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The Meanest Scientist I Ever Knew

Whether I am reading a book on the history of bees or looking at a particular map of the United States, traces of Charles Darwin continue to swell into conversation.  207 more words


Darwin's Origin of Species

A Leap of Faith

Darwin’s Origin of Species makes particular the universal; it begins with the State of Nature, which is competition, and ends in a process of continual refinement towards perfection. 366 more words


Portland Darwin Day events set to celebrate the life and work of the man who gave us evolution: Charles Darwin

People around the world this week are celebrating the birth of one of the most significant figures in human history.

On Feb. 12, 1809, Charles Darwin entered the world. 879 more words

Darwin (Commemorating Darwin Day - 12th Feb)

They say the Beagle
Hid its truths, just like the supreme mind
Of a bald bearded man
Truths littered with Finches’ beaks
And Galapagos tortoises… 186 more words

Blending Inheritance

COVER PHOTO: C. elegans dance party. Moffett Laboratory, Princeton University

Professor Lupin: You look so like your father. Except your eyes.”
Harry: “Yea, my mother’s eyes.”

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Evolutionary Biology

Darwin's Reasoning (Part 2)

COVER PHOTO: Curious clownfish. Richelieu Rock, Thailand

So we have these five facts, now what? From these, Charles Darwin made three famous inferences, which became the bedrock of what we now call Darwinistic evolution. 237 more words

Evolutionary Biology

Evolution in 60 Posts - Part 15 - The Most Influential Science Book Of All Time

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(Continued from Part 14 here)

Darwin and his supporters knew that Alfred Wallace would soon be breathing down Darwin’s neck with a theory of evolution. 1,226 more words