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Today Was the Best

I got a lot of work done and K interacted with multiple people which just kept me from making any waves what so ever. I mean, I’m going to make waves, I’m doing different stuff than they are used to. 350 more words

Afternoon Of Sundries

The Day of Many Spoons

Yesterday I felt so capable.  It wasn’t entirely that I did anything different.  I don’t know if it’s what I’m doing is working.  All around, I just had a really good day.   2,261 more words


Down with Hand-me-Down Clothes

Several people have asked me, “How/where do you store your hand me down clothes.” The short answer, I don’t anymore.

The above picture was the first time we had a Family Closet. 633 more words

Less than two months

Not for much longer and I am out and about. I am so excited about everything but also nervous because there are so many things left to do and of course because it’s a big adventure for me. 1,303 more words


Good Intentions; Bad Planning

Back at the end of May I had quit my day job of janitorial cleaning to focus all of my attention on my writing; actual writing, revising, fretting, more writing, reading, and getting things ready to be sent off. 565 more words

Planning an Organization 

I don’t know about you but it makes my heart happy to have a well organized, cute planner. My recent haul of one is from Target! 293 more words

About Little Ol' Me

Organizing your closet on a budget

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Every morning when I wake up for work, I am a hot mess!!! Things are all jumbled in my brain and sometimes only a hot shower and a coffee makes my morning beast shrink back into her cave. 212 more words

Closet Space