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Everything You Need to Know About Managing People #SHRM18

SHRM18 is right around the corner! Of course by around the corner I mean three months away. But it’s never to soon to start checking out the agenda and trying to plan at least half of the sessions you want to attend. 1,585 more words

Human Resources

Is that Whip or WIP

A wise and sage person once said, “manage your project, don’t manage WIP”. For years the idea of Work in Progress (WIP) has eluded the understanding of senior management at many companies. 1,127 more words


Castles in the Sand....

…fall into the sea eventually. Having just spent, in my opinion wasted, years building what I thought was a stable relationship, both internally and externally, with several companies this statement rings so true. 882 more words


Is your organization behaving?

“Oh behave”! as Austin Powers would say in the Spy movie. Behaviour, or lack thereof, is very important in an organization, so much so that it affects not only the culture and employees’ performance but the company’s bottom line. 335 more words

Learning And Development

Three Reasons Why Teamwork Makes Life and Work an Easier, and a More Rewarding Game.

Getting along with others can be difficult at times, even ‘painful’ depending on what you are trying to do. We all have different methods for getting things done, we all work at different speeds, and WILL have different philosophies about what needs to be done. 1,260 more words


Why the war for talent may be misguided, possibly even cannibalistic

A common headline in business and leadership publications highlights the ongoing “war for talent.” The implicit assumption within these articles is that more talent is better than less. 731 more words


Employee satisfaction and trust is tightly linked to manager support

According to a new survey from the American Psychological Association, the top determinant of employee satisfaction and trust in their employer is the timeless concept of supervisor support.

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