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Relax, Don't Do It: My First Time Edging

I am always looking for ways to enhance my sex life whether solo or with a partner. For the past couple of months, I have heard a lot about edging. 597 more words



Full confession: I have not taken the time to give myself an orgasm every day. In fact, there were several days in a row where I consciously thought about trying to give myself one, even reminded myself that I had a commitment as part of my challenge, and then decided not to. 426 more words


Why Do Women Moan and Is Polygamy more Natural for humans?

Female copulatory vocalization actually is a way to let other potential mates know that the women is mating. When looking at other close primates interesting in off the promiscious primates the women moan loudly when copulating. 415 more words


The Steam Room pt. 1

I was at the gym the other day doing a usual workout when I felt a little congestion coming on. Having never been in a steam room before, I decided that I would head in there after my workout for a little relief. 982 more words


Teasing Daddy

It started when she was 14.

I thought the first time was an accident.

I suppose I wasn’t supposed to know my daughter Lucy was on the pill. 5,599 more words

Adult Only