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Blogs & The Church

I have a love-hate relationship with blogs.

If you are anything like me whenever you open your Instagram or Facebook it is nothing but these little images attached to blog posts. 1,512 more words


Leaving Church: How I Keep It Simple by Pam Sheppard

Recently I received an email where I was asked the following questions:

So in your teaching, you concentrate a lot on the  organized church and the false teachings that are in there. 898 more words

Organized Church

SCANDAL: the Connection Between The Republic and the Institutional Church

I have been watching reruns of one of my favorite TV series of all time, SCANDAL.

Each time, I watch it from a different perspective. 436 more words

Organized Church

Blind Leaders of the Blind

How many times must Jesus warn us not to be deceived by false teachers? And why is it so important that he emphasized this so much? 329 more words

Book Review of "the Fake Jesus" by Danielle Wells

The Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels Among Us  is one of the most amazing, phenomenal, and eye-opening book that I have ever read. This book made me question and consider everything that I have ever learned or believed about religion and the Institutional church. 341 more words

Organized Church

Altar Call at the Brownsville Revival

By Carol A. Davis

This is an example of an altar call at the Brownsville Revival services in Pensacola, FL. Every night, Charity would sing the same song for the altar call, “Mercy Seat.” It was a very emotionally moving song, dramatic kind of, & I think it influenced people emotionally. 995 more words

Organized Church

My Experience with the Black Church

Amy’s posts about her experience with the Charismatic Black Church led me to contemplate on my experience with the Denominational/Traditional black church.

Growing up in Harlem as a child of the ’40’s, the Lord protected me from the black church and from religion. 467 more words

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