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The Orgasm Defecit

Why aren’t women enjoying orgasms?

Dr Carol Queen, owner of the sex shop Good Vibrations  says ‘the statistic my colleagues and I have been citing lately is that roughly 70 percent of women rarely or never have orgasms with intercourse. 271 more words

Knuckles Up

What is the average age kids start to indulge in masturbation?  A child starts to notice they have special parts between the ages of two and three.   465 more words


Midnight Kiss

I heard her singing before I saw her; a sweet, high melody, like wind chimes on the salty night air. Unable to sleep, I had left the beach villa we were staying in and wandered down to the little cove nestled behind a group of rocks, silver moonlight guiding my way. 644 more words

In the mood for some FOOD PORN?!?

Its time to cross a couple bridges and head to the City centre. We have come a long way from our last review in Collaroy but the hunt for burgers is still on. 254 more words


If A Woman Can’t Orgasm – Is It A Man’s Fault?

A question I often get asked from men is – “my girlfriend/wife has a hard time orgasming during sex – why?”

While there can be many reasons for this, often there are common links. 833 more words


I haven’t had an orgasm in two weeks. Not because my Master has been giving me orders and keeping me on edge, but because life has got in the way. 381 more words


Do You Want a Beating?

Daddy and I were home alone on a weekend. He was leaving on a plane the next day and the separation loomed in front of us. 504 more words