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My Erotica Library Top 5: An Introduction

I spent most of May 2007 hidden away in one of the reading rooms of the university library. It was the year of my finals, and the year I finally learnt how to revise. 963 more words


My Erotica Library Top 5: Male Orgasms

‘Her sex was soaked with their come and she felt it trickle down her legs. She slowly pulled up her trousers and retied the cord. Sofina did not want to wipe away the memory of their brief time together. 246 more words


My Erotica Library Top 5: Female Orgasms

‘My fingers rub his cock through the thin and magical membrane that separates my two holes, and he makes a dark and secret noise that sets me off. 231 more words


Soaking the bed, it was awesome.

Female ejaculation, what an awful term, squirting, frankly, isn’t a better word. There needs to be a better phrase for girly cum and that one wasn’t much better. 738 more words

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The Party

A silver car pulls into the drive way of a large white lit up house, Passing an open red door where people in formal evening ware are pooling out, but continue on at the realization there’s no where to park. 1,469 more words


The unexpected

Diane here again. Last week, Charles told you about the events of the day leading up to my recent birthday spanking. This episode is also inspired by the Wicked Wednesday prompt “unexpected”. 1,442 more words


A Glimpse of Passions Untold.....

I look into your eyes and catch a glimpse of the fantasy veiled behind that calm composure you have,

My mind starts to go into overdrive as I visualize how steamy it would be if we both gave into each other and explored our thresholds………………. 733 more words

Mental Clit Stimulations