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Five Tips for Community Garden Leaders and Organizers

A successful, long-term and healthy garden community requires just as much cultivating as the garden itself. Smart leaders and organizers focus on the people first before the garden is even built. 421 more words


The World of Filofax

Seeing how yesterday was the first day of my last day (minus graduate school… maybe/hopefully) of school, I feel obligated to write a “back to school” post. 338 more words


Midwest Craft Con is now a 501(c)3!

It’s been almost a year and a half since Grace, Megan and I started exchanging emails to plan the inaugural Midwest Craft Con. Back then, none of us knew if any of the crazy ideas we had would come to fruition but we knew one thing: We all care about our respective crafty communities and want to help them learn, connect them to each other and party with them! 516 more words


Bullet journal addict

Today, I went to a shop that was closing in ten minutes. In that time, I spent £31 on sticky notes, washi, pens, stamps and stickers. 39 more words


Residences Which Lack Sufficient Storage Space Will Benefit from an Total Garage Makeover

Occasionally, a home exists that truly has a wealth of space for storing: closets galore, a full attic, full basement, storage rooms, mini-barns along with a garage. 306 more words


Households That Lack Sufficient Storage Space Will Greatly Benefit from an Comprehensive Garage Makeover

Sometimes, a residence is found that basically possesses a wealth of storage space: closet organizers galore, attic space, cellar, storage rooms, barns plus a garage. In such a residence, in particular when occupied by people who value experiences in excess of having things, it happens that the particular garage is used mostly for an place regarding automobile storage and very little more. 260 more words


Residences That will Lack Ample Storage Space Will Profit from an Comprehensive Garage Makeover

Occasionally, a residence exists that really possesses a wealth of different storage areas: closets everywhere, attic room, basement, storage rooms, extra barns along with a garage. 302 more words