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Woman Without Closet

Can you imagine a life of a woman without her closet full of clothes? Have you watched Sex and the City? Even the problem of “not enough closet” to keep her dresses, shoes, jewelry, bags and other stuffs could lead to fight between husband and wife. 122 more words

Notes Of The Day

Learn From the Bern

Second post in the series: How Do We Organize A Hundred Million?

 Learn from the Bern: Learn the Inside/Outside Strategy

The inside/outside strategy is a way to learn as events unfold. 1,218 more words

Movement Strategy

Is Style or Function More Important?

I will admit that I’ve organized my desk or a cabinet so that it looks visually stunning, but not exactly functional.

For example, once upon a time… Sophia organized her sister’s dresser drawers so that everything was in perfect, neat little stacks. 502 more words

Coupon Storage - The Accordion Way

Once you become a true “couponer”, you will see that the coupons can pile up very quickly. Inserts (and the rest of the newspaper), clipped coupons, and printable coupons  all need a place to live when they aren’t being used. 666 more words


Kitchen Chaos

Hopefully with some of the tips from last week you have been able to get a little more organized overall. I don’t know about you but my kitchen is the one room that I have to have very organized. 168 more words



Hi everyone! I came across these videos that I truly love! The simplest ways I have ever seen to make a big job easier or just to maintain a sense of well being. 244 more words


Organizing Technology

My phone is on the fritz and I am waiting to get the new iPhone when it comes out in the fall. In the mean time I need to carry my cell phone charger everywhere I go because if it loses power the only way I can get it to turn on is by plugging it into an outlet. 109 more words