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Afternoon Delight

I was laying in bed, taking a break from the day when he came in and lock the bedroom door behind him. I looked at him and said “what are you doing?” He said he was bored and wanted to play around. 683 more words


Let's talk sex...

As a teenager I’m sure this subject baffles a lot of young minds and there is so much hullabaloo around it that most teens just give it up. 705 more words


Well Hello Clit.

“There ya go sport, well done. You did it!”

Yes, I talk to it like it’s detached. I ‘ll have conversations with it, teasing it to talk back. 1,262 more words


Orgasms and Fact-Finding

I love:

  • providing people with facts.
  • having orgasms.
  • doing research.
  • being my exhibitionist self.
  • being financially independent.

Here we go… with the notes, fact-finding, observations, research, and orgasms.


Girls Took To Reddit To Answer The Larger Than Life Question. What Does The Female Orgasm Feel Like?'

As men it’s our God given right to be a tad curious about just about everything.

If women are a mystery to us, then their bodies are pretty much the Da Vinci Code. 664 more words


“Grief sedated by orgasm, orgasm heightened by grief”: Beyoncé, “Lemonade” and the new reality of infidelity - ESTHER PEREL FRIDAY, APR 29, 2016 04:00 PM PDT

It’s time to change the way we talk about affairs — and Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” is a powerful first step

“Are you cheating on me?” Beyoncé asks in her visual album “Lemonade,” which premiered last weekend on HBO. 275 more words

Point Of Interest

"Please Sir, Please Let This Filthy Slut Cum"; My First Sub - Part Two

The hotel was inexpensive but pleasant. I arrived about an hour early with refreshments for later, to look at the space, to work out what I could utilise to tie Naomi up to and to ensure we would be okay there. 1,833 more words