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Tidy Tuesday: Organizing My Month and Week

So there’s two ways I try and keep track of things in my planner. The first thing I do is sit down at the end of the month to go over my next month. 474 more words

SEIU members, Twin Cities hospitals reach agreement

Health care workers at eight Twin Cities hospitals are poised to enjoy greater health and safety protections on the job as part of their new union contract. 515 more words


When the opportunity arises

…you take Blogging 101. I hope by the end of this short course I will be well on my way to having a professional looking, inspirational blog. 48 more words


What if you're the last speaker of the day?

How do you engage them when they’re tired and would just as soon leave as to listen to another speaker?

Whatever time has been allotted you, cut it by at least one-fourth. 186 more words


Books, Books, and More Books!

Do you find yourself hoarding books? Are they taking up all your shelf space and overflowing into the closet? I’m a book hoarder, and it’s become a problem. 334 more words


Difficult eaters; how to avoid killing them at your event

Imagine: you’re organizing an event. Let’s say a debating tournament, because that is the event I have organized the most often. You have taken care of everything: promotion, location, you’ve arranged about 50 sleeping spots in various homes, you have a goodie bag filled with pen and paper and the best social location in the history of  socials. 1,320 more words

Call-outs and Claiming Easy Victories

“Hide nothing from the masses of our people. Tell no lies. Expose lies whenever they are told. Mask no difficulties, mistakes, failures. Claim no easy victories.

415 more words