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Sexuality and Gender

For a lot of people it is nice to imagine that humans are simple and that you can know a person’s sex and then you will know all sorts of things about them deeply and clearly.  801 more words


Psalm 8 - What Is a Man

Today’s passage: Psalm 8

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Going by Brueggemann’s classification scheme, this is the first time since Psalm 1 that we’ve seen a psalm of orientation. 363 more words


Study trip year 3: part 3

After visiting Steinwasen Park, the 3rd year students went to Badeparadies Schwarzwald in the afternoon. This swimming pool was a paradise on earth. The swimming pool exists of 3 parts: Galaxy, Palmenoase and Wellness. 460 more words


Squat Toilets and Bucket Showers - Essential Information

Traveling to remote parts of the world, especially in Asia, may require Americans to rethink some fundamental aspects of their daily activities. We have found over the years that the squat toilet and the bucket shower can be problematic for some students. 81 more words

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What to Bring - Some Additional Notes on Clothing

This is probably the topic where I get the most questions about, so I wanted to add a few additional notes on clothing to bring. As usual, it will be in bullet points, because I’m too lazy to write coherent paragraphs: 775 more words

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What Not To Wear - Tips for Women

This is a special edition of “What Not To Wear”, specifically for women, courtesy of Jen Simonds, one of the faculty leaders of May Term Thailand 2015. 699 more words

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What Not To Wear.....

Thailand is hot and humid, especially in May and June.  The monsoon season is just beginning, and the air feels saturated with moisture.  It may not be quite as hot as August in Salt Lake City, but the humidity leaves you soaking after just walking a city block.  1,799 more words

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