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Organisation: tips and tools

Life has a funny way of getting hectic. We often run from one place to the other making messes and getting stressed out. Which is precisely why it’s so important to have some… 351 more words


New Google Calendar Tops the Cake!

As an Educator using a shared Google Calendar may be an efficient “Timesaver” to use in collaboration with colleagues and students. My reasoning is due to every-time the calendar is updated it appears instantly in realtime on a colleagues or students shared calendar. 299 more words

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It's True: You Really Can Do Things That May Be Ruining Business And Here's How...

Here are 5 ways “You Really Can Do Things That May Be Ruining Business”  I will share how and ways you can correct that.

Welcome to the Jar Of Success Podcast, where you will find inspiration and growth to build a strong online business. 473 more words

The Idea Notebook

Fellow writer friends of mine have talked about how ideas seem to attack them at random. It’s as if this happens constantly and if they don’t stop what they’re doing immediately, they will forget their bolt of inspiration and it will be gone forever. 743 more words


How I Stay Organized.

One of the many things that I pride myself on is my organizational skills. Some say it’s me being OCD, some say its too much, but to me, I feel it’s just right and it is how I attempt to stay on top of my A game. 1,057 more words


PD Nuggets: Organization Skills

Personal development is an important factor that can help everyone achieve his or her goals. It allows us to effortlessly interact with people and easily work with them. 56 more words

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How I Organize My Bookshelves

Now I know organizing books by color was (is?) all the rage at one point, but if there’s anything that makes me cringe in the book world, it’s color coded bookshelves. 612 more words

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