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Organization is a Lifelong Habit

Dear Ally,

Hope you are doing well and enjoying your classes! Your Uncle Adam and I cut his hair off this evening to mail to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths. 603 more words

Preparing to Speak at AWAKEN Fair this Sunday

Michael Gerber writes in his book The E Myth that business owners should take time to work on their business, not only in the business. I could feel him breathing over my shoulder today as I began my final preparation for a speaking engagement this Sunday. 302 more words

Small Business

Was It Role Reversal?

The General has been retired for one year and nine months. Actually, I just made the same error that the General consistently makes in sharing her story. 1,000 more words

Family Life

Embracing Diversity

I have never been known for following current trends, mostly because I am usually so hopelessly out of touch that I have no idea what the current trends even are.   633 more words

Middle Age

Hit by a Bus Rules: The Post-It Note Apocalypse

Alandra Hileman is about to reveal personal secrets that will probably make her unemployable.

The title of this column comes from a sort of unofficial but universally understood rule of stage managers, the concept being this: in the event that, on the way to the theatre, you are hit by a bus and can no longer run the show, your master book and all your paperwork should be in such good order that anyone else with a basic understanding of the backstage side of things could come in, pick up your book, and run the show. 569 more words


Cognitive problems go on for years after a stroke, according to study

I find it hard to believe someone just noticed this phenomenon:

Memory, thinking ability keep getting worse for years after a stroke, new study finds… 434 more words

Do You Have a Pile?

I just committed to my goal buddy that I would deal with my pile. It’s been sitting on my desk for over a week, and it’s gotten larger. 590 more words

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