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Breaking Away from "Stupid": Maybe It's New Staff, Not New Data?

Last week our post on bullying brought comments about how bullies and staff in general are hired. Several of the commenters offered potential interview techniques to weed out the mean, the lazy, and the pompous. 578 more words



Refining the Household Model is an endless journey of challenge, personal fulfillment

By Dr. Matthew Bogner*

We all want to feel a sense of meaning and purpose in our lives – to be part of something bigger than ourselves and aspire to a higher moral purpose. 637 more words

Culture Change

Why an All-Star Team is Better than a Team of All-Stars

Imagine you’re in the last phase of a highly competitive interview process for your “dream job.” The leadership team has praised your skills, intellect, and accomplishments.   1,317 more words


Striking the balance between control and opportunity to learn.

My friend and colleague Dr. Bobbie Finnochio introduced me to The Tao te Ching (Mitchell, 1988) and I have been fairly obsessed with it ever since. 599 more words


How poetry enhances development of explicit organizational knowledge

In this article, I have in depth described how poetry can be closely related to accessing our tacit knowledge, which in our business world can bring us lot of advantage. 434 more words


And Don't Forget to Breathe

My Yoga teacher has to remind me to breathe. I chuckle because breathing is pretty fundamental; how the heck do I keep forgetting to do something that has become an instinct? 1,384 more words

Organizational Learning

Boost Cognitive Power and Creativity with Your Playlist

Music can change the world because it can change people. – Bono

Music is the universal language for a reason. More than any other type of stimulus, music evokes feelings and heightens the emotions associated with them.

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