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LDS Leadership: Still a Serious Lack of Diversity

After the disappointment experienced by many members of the LDS Church over the recent choice of 3 non-diverse new apostles, the frustration continues.

At the Church’s General Conference in April 2016, a new presidency of the Primary (children’s organization) was announced.   263 more words


2016 momentum

I’ve been getting up at 4:30 am each weekday, and gaining that extra time that I needed.

Especially in the creative career, with all of the components on the table, at times success has remained elusive, or I’ve felt scattered. 367 more words


How Important is Mormon Internationalism?

The LDS leadership’s commitment to its global membership was recently brought into question by the selection of three elderly white Utahns to the Church’s Quorum of the 12 Apostles.   481 more words


Perspectives on Steve Jobs as Employee, Manager & Leader (Post 3 of 5)

SCENE 2 – Steve As Manager – APPLE (JOBS 2013)

Steve’s Mercedes Benz spins around the corner of the Apple Inc. parking lot, and pulls into the parking spot closest to the front door; marked handicapped. 678 more words

Steve Jobs

Perspectives on Steve Jobs as Employee, Manager & Leader (post 1 of 5)

This post is the first of a series of postings in which I have written about Mr. Steve Jobs, in my search for more information regarding the entrepreneur and the organization. 1,228 more words


Mormonism: Are Our Roots in Ancient Christianity or Treasure Seeking?

With the recent release of photographs of one of Joseph Smith’s seer stones, the issue of Mormonism’s “magical” past is again at the forefront of scholarly discussions.   359 more words