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After Dinner

I’d just finished the dishes. I dried my hands on the dish towel, and began digging for lids in the bottom drawer to cover the leftovers. 1,713 more words


Sex Improves with Vasectomy

WARNING:  Graphic medical image and content below

A study finds men who have had a vasectomy report stronger erections, more frequent orgasms and increased sex drive. 269 more words


Dress Up (Part - 15) Kacey & Parker

Kacey & Parker’s story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language, it is rated R and intended for readers 18 years + only.

Read from the start Click Here  . 1,799 more words


Losing the Battle, But Winning the War

Ever stop and think, what am I doing right now? At this point in time, are you where you should be in life? Or who made up the rules that says where you should be? 1,036 more words


As the Night Wind Walks

The wind is the only thing moving tonight. The people passing me by are all trying to go in some direction the wind is not willing to take them. 378 more words


27 People Confess Their Proudest NSFW Moment

Found on AskReddit.

1. I made my college girlfriend scream so much from sex that a downstairs neighbor threatened to call the cops.

“I once made my college girlfriend scream so much and so loud during an orgasm that her downstairs neighbor—a kind, elderly woman—came upstairs, rapped on the door and insisted that if she didn’t hear my GF’s voice immediately, she was gonna call the cops. 2,066 more words