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What Happens to Human Rights in the Experience Machine?


Nozick’s “experience machine” is a widely used thought experiment, intended to corroborate many different and often counterintuitive conclusions. But as far as I know, it hasn’t been used to try and understand what such a machine would do to our human rights. 569 more words

Human Rights

Suddenly... metal

I was re-reading one of my latest posts about the albums I was fond of obsessed with during my childhood and it’s pretty obvious that there are no metal bands or albums anywhere on that list. 424 more words


MOTORHEAD // Orgasmatron (GWR)

I love the front cover of this record. The original title for the album was going to be Ridin’ With The Driver so artist Joe Petagno was commissioned to paint a train. 563 more words

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Orgasm Push Buttons

In the Woody Allen comedy “Sleeper,” a machine called an “Orgasmatron” delivers an orgasm at the push of a button “without the hassle of sex.” 611 more words


MOTORHEAD // Rock ‘N’ Roll (GWR)

Rock ‘N’ Roll was the moment where Motorhead found their successes dwindling a little in the United Kingdom. I remember there was much furore over the Eat The Rich film and single at the time but the record itself hardly dented the charts. 445 more words

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The Orgasmatron, New Sun And The Machine

First of all The Selfie. The Selfie was the picture from the Oscars taken by Ellen de Generes which ‘broke Twitter’ – # Selfie. 461 more words