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Hitting the Money G-Spot

Jefferson City

A minor national political news story this morning:  Of the nine Gubernatorial contests held once every four years on Presidential years, plus Vermont and New Hampshire whose Gubernatorial races are held every two years, meaning eleven are up this cycle, ours is one with the most money spent on it, by a going away margin. 146 more words


"I'm stickin' to the union" / Memorable Fancies #1638

[“In seventeenth-century France, the Church ruled that secret organizations of workers had the same status as witches’ covens.” – Michel Foucault]

The witches go on strike, demand better working conditions at their cauldrons, hazardous duty pay, 401(k)’s. 49 more words


I Work Around Geniuses


She chairs House Select on Labor, and she has promised, if (“when” — Ed.) Koster wins, to file a bill in the next session for a RTW referendum on a future ballot.  91 more words


3 Labor Activists in China Get Suspended Prison Terms

The organizers’ activities had long been tolerated, but the prosecution and sentences suggested a tougher government line now that growth is slowing.

Published: September 27, 2016 at 02:00PM… 6 more words


Tight's Bad



NBA, players’ union outline joint ‘meaningful action’ plan in letter

The NBA and the National Basketball Players Association have worked together over the past several days to create a plan for handling potential protests by players during the national anthem, sources told ESPN.com.

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Athletics And Sports

Yale Challenges Grad Assistants' Union Bid Before NLRB

HARTFORD, Conn. (CBS Connecticut and AP) – Yale University is challenging a bid by some of its graduate assistants to unionize, in proceedings this week before the National Labor Relations Board that other private U.S. 290 more words


Wasted Space and Wasted Time

Jefferson City

I ask of thee, spirited protesters who made a lot of noise in the Capitol rotunda this morning:

Why there, why now?

You say you want a $15 an hour minimum wage.  152 more words