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China in Afghanistan in 2014

A bit late to post here, but a longer interview I did late last month for the the Chinese newspaper I occasionally write for 东方早报 1,962 more words


China and India: Time to cooperate on Afghanistan

A pair of articles in the English and Chinese language press focused on a subject I am doing a growing amount of work on China and India in Afghanistan post-2014. 1,207 more words


China needs a clear strategy for Central Asia

A slightly belated posting of a piece I wrote for the Chinese newspaper I occasionally contribute to, 东方早报 (Oriental Morning Post), looking at Xi Jinping’s still ongoing trip through Central Asia. 2,783 more words


How China is seen in Afghanistan

Am finally catching up on some late posting, this is a piece from a few weeks ago when I was in Kabul about how China is perceived there. 2,081 more words


Mr Xi Goes to Moscow

Somewhat belatedly, I am reposting here an article that I had published in the Chinese 东方早报 (The Oriental Morning Post) during Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow a week or so ago. 1,068 more words


The Chinese... A great bunch of lads

IRELAND HAS BEEN voted “most popular destination 2012″ at an awards ceremony in Shanghai, China by  The Oriental Morning Post. This is the second year in a row that Ireland has won this award by this daily newspaper and its 600,000 readers. 96 more words


Europe and China Cooperation in Central Asia

Another op-ed in the Chinese press, this time in 中文 for the Oriental Morning Post (东方早报). Looks at the question of Chinese-European cooperation on Central Asia. 2,704 more words