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Art from Philly

Deanna’s returning guest this evening was Art from Philly. Art shared with Deanna and the listeners more information from what he continues to publish at his website, … 14 more words


The Don's Last Trust Fall

I’m a confident man

But sometimes I think,

“Maybe I’m wrong.”

“Maybe I’ll sink.”

Then I listen to the river

And I do what I must; 14 more words


Influential Montreal Mafia leader to be released soon

One of the most influential leaders in the Mafia in Montreal was hoping to soon live the life of a simple retired gardener when he is released from a federal penitentiary but has been ordered instead to reside at a halfway house for the next three years. 491 more words

Local News


I should be sleeping. My sleep schedule is off again. I am exhausted but awake. My mind keeps thinking of the same things again and again, trying to make sense of them. 518 more words


Rethinking SRCA

I posted last year on the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act, now pending in the Senate.  I have expressed some reservations about the bill, some of which are now the subject of a move to amend the bill to address the concerns that I and other much more prominent critics of the bill have noted.  395 more words

Another sign of the death of mainstream journalism

What if they held a public hearing about a plan to slash the pensions of more than a quarter of a million American workers and but a single journalism showed up to cover the event? 258 more words


Continuity IRA claims killing by armed assailants disguised as police

A leading dissident republican group in Ireland has claimed responsibility for a bloody attack in Dublin, which was carried out last week by a group of masked assailants disguised as police and carrying AK-47 assault rifles. 323 more words

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