” organizational or community problems.   500 more words

Organizational Development

Making the Pitch

Last week, I was asked to present an idea about moving a beloved face-to-face (f2f) program to an online format. I was actually quite nervous about it, but my boss assured me that it was a casual situation and I only needed to talk for five minutes. 430 more words

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Tech Trends: Health + Wellbeing

Wellness has been a hot-button issue in the global arena, percolating into workplace environments on many levels. As the workday gets longer, employees’ health and wellbeing are impacted by their workplace to a greater degree than ever before. 471 more words


Lean In

I’ve gotten sloppy again in my reading. I’ve been spending this summer focusing on working out, taking care of myself and keeping more connected with those people who inspire me and feed my soul. 552 more words

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