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I Am Going to Succeed ...

… because I can be more than I am … BECAUSE I believe in Me! (Say mantra daily and repeat as needed.)

Life has a habit of intruding into our plans… 278 more words

Why - The Inspired Word

Getting Organized: Learning to Manage Your Cancer Journey

When my gynecologist informed me that I had cancer almost three and half years ago the last thing on my mind was trying to manage the absolute chaos that my life had suddenly become. 795 more words

This Winter Storm and Planning Ahead


While millions of people are settled in, due to this winter storm, I can’t help but think of how we should always be alert and prepare for a storm (chaos) on the job. 209 more words

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Remember When HELP Was a Bad Word?

Growing up, someone who ‘needed help’ was looked at sideways. Going to a ‘shrink’ was ridiculed as even the expression implies. This was all before the days of coaches, support groups, accountability partners, etc. 294 more words

Meet Remarkable Women

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IDD Training 

  1. Using Person-First Language
  2. Understanding Me: Non-Verbal Cues
  3. The Group Home: Breaking the Norms & Community Activities
  4. It’s Your Choice: Understanding Self-Determination
  5. Advocacy Training…
  6. 92 more words
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Revisiting Your Resolution

With the (short) extra time off this week due to snow, I’ve used some of the time to reflect upon the month that was January 2015.   521 more words


LIBR 237 Continued

Chapter Books:

Bibliographic Information: Roth, V. (2014). Divergent collector’s edition. New York: HarperCollins Children’s Books.

Summary: In a futuristic cityscape, Beatrice (Tris) transforms from a Dauntless apprentice to a leader of courage and depth, ‘thinking outside the box’ to ultimately help save them all from destruction. 7,140 more words