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The Plight of Unions, and How to Revive Them

A reader bemoans a management that holds all the cards, and a student union leader says changes must be made if unions are to remain relevant. 73 more words


At Chicago Sun-Times, New Owners Vow Return to Paper’s Working-Class Roots

Despite the pledge, some in the nation’s third-largest city worry that The Sun-Times, now partly owned by trade unions, will veer from its tradition of covering them aggressively. 79 more words


Why Millennials Should Lead the Next Labor Movement

With memories of our parents’ union jobs, many of us have borne the brunt of the decline in employment quality.

Published: July 13, 2017 at 05:30AM… 69 more words


The Knights of Labor and the Tobacco Workers union.

The Knights of Labor was the largest and one of the most important American labor organizations of the late 19th century. The Knights promoted the social and cultural uplift of the working man, rejected socialism and anarchism, demanded the eight-hour day, and supported efforts to end child and convict labor. 923 more words


Tendencies of Trumpocalypse

By Jeff Shantz

The rise of Trump and more importantly the far Right movements around him raise some questions about the nature of the Trumpocalypse (and its relation to Right populism or more to the point to fascism). 2,280 more words

Donald Trump

Athens This Summer: It’s Hot, It’s Broke and Now It’s Full of Trash

At the start of the peak tourist season, a strike has left the Greek capital choked with garbage. For a country desperate for income, the timing couldn’t be worse. 74 more words


The Air Traffic Controllers’ Strike of 1981

Air traffic controllers have one of the most important yet difficult jobs in the world: They maintain order and the flow of air traffic, safely guiding planes across the tarmac and issuing instructions about where and when they should take off or land. 375 more words