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Teaching Moment

My Master likes to teach me new skills. It’s part of his love of taking control and partly because it helps change me further. No point just changing my body and leaving my mind the same after all. 395 more words


5 Ways To Improve Orgasm After Having Your Baby

It’s no secret that having a baby does a number on your sex life. Your body parts are all slightly askew, and it sometimes takes a while to get to know how to make things happen again. 554 more words


Sounds of erotica: This orgasm library tells you what female pleasure really sounds like!

“Vamos, vamos. Ohhhh siii…” the woman moans, as the first visual emerges:

“70% of Spanish people believe that this is the sound of a female orgasm.” 4,094 more words


From Heartbreak to a new life

Where I work there is two buildings next to each other and they share a common courtyard and I always have an early lunch 11am. I see the same girl there every day. 1,625 more words


Spiralled Emotions

Two days after my friend’s going away party, I decided to text Chase. I only had two nights left until I was leaving town for a week to drive my friend Ana to NYC so I wanted to see him before I left. 1,360 more words

Kallie Pygus

Martin Meets Molly

Martin was happy to meet Molly.

Paget introduced her to him. Paget, who’d become Martin’s dominatrix, had to leave town for several weeks. She didn’t want her little submissive slut boy to get bored or sloppy, so she called upon the dark brown-haired Molly to fill in for her. 7,158 more words


Orgasmic Meditation

I had no idea what I was getting into. OK that’s a lie…I had an idea. I knew that we —myself and the guy I was dating at the time — were going to something called a “Turn On” event led by  95 more words