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How Romanticism developed into Victorianism: The age of Transcendence vs. The age of Realism

‘Canonical Romanticism continued to be seen as a transcendentalising, idealist literary movement, implicitly hostile not only to the feminine and to the racially or ethic “other,” but to physical nature and to the material body itself.’ 2,451 more words

On Orientalism

          Referring to the geopolitical map today, we tend to use ideological or cultural metaphors by using abstract geographical generalizations about an “East” and a “West”. These references are not used solely and necessarily as geographical indicators that help us to orientate ourselves in space, but also they are ideologically loaded stereotypes that imply different things, for example: a “level” of development or absence of “development”, complex ideas like a “type of society”, standards of living etc. 2,455 more words

Χωρίς κατηγορία

Butterfly Resources, part I

Read the complete libretto in English translation here.

Watch the complete opera here in a 1975 film version. No subtitles (but you won’t need them because you have the libretto!), but beautifully and sensitively performed. 14 more words

Hollywood Egypt: The only Egypt where Ancient Egyptians are white    

Historical accounts and entertainment that pertain to Ancient Egypt have always interested me. However, it was not until I matured that I felt, the international contemporary media only talks about Egypt in two stereotypical contexts. 855 more words


Обсуждение иностранными и армянскими учеными отношений Китай-Евразия в НАН РА

26-27 октября 2018 г. в НАН РА состоялась международная конференция «Китай-Евразия», организованная совместно Советом политических и стратегических исследований «Китай-Евразия» и Институтом Востоковедения НАН РА, при поддержке Дипломатического фонда Армении и Организации по реализации транспортных проектов (TPIO). 24 more words

International Relations: Analysis


I’ve been reading Orlando by Virginia Woolf, and then I came across Jean-Leon Gerome’s The Bacchante on Instagram, so I had the need to do some wavy red hair.

Random Things

Threats to The West.

Hurrah, another open debate.

Do middle-aged pundits pose a threat to civilised society? How might this threat be managed?

Let me be clear, I’m not suggesting that the likes of Claire Fox, Trevor Phillips, Matthew Goodwin, Eric Kaufmann and David Aaronovitch really are a threat, I’ve always opposed discrimination against pundits of all ages. 1,062 more words