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And i am back...

So i have been missing – The whole family fell ill and while I attempted to keep to my resolutions – the virus overtook us all and it was not pleasant at all. 171 more words


We are cleaning out closets and offering emotional support to help you toss out!

Good morning! Today on Simplifying and Planning 101 (Facebook) we start purging our closets! The KonMari method begins with closets. I am going to pick on Monica in the group because she’s a friend and she posted her closet! 1,006 more words

The "Lucy" Chronicles

Jan 2nd - Small Steps

This one resolution a day, I realise makes your life a lot more easy. You put less stress on yourself – Usually by Jan 2nd I am trying to balance all the resolutions I have made and I am overwhelmed at the sheer enormity of it all. 427 more words



I usually have loads of ideas for blogs and I like them to be funny. I enjoy making people laugh. However, since this horror of an election began I haven’t felt very funny. 540 more words

How to Lock the Door on Time Stealers and Accomplish Your Purpose.


Hello Again! Thank you for visiting.  My goal is to write something (anything) everyday.  For the past couple of days I’ve been working on today’s post, and still haven’t finished it! 2,060 more words

Long Reads

The Ultimate in Decluttering Part III--6 Years Later

It’s been six years since our move from the USA to Israel when I wrote ‘The Ultimate in Decluttering’. This was before I officially called myself Klutter Koach.   550 more words