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"Happily Introvert" Club

You don’t like to make friends;

You are considered as babe with loads of attitude;

You are catcalled snob, sometime boring;

You are judged by people all the time;

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Nursing Student Series: Nursing Orientation

Hey guys! Happy Monday!

Hope you all are doing well after Thanksgiving and with December comes the 1 month prior to start of nursing school. 1,762 more words

Grad School Journey

Flashback: Landing and Orientation

(Pictured: My flight from Swiss International Airlines)

Like any transatlantic flight, going from San Francisco International Airport to Zürich Airport was definitely a long flight.  We all either love flying or hate it, personally I love it but this flight definitely had its bumps.  272 more words


Checklist: Orientation, Handbook, OGS Check-In, and Payment Deadline

January Term is just around the corner! Review these three essential components before arriving on campus. 213 more words

I want to make a point on the “lesbians sleeping with men” trope

There is an over abundance of stories about lesbians falling in love with or sleeping with men.

There are a ton of shitty examples (Chasing Amy, Kissing Jessica Stein, The Kids are Alright) in mainstream media.   64 more words


Life update thing

On Monday of this week I did my last exam and got to walk home in the heat and then flop onto my bed where I lay lifelessly for the next few hours until someone got home and fed me. 494 more words

Today, I F-d Up. 

Well, yesterday and today. Yesterday, I was so engrossed in decorating the Christmas tree that I completley forgot about the WLS orientation. 6:30 came around, and so did my memory that I was suppossed to be somewhere. 79 more words

Bariatric Surgery