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Google Drive Folders Who Needs Organization???

“How do I organize Google Drive?” is one of the questions I hear most often. My first response generally is, “Remember Google is famous for its Search Engine.” 141 more words

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Google Drive Filter Search to the Rescue

Sometimes it can be stressing searching for a file a colleague has shared with you. Especially if the user thinks they’ve lost or  deleted the file. 82 more words

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It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It

Of course when I email someone, I want a quick turnaround, even if it’s not during business hours. I’m often at my desk at odd weekend hours, and although I don’t have the expectation that my query will be responded to, I have the secret desire that it will. 141 more words

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Tidying Up

If you know me, you know I’ve always been a messy person. In college, my roommates shuddered when they looked in my closet. When I moved into a house with friends, some days you could barely walk through my room without stepping on something. 530 more words

Hidden Goodie: Google Doc Outline

Recently an outline appeared magically on the left hand side of a Google Doc I was creating. I’m finding this more useful then a table of contents especially while doing research. 77 more words

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Method to my Madness

I wonder if my grandfather – Joseph Bush Kingsbury – was organized? Could he find things on his desk? Did he misplace bills and get past due notices? 226 more words

Prioritizing Writing (Throwback Thursday)

Series note:  The following post is part of the Rutgers Graduate Student Blog Throwback Thursday blog series, in which we will repost one of our most popular blog posts from years past. 356 more words