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Saturday, December 3, 2016

I didn’t have as much time with Sir as W/we usually have but it was still filled with a lot. It’s always fun to get inside of His head and see where He is coming from. 260 more words


Good Vibrations

Warning Explicit Adult Content!

Saturday morning and I was home alone. Feeling really board I knew just the remedy. Digging through my top dresser drawer, an… 472 more words


Dear Santa: Hook Your Girl Up

want need this for Christmas, please & thank you

#DearSanta This is what I want for Christmas #LittleRooster #AlarmClock It's only $99.00 LOL

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Female orgasm explained (Video)...

Bad news! 71% of women do not reach an orgasm during sex… Here’s what to do about it… Read more…

Women's Sexual Life

What is an orgasm?

A true orgasm is a pleasurable physical reflex. During sexual arousal certain muscles are being tightened. During orgasm these muscles return to their pre-arousal state. When we are sexually aroused the flow of blood in our genitals is increased and tensing of muscles takes place in our genitals area. 85 more words

Sexual Life


The worst thing that can ever happen to a man is if he cannot get his game on in the bedroom. This is the Armagadon of any relationship because not only does this make a man feel emasculated but it’s also a deal breaker for a lot of women. 509 more words


Aching Need

Daddy and I have been sick for weeks. One of those hacking coughs that precursors something worse. We are both finally on antibiotics and healing. … 189 more words