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Lightsabers in Orgrimmar and Stormwind

This happened a bit ago now, but I still want to share some screenshots. When The Force Awakens opened, guards in Orgrimmar Grunt and Stormwind Guards held some new, nifty weapons. 9 more words


A Treatise on Orc Culture

On the surface..

Orcish society has always been characterized by hardy and rugged living. As a result they are staunch pragmatists, and never shy from killing if it will protect the future of the orc or his or her clan. 1,544 more words


The Ink Flows and Nanowrimo Begins.

Well the last week was rather busy with the preparation for the combined birthdays of the twins, my 6yo and my partner. orginally we had planned seperate parties but due to everyone getting chickenpox (asides from me) it ended up with a birthday party combined with halloween. 217 more words

Monday mailbag

Okay, looks like we’ve got some follow-up responses to some of the last few mailbags, so let’s have at it…

Yo Warchief,

I’ve just come back from a meeting with one of Blackfuse’s representatives. 1,987 more words


The cost of doing business

So, some of you might remember the other day when Lantresor of the Blade wrote to me saying – among other things – that he was coming up to Orgrimmar to see about signing on with the Horde. 927 more words


Azerothian Bank Heist: Lions, Mages, and Zombies, Oh My (part 1)

Orgrimmar was a hard city in a hard place in a very literal sense. It had been hewn out of the red stone of the land–every building seemingly cut right out of huge pieces of boulders. 435 more words


Orgrimmar,grad orcova

Orgrimmar je glavni grad Hordi,sa najvecom populacijom trollova,orcova,taurena i goblina.Nalazi se na severnom delu Durotara,zadivljujuci grad je dom orackih Warchif-ova,Garrosh Hellscream-a,polozaj ranije drzan od strane Thrall-a. 61 more words