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Surprising Words: Gawker Unionizing?

Although it would seem to be the most post-modern/neo-liberal company ever (based as it is on the intersection of gossip and metadata), it appears that the writers at Gawker are trying to kick it old school and unionize. 233 more words

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The new union rule that has employers outraged

Workers who want to unionize will now have a much easier go of it. That’s because starting Tuesday, a new federal rule aimed at speeding up the union election process goes into effect. 519 more words


this day in crime history: april 10, 1936

On this date in 1936,  former union head Thomas Maloney unwittingly detonated a mail bomb that had been sent to him. The bomb was hidden inside a cigar box, and Maloney, a former union official, opened it on his kitchen table. 195 more words

True Crime


In the earlier years of work labor in the United States, working conditions were not always ideal and it has taken a great effort from many factors to create the laws and regulations that are in place to protect employees today. 387 more words

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Ain't Nobody Like to Lose

Well, the votes are being called… Emanuel has been announced the winner in Chicago. Seems a bit early for such a call. But, it’s the media – somebody’s gotta be first to break the news. 65 more words

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Peoples' Choice Awards: Bollywood for Ugly People Edition

Moons ago, when I was just a Padawan on the Illinois Senate Staff, an elder colleague would often note the shenanigans of Statehouse lawmakers as out-of-control celebrities at a place called, “Hollywood for ugly people.” Over the years I’ve struggled to find a more appropriate description, but I can’t. 2,178 more words

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Illinois peeps, check out - Kris Bryant, the Baseball Players’ Union and a Lesson for Labor

Labor might do well to heed baseball, where solidarity between its stars and lesser players has been critical to bargaining success since the mid-1960s.. via NYT Business Day http://ift.tt/1xYB8N8