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Industrial Psychology

Psychology has long been thought of as the job of people who read minds. It arouses interest in people and throw in  the concept of Industry/Organizational Psychology (I/O Psychology), people’s interest grows as they try to learn more about the subject. 2,263 more words

Online Job Interviews

Interviews, online or tete-a-tete, are stressful (just had one), but still, working from home is more rewarding (not talking about the financial aspect). In the world of freelancing, there’s less discrimination: People don’t care if you’re a woman, Eastern European or young, you’re just You. 9 more words

Why Collaboration is the Future of Work

We are now in a highly digitalized civilization where artificial intelligence, augmented realities and mobile working are no longer just wishful thinking. With this incredible advancement, more and more on-the-job tasks are becoming non-routine, more complex and interactive. 527 more words

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Discover the 3 Dimensions of Emotion

I’m back to the EQ blog after a very productive hiatus. When the proposal for my latest book was picked up by a publisher last year, I took time off to write the book, develop its internet platform, promote the book (in my spare time—ha, ha) and then leverage the new content from the book into improved workshops. 852 more words



Systemic bureaucratic failures breed inertia and internal complexity within organisations. Consider all those “$200 t-shirt” events (see article: Does your company need a Director of Getting Sh*t Done? 181 more words