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The Myth of Multi-Tasking

With the holidays fast approaching, we can all expect to be running more errands and having more demands on our time. Time is a priceless commodity at this time of year. 479 more words


10 Things I Wish I had Done Before I Was Diagnosed With Cancer

I’m convinced that nothing can fully prepare a person for the impact of a cancer diagnosis, but there are still things that I wish I had done before cancer became a part of my life. 696 more words

Cancer Psychological Impact

Eliminating Stress Through Preparation

I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll say it again, I am the master of procrastination. If I know that I have an hour or two of spare time in the morning before something’s due, I’m the type of person who will set their alarm a bit earlier than normal and finish the project or assignment (or blog) the morning that it’s due to avoid doing it the night before. 630 more words


Finding Your Most Productive Hours of the Day – and Making the Most of Them

Have you ever gone to the zoo and observed the lions in their den? Or watch your cat, if you have one? Note how much they sleep during the day. 603 more words


Idea-Generating Tools for the Not-So-Organized

Ever have those moments when you’ve come up with what you believe is a brilliant idea and forget to write it down? What happens to your idea then? 991 more words

Writing Practice

Start Your School Year Organized!

We at Fashom cannot wait to see everyone’s back to school style this year!  We also want to help all of you who are starting a new year of school, whether that is grade school or college, to stay organized.  270 more words

mind web...sort of

All set up and ready to rock.
Of course, I began…then panicked. Ripped out the first attempt and folded it in half. Then I made a list on the folded page to organize my thoughts. 60 more words