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Traumatic Brain Injury Support Groups


TBI is the leading cause of death and disability for persons under 35 years of age.

It can happen without warning to people of all ages and all walks of life. 832 more words


The Attack of the To Do List

This week I’ve experimented with efficiency and making yet another desperate attempt to do more stuff with less time. ┬áThe lie that I keep telling myself is that I don’t have time to all the things that I would like and therefore shouldn’t bother trying because I’m just going to fail and get frustrated. 530 more words


Reflections and Advice after Many Semesters

Last month, fellow blogger Brian Tholl wrote some advice about the graduate experience from his perspective as a first year graduate student. I think his advice is very useful and informative, and I want to reiterate some of it and add some advice from the perspective of a senior graduate student. 790 more words


I shouldn't be so hard on myself

Today was cleaning day. The one day out of every month when we sweep, mop, dust and thoroughly clean our house. My children behave as though I’ve just issued the most severe form of punishment, but quickly enough, they get over it. 366 more words

365 Day Blog Challenge

What things the Parents can Do to Help in their Kid's Academics?

Parents play very important role in their children’s education. Having a dynamic role in your children’s education shows them that you concern about their learning. Verify in with your children each day on their studies, provide direction and suggestion on their homework and volunteer in their class to highlight the significance of education. 409 more words

Learning 101: Get Organized

One of my pet peeves as a tutor is students who come to a session without any preparation whatsoever. Parents pay quite a lot of money for tutoring, not to mention the time that is involved in getting a child to and from sessions. 326 more words