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Is the Ethiopian Village of Awra Amba Really a Utopia?

My Ethiopian guide had mentioned a possible visit to the village of Awra Amba.  I had never heard of the place, so I looked it up on the Internet.   1,105 more words


Graying of LDS General Authorities

According to researcher Christian Anderson, the average age of the 15 men who comprise the LDS Church’s top leadership is over 80.  This is the first time the average has been this high in the 185-year history of the Church. 441 more words


The "Ensign's" Credibility Hits a New Low

In the March 2015 Ensign magazine–an official publication of the LDS Church–hits a new low.  Despite minor steps forward:  (1) reprinting Elder Jeffery R. Hollands remark about Mother Teresa (page 8) and an angel with wings (pages 1 and 5), there are several steps backward.   829 more words


Surprise Performance: Kids Movie Characters Teach Adults How to Thrive at Work

What possible business insights can we glean from children’s movie characters Dusty Crophopper, Skipper, Classified and SpongeBob?

No, I haven’t lost my mind.

Being an uncle to young boys, I’ve seen… 556 more words

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YOU. Who? Why?

Who are you?

The process of peeling back your own layers and facing your most vulnerable self requires real courage. In order to be effective in your work and within the world, you have to take this risk. 507 more words


When I Said "NO" to Multicultural Awareness Training

Adam Grant and Sheryl Sandberg have a piece in the New York Times this morning pointing out that:

New research suggests that if we’re not careful, making people aware of bias can backfire, leading them to discriminate more rather than less. 430 more words


It's Time to Stop Trashing Hugh Nibley! Just Stop!

In Mormon circles, it’s de rigueur these days to trash Hugh Nibley.  We need to stop!  Instead of trying to have a debate with a scholar who cannot defend himself, we need to listen to his message.   725 more words