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Talking to Myself in Public

When you accidentally talk to yourself in front of the school psychiatrist:

It was the end of the day.  I was tired. Annoyed by the amount of paper I’d been pushing in the past weeks to prepare for the close of the school year. 499 more words


Origin of Pain and Imperfection

How often we’ve been told God made us uniquely. He made our nose large or small, perhaps he made our eyes hazel. Many an inquisitive child asking why they are this way or that might be answered. 653 more words

Organizing Thoughts


As those of you who are aware of my identity know, I live and sleep in my car during school-days in order to economize attending, and so it came as a great blessing when my jiu-jitsu professor gave me keys to his academy. 840 more words

Organizing Thoughts

Three Laws

the reconciliation of three laws.

1. We create our reality

2. We receive what We desire

3. To every action there is a consequence.

But does a depressed person desire to be depressed? 571 more words

Organizing Thoughts


As mortals, we are so accustomed to having an extremely limited perspective, that we almost constantly forget it. We can look inward and know that we know so little about the vast majority of people with whom we interact. 973 more words

Organizing Thoughts


I am one of many women in this day and age who aren’t sure exactly what the label feminist entails and whether or not we want to affix that label on ourselves. 827 more words

Organizing Thoughts