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Step Towards the Middle

Imagine a line with a Nike “Just do it” Swoosh on one end, and a “Keep Calm” meme on the opposite end.

In Organizational Culture and Leadership… 338 more words

Bells, Buzzers, and Playing the Feud

On Family Feud, there’s a famous dramatic pause between when a contestant makes their guess and the host turns to the board and announces, “survey says…”The answer gets displayed along with the winner’s bell sound or the soul-defeating buzzer and the infamous red X. 269 more words

Masters in Beyoncé

Think of this as earning your MBA, whereas the “B” stands for Beyoncé.

Many of us like to think that we alone can be the genius. 581 more words

Get Good, Stay Good, Get Better, Become Great

Finding positive synergies is all about getting good. These are proverbially the “good problems” to have. After a while though, all things evolve. To… 678 more words

SOTP For Synergies (Not A Typo)

When you have a skill that can help someone else with their project, you – collectively – have “positive synergies.”

When you can’t apply your skill to their project because it just doesn’t make sense, or worse, if you’d actually slow their project down by being involved, then you – again, collectively – have “negative synergies.” 575 more words

Facts + Sentiment = Story (Facebook Edition)

Mark Zuckerberg’s congressional testimony contained lots of “story math,” with sentiment as the variable in focus.

It should be clear that if congress wants to make some changes, they will need public sentiment tipped in their favor. 452 more words