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Conga Line of Isms


Okay, a few quick questions:

(1) This was supposed to be a protest against RTW.  If these people were so interested in that issue, why didn’t they save their effort for when it mattered and relating to the voters that mattered, that being the race for Governor and WCW voters? 91 more words

St. Louis Local

The Right-to-Work Debate

by Nick Santulli

Right-to-work laws (RTW) have been hotly contested since their emergence on the United States’ political scene in the 1940s. Currently, over half… 2,362 more words

Politics & Society

2016 a Strange Year in Politics is now Over; The Nation and San Diego

David Alvarez

Myrtle Cole

Dec 2016 (San Diego) this was one of those years that was a strange year. For those who were alive in 1968, and chiefly conscious and aware, 2016 has too many parallels. 2,068 more words

On using the template of 'Anonymous' to create an online workers' collective

We all know about the increasingly effective assault on unions in the United States over the past thirty to forty years. I see calls to try and recreate many of these destroyed unions, and while I admire the resistive spirit of such efforts, it is clear that the corporate powers that be have a pretty solid idea of how to defeat traditional unions, and that a new strategy is warrented. 393 more words

Domestic Policy

Tom Perez Picks Up Two Labor Union Endorsements

Outgoing Secretary of Labor Tom Perez picked up two big labor union endorsements in his run for DNC chairman. From United Farm Workers:

Tom Perez is a civil rights leader, a labor champion and an organizer who has successfully run large organizations.

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Unions face hard struggle in the age of Trump

Leaders of organized labor in the United States face in Donald Trump what may be the most anti-union administration since before Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal. 1,246 more words