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The 12-Hour Winter Wonderland

I’ve frequently said that the only justification for winter is snow, and we finally got some here in Austin last night!

“But aren’t you freezing your ass off in the yurt?” you ask? 146 more words

Hold Your Ori (Head) for Support

Those who are envious of one’s personality
Are the ones who kick one’s belongings into the river
Those who are not envious
Are the ones who kick them back onto the land… 41 more words

IFA, Let Me Live Up To Their Expectations As Their Father

I walked stealthily and adorned my head with a befitting crown
I walked quietly and adorned my neck with Ejigbara and Okun beads
I know nothing and I am ignorant of all things… 441 more words

Ori and the Blind Forest: The Most Beautiful Metroid-Vania Ever Made

For years now, people have been arguing over whether or not video games could be considered “art”. On one hand, they are very different from contemporary forms of art, such as music, paintings and drawings-so many people consider them to be nothing more than a basic form of entertainment. 2,046 more words


Romanticized Pretty Dead Things

The sun was setting, but he took his time. He called on every tree and every bird to bid them farewell. He would never speak of it , but every cloud and every hills could tell why he did that. 180 more words




(The Predestination)
As I progressed in age, I progressed in wisdom and feasted my ears on the songs of beings like Ayinla Omowura, Aremu Odolaye, Hubert Ogunde, Segun Akinlolu, Bukola Elemide among others. 188 more words



Aba fi orissa sile kama bo ori is a Yoruba popular adage. Meaning we should abandon the worship of small gods and face our creator. 282 more words