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The Path to Security, Privacy, and Trust in Technology

“Technology makes it possible for people to gain control over everything, except over technology.” – John Tudor

The speed with which technology is advancing can be mind-boggling and staying completely up-to-date on technology next to impossible. 124 more words

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Active Voice

Active Voice

The ukulele is an instrument that I picked up a few months ago. Love the sound of it and love that it is so much easier to learn than the guitar. 509 more words

Stress management is a choice

Do you tend to see problems as larger than they actually are? It is particularly easy to lose perspective when you are stressed. This loss of perspective makes the proverbial molehill appear to be a mountain — problems that are really quite surmountable seem unduly difficult or even impossible. 146 more words

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Are Healthy Organizations the Unicorns of Modern Work?

A couple of people have asked me lately if it’s possible to find work in an organization that values people. Like, really values people – a place that encourages them to show up whole, makes space for bottom-up change, and does work based on connectedness, not fear. 547 more words


Dr. Donald C. Shoultz

Dr. Donald C. Shoultz became involved in his profession because of his background in human resources, learning and development. During his career, he was the head of learning and development for E&P from 2007 until 2014, where he improved the efficacy of the enterprise’s exploration and production segment by spearheading an initiative to centralize loosely connected and fragmented learning organizations of 18 international regions and functions into one unified structure. 159 more words


Meeting-Management Checklist

Most of us have learned how to run meetings by osmosis—by watching another person, who, in turn, learned by watching someone else. This method of learning would be valid if the observed processes worked. 762 more words

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How to Break Free From 'Establishment-Thinking' and Win Like a Startup

‘Establishment-thinking’ slows leaders and organizations to a safe crawl.  

What would you do if you were just starting your business?

Love your customers like you just won them. 260 more words

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