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The Road to Happiness is Paved with Grit

We must encounter frustration and failure to enjoy success.

Wait… what? It seems  counterintuitive – both in the education world as well as the business world – to find both happiness and success through failure.   1,274 more words


Organizational Learning - W16.1

Following the logic of Kurt Lewin’s model of change, before people in an organization can learn a new way of doing things, they must unlearn the way they have done things in the past. 462 more words

Change Management

Student Voice

When I studied five successful STEM schools over three years in different parts of the United States in order to discover how innovative they were, I was surprised to find that one of the least innovative components was student voice.   885 more words


Uberizing Organizational Learning – Thinking Beyond Courses

Designing courses is passé! In a world where the shelf-life of knowledge and skills are rapidly shrinking, where best practices of yore yield increasingly little or no return on investment, where exceptions are the norm, and constant change and flux the new normal, designing set courses using SME-defined content is like trying to build a dam to rein in the surging waves of a tumultuous ocean. 144 more words


Inspiring Leaders to Build a Culture of Mentorship

If you oversee people in any capacity, you might be among the 85% of business leaders who cite employee engagement and human development as one of your top challenges.   1,217 more words

Corporate Culture

The Core of Innovation Part 2: Analyze and Evaluate

The Learning Organization

My previous post was a reflection on the concept of innovation, its importance and relationship to school design-school culture. In today’s post, Getting to the Innovation Core Part 2, I refer to my recent research, specifically the analysis and evaluation of innovation in school design-school culture. 613 more words


The January 2016 Issue of Journal of Management Inquiry is Now Online!

The January 2016 issue of Journal of Management Inquiry is now available and free to read for the next 30 days. This issue offers a range of interesting topics, including articles that delve into corruption, the future of organizational learning research, and writing practices of academics. 163 more words

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