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Week 1 Reflective Response

This week in AP Biology, we began the unit with learning about descriptive statistics. This is used to describe basic features of data in a study and provides readable summaries of sample measurements. 705 more words

Darwin’s cousin – the man who made a beauty map of Britain

Many of you are probably familiar with the tree of life that Charles Darwin used when explaining his theory of evolution, but maybe not so much with his own family tree. 702 more words


In the nightmare soup of pre-dominal man came up the beast: it was a grub, waterless and piebald, but it had the face of woman. Its psychic powers propelled it up the butt of the primordial wolf and put into it the mind of a stoat and the grasping nature of the satyr. 52 more words

The Genesis Problem: The Methodological Atheism of Science

“There is no such thing as philosophy-free science. There is only science whose philosophical baggage is taken on board without examination.”
– Daniel Dennett, Darwin’s Dangerous Idea… 2,111 more words


5- Science, Part 1

#5 SCIENCE pt.1

Science is probably my most favorite aspect of where God reveals Himself so loud and clear. If that sounds like a false positive, hang in there. 2,420 more words

Christian Apologetics

Expect More Out of Politics, and Yourself.

There’s a lot to unpack here.

But my apologies to the few readers I have, you guys are the best. But I’ve been distracted lately, so I haven’t really dug into philosophy much. 1,006 more words

Creation vs. Evolution: Inside the Nye/Ham Debate

On February 4th, 2014, on a stage in Petersburg, Kentucky, Bill Nye and Ken Ham were involved in one of the most important debates in the last few decades. 1,219 more words