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Ori, the Inner Head

By Babalawo Ifaseun

means Inner Head and it exists in every human being: it is the strongest and powerful orisa.
Eledumare created us through destiny and gave us Ori: it is Ori that helps humans to achieve all their aims in life, but to make this possible people must worship their Ori frequently. 916 more words

Paying for a Service. Not Salvation.

One of the most passionate arguments I have heard regarding the practice of Ifa and/or Santeria is that practitioners are discouraged (to say the least) at the fact that each step of their progress comes with a monetary price. 620 more words

I am Egbe....

She stands, on the first of the 365 days and nights that will represent her existence. She thinks of her sibling who ceased to exist only hours ago. 514 more words

Ebbo L’Ori —Perfecting Alignment of Spirit, Head, Heart and Hands

February 10, 2017 | 5-7 PM Mountain Time


 This ceremony comes to us from the wisdom of the African diaspora. 175 more words


The Santa Claus has landed

Christmas came sooner here in Almaty than in many parts of the world. Quora was the first to rise. She was hungry and moody so we had to postpone present opening until after breakfast. 48 more words



Orí is a Yoruba word meaning destiny.

Firstly, your destiny isn’t something for me to understand but a concept that has always interested me.I still don’t know why people are born and why they die or understand the outcome of their lifes. 407 more words


Begini Loh Cara Jual ORI di Pasar Skunder!

PUNYA investasi obligasi ritel Indonesia alias ORI tapi bingung mau menjualnya di pasar skundernya?

Begini ulasan jual ORI di pasar skunder yang saya copas dari kontan.co.id. 532 more words

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