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Jewish-Latino Relations: Rooted in a Shared Immigrant, Working-class Experience

Jewish-Latino relations in the US are built upon a legacy of recognizing a shared immigrant and working-class experience. We have a long history of being natural allies in promoting social advances. 1,089 more words


guest worker

guest worker

(1980’s | bureaucratese? | “migrant worker,” “bracero”)

An import, “guest worker” is a literal translation of the German “Gastarbeiter.” Early occurrences in the New York Times confirm a German origin. 628 more words


Illinois peeps, check out - Police Struggle With Loss of Privileged Position

Amid a rash of high-profile incidents involving allegations of police overreach, police unions are trying to adapt to a rapidly changing political context.. via NYT U.S. http://ift.tt/1QkCSFJ


Superman Has Not Yet Reached Baltimore


CNS headline:

Baltimore Councilman: ‘System’ Has Failed ‘Under-Educated’ Looters and Rioters

While Nick Mosby, the councilman in question, did not elaborate, we know how it ends: With teachers’ unions getting the blame. 14 more words

Black Crime

Bully Gates Plays the Race Card

Washington, D.C.

Yes, it says “Arne Duncan,” but we all know who’s really behind it.


The federal government is flexing its muscles to protect an allegedly state-run program.

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Surprising Words: Gawker Unionizing?

Although it would seem to be the most post-modern/neo-liberal company ever (based as it is on the intersection of gossip and metadata), it appears that the writers at Gawker are trying to kick it old school and unionize. 233 more words

New Media

The new union rule that has employers outraged

Workers who want to unionize will now have a much easier go of it. That’s because starting Tuesday, a new federal rule aimed at speeding up the union election process goes into effect. 519 more words