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Unions face hard struggle in the age of Trump

Leaders of organized labor in the United States face in Donald Trump what may be the most anti-union administration since before Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal. 1,246 more words


Union worker support for Democrats is eroding

President-elect Donald Trump is an enemy of organized labor.

He favors “right to work” laws, by which employees can enjoy the benefits of a union contract without having to pay union dues. 549 more words


The Professional Left: Manufacturing A Political Movement

As protests and demonstrations continue throughout the country in response to the election of Donald Trump, a great deal of discussion is circulating –particularly in more conservative media circles- about the “professional left” and professional protestors. 2,065 more words


The 'Hire-And-Fire' Fantasy Of The Libertarian

A central plank of libertarian (and neoliberal and conservative) opposition to organized labor, to collective bargaining, to workers acting collectively is something I term the ‘hire-and-fire fantasy’: that employers should be able to initiate and terminate their employees’ employment at will. 635 more words


this day in crime history: november 11, 1919

On this date 1919, four members of the American Legion were shot and killed during an Armistice Day parade in Centralia, WA. The men were shot by members of the Industrial Workers of the World, also known as the Wobblies. 300 more words

True Crime

Hitting the Money G-Spot

Jefferson City

A minor national political news story this morning:  Of the nine Gubernatorial contests held once every four years on Presidential years, plus Vermont and New Hampshire whose Gubernatorial races are held every two years, meaning eleven are up this cycle, ours is one with the most money spent on it, by a going away margin. 146 more words


"I'm stickin' to the union" / Memorable Fancies #1638

[“In seventeenth-century France, the Church ruled that secret organizations of workers had the same status as witches’ covens.” – Michel Foucault]

The witches go on strike, demand better working conditions at their cauldrons, hazardous duty pay, 401(k)’s. 49 more words