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Orientation ooooh!!
Lol…did I even attend for just one day? Abegee!!
Is it not someone who has finished all the biodata and school fees stress that will go for orientation? 35 more words

Reset your defaults...

Yes, gibberish for a title. It’s one skill I can excel at.

Listening to Writing Excuses the other day and MRK used the expression, defaults. The context is that we all have defaults if direct clues about people aren’t given. 456 more words


Dustless, by precis, no. 5

Dustless | Volume 5 | The Dwellings

The sun is hot, and the fields are wide.
I walk, head bowed, towards my village.
The path is hard, the earth is dry. 216 more words



I hate this as a direction, because it depends on your orientation. A man is diagonal to you if he’s forward and to your left, but only if you’re not looking at him. 100 more words


For Those Staying – Travel Insurance

Travel insurance comes in two parts: travel health insurance and trip cancellation insurance. Travel health insurance assures that any medical expenses if you become sick or injured abroad will be covered. 459 more words

Before You Go

Faith Not Fate

In the God whom I serve there is no darkness at all. Darkness is not permitted. Frustration, confusion, failure, depression all of which are products of darkness are illegal and have no choice but to leave. 178 more words



The teaching profession is a life time of solving problems. There never is really a time to rest. One major challenge a teacher might face today is that of having a crop of learners with little or no interest in reading. 253 more words