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How to Take Responsibility for Your Own Orgasms (in 6 Simple Steps)

Orgasming is hard work. Orgasming with another person is its own challenge. For some people, this is not a priority—not everyone is orgasm-focused or even necessarily interested in sex at all. 751 more words


How to make the Multiple Orgasms - Tipsy Bartender

This beautiful layered drink is known as….MULTIPLE ORGASMS! It is an orgasm of taste inside your mouth as each layer brings a different flavor to the the table.



Faking Orgasms is Ruining Your Sex Life

Welcome to Sex & Coffee, the blog where we casually chat about sex, sexuality, sexual health, gender, and overall sexual education, as if we’re two pals chatting over coffee. 865 more words


WTF Is a Blended Orgasm, and How Can I Have One?

The words blended orgasm sound like the stuff of sexual fantasy, tantric sex or some other seemingly untouchable world of sex-having. Because when a phrase is so buzzy—so succinct—it kind of has to be untouchable, right? 1,008 more words


CLITOLITERACY III: The Tea To Keeping A Happy Vagina.

For time, the vagina has been a way of identification. And for a lot of people, it is a source of pleasure, a menstrual tool and/or a portal for life (since we know that not all females can orgasm, menstruate or birth a child). 2,237 more words


You deserve good sex

How do you get what you want in bed?   First things first. Know what you like.   Know your body.

How do we expect our partners to turn us on, if we don’t know how to do it ourselves? 689 more words


Nothing has ever stood in the way of my sex life quite like having bed bugs (and apparently having hired the pest control equivalent of the Chuckle Brothers to sort the problem.) Months in and I now have no actual bed which cramps one’s style supremely. 785 more words