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It’s almost silly to think I started a degree in Social Justice and Community Organizing without really knowing what community organizing is or what a community organizer does. 696 more words

Protest Organizers End Saturday Night Protests, Will Return Sunday

ST. LOUIS (AP) – After three hours of marching and chanting in and near a popular entertainment district in the St. Louis suburb of University City, protesters disbanded around 9:30 p.m., with plans to gather and demonstrate again Sunday afternoon in St. 1,009 more words


People are freaking out about a potential clash between a 'gang' of 'outsiders, misfits, and weirdos' called the Juggalos and far-right Trump supporters

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Juggalos — fans of the Insane Clown Posse — and a far-right, pro-Trump coalition are both staging marches in Washington, DC on the same day.  164 more words

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Reflections: Week 1 of Back to School with the NickCrew

Last week, I saw the last of the Nicholas children, affectionately known as the NickCrew, start their first day of school.  Our twins, Isaac and Isaiah, started Kindergarten and our Princess Selena is in first grade! 362 more words


Packing Woes: One Fold at a Time

Who agrees that packing is tenfold (see what I did there) worse than unpacking? Unpacking is the best because you get home, dump everything in the laundry, and go to bed soundly. 745 more words


"The Floating Koozies are Invading My Cabinets!" 5 Produce Rubber Band Organization Hacks

The thing about Scary Mommy – they make up the title. My title for the piece was Everything in It’s Right Place (yes, a little nod to Radiohead). 569 more words

There's a smart reason why the Burning Man festival is laid out like a giant clock

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The INSIDER Summary:

  • Every year, Burning Man festival organizers rebuild and take down Black Rock City for the festival.
  • The festival grounds are shaped like a giant clock.
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