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Prior skills and knowledge and the L&D, VET intersection

Continuing on from my last post and in response to a question from one of the Linkedin Groups I am involved with, I want to look at how the knowledge, skills and experience that a person brings to a role are incorporated in this model.   773 more words

Competency Based Training

The Evolution of Organizational Learning - an X-part Series (2)

Originally developed for MIT/edX U.Lab course, 2015

The Shift to Experiential Learning

In the 80s, we (organizational learning) adopted experiential and reflective learning. David… 271 more words

Organizational Learning

Cause and Effect - Is It Really That Simple?

So this post has been on my mind for a while, but something happened at work today….

It would seem to me that it’s human nature to explain occurrences in the simplest manner possible, often in the form of linear “cause and effect” relationships.   423 more words

Software Development

Learning's Role in Executing Strategy

If you and your colleagues were asked to write down your organization’s strategy and top priorities, how many of you would be able to correctly identify them? 488 more words


Build What Product Management Tells You To Build. Really?

A current (ok now its old) conversation on LinkedIn was the source for the first post of 2015.  (Yes I’ve been slacking a bit).

While on vacation, I spent some thinking about the fact that many organizations have “Product” groups that are separate (read completely different organizational structure) from the “Technology” group.   478 more words

Software Development

What do I want to be when I grow up?

Can you even start to imagine the type of jobs / careers that our kids will have 10-15 years from now? 

My daughter Adele has reached the age when she is starting to seriously contemplate her future career options, which secondary school she wants to go to etc. 733 more words

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