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You’ll slip those little knickers off,

Let them drop down to the floor.

You’ll come and snuggle up with me,

Let me feel your soft skin’s warmth. 59 more words


Why schoolgirls should learn about orgasms

This article was published in The Guardian. We would like to share it here because we support the idea.

Teach schoolgirls about orgasms, says Labour MP… 431 more words


Can't Deny My Love

I’ve always wondered about the control of orgasm denial and the feelings of submission and dominance it gives. I am in full control of Gem’s orgasms, she has to ask for permission. 550 more words


This magazine will make you feel like you’re watching ‘Freaky Friday’ all over again

The magazine I am working on “Belladonna” focuses on women empowerment particularly for women who live in a westernised society but have heritage and roots in Africa and Asia especially. 547 more words

Ideology, Hegemony And Cultural Studies

O'er Needles And Thorns

Who sewed snugly, on our hearts, this skin
With an, instinct that, our soul defies
And then, sowed in, the art to sin
A bitter truth, paid with, sweetest lies! 88 more words



She opened here legs wide apart,

“Is this pink bit here daddy, is this my heart?”

“No my love, that’s your clit.”

I whispered as I knelt to lick. 52 more words


Oil & Skin

Pour the oil over your skin,

Let the black ooze barely cover.

Light yourself in flames of lust,

My burning goddess like lover.

Show me just how damned hot, 99 more words