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How to Master the #1 Female Orgasm (Penetration 0rgasm)

I am often asked to teach women how they can learn to orgasm through penetration, and so it is my hope that this instruction manual will be helpful to women and their partners and that it will spread awareness that it is possible to uncover the amazing potential of the female body, and to hopefully put an end to the popular and awful misconception that women can’t orgasm. 2,175 more words


If you allow him an orgasm, it can be fun to ruin it by removing all stimulation as he is starting to cum. His balls will be emptied, but without the pleasure. 16 more words


“I want to fuck and so do you” After a long ass wet kiss she stared into his eyes while pressing her whole body against Dev’s. 682 more words



Colander: (n) a perforated bowl used to strain off liquid

The key is in finding the secret.

For instance, the secret to good lasagna is the cheese blend. 231 more words

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Top 5 Factors That Can Affect Male Fertility

There’s no denial to the fact that infertility is a major problem worldwide.According to researchers, male infertility affects about one in every three couples.Infertility is not always completely treatable, but it can be improved with healthy diet and some lifestyle changes. 301 more words


Banality Rules The World

In the mob of, those who adulate
The Fear of God, Faith, Destiny…
Trust not bare truths, but lies ornate
Tow life like, a worn-out litany! 93 more words


"I think you should use your Tongue"

Goddess always has a hard time initially telling me what to do/what she wants. As we were laying in bed last night. She was being very generous with affection. 476 more words