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Damn car was too fucking small, Sasha thought as she tried to grab Rich’s hard cock sticking through his pants and deal with Ed grabbing and pawing her tits from the backseat.   761 more words


Sex Story: My Tutor

I was 20, my girlfriend at the time was only 18, and she was playing mind games as some girls that age do.

At the time I thought I was in love with her, and I thought she was in love with me as well. 843 more words

Social Issues

Male Orgasm Facts

Orgasm and Ejaculation

Many people wrongly believe that orgasm and ejaculation occur at the same time. Not always. In fact, some men don’t ejaculate until several seconds after orgasm. 552 more words


Gardening Help

I’d been given the opportunity of reclaiming an abandoned garden of a friend who now lived abroad. It would be an all season job, the hedges and trees that needed cutting and pruning had been done; and for some jobs I had help two days a week from someone who loved the outdoors as much as me. 1,970 more words


5 Reasons to Have an Orgasm ASAP

There’s quite a bit of research exploding around orgasms. The question is: Does the big O have health benefits beyond making you feel REALLY. DAMN. GOOD? 678 more words


more ways than one

Miss Virginia Mendes stumbles from the bourgeois bliss of her brittle marriage into the world of virtual romance, convinced that He must be out there, somewhere. 1,356 more words


Stimulating Your Woman? Yeah, there is an app for that!

(Long Distance Love Made Easier)

You live where?!  That has actually never left my lips, but all of my friends have stated that they will under no circumstances, have a long distance relationship. 456 more words