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On the Origin of Species - Volbeat and Illumise

Valentine’s Day: a holiday dedicated to the celebration of love between people, a day where romantics shower their significant other with gifts of flowers and chocolate, or take them out to a fancy restaurant for a delicious meal. 780 more words

Darwin’s Living Legacy

This February 12th, 2009, is the bicentennial birthday of one of the greatest minds in history. This man’s inquisitive nature, generous spirit, strong character and hatred of slavery led him to ideas that jolted the society of his times, led to protracted conflict, and caused a seismic shift in how civilized society thought of human beings and life itself. 4,448 more words


On the Origin of Species - Inkay and Malamar

Determining what animals inspired a Pokemon can be difficult at times. For some, the inspiration is obvious: Ponyta is a horse, Ledyba is a ladybird, Beartic is a polar bear, and so on and so forth. 1,121 more words

Evolution: FAQs

Whether you are a creationist who is growing disillusioned with what you think you know, you are skeptical of the theory of evolution, or you’re simply looking for clarification in some areas, this post may be able to help you. 3,028 more words


Fish: Origin of Species

Fish or more precisely their ancestors, armored fish were the first living creatures that had two-piece jaws and thus form the origin of land vertebrates. The development of bony fish and cartilaginous simultaneously about 400 million years ago. 113 more words

Origin Of Species

On the Origin of Species - Tynamo, Eelektrik, and Eelektross

What if I were to tell you that there is a fish out there, in the real world, capable of not only producing a powerful electric shock, but also survives by draining blood from its prey? 976 more words

Atheist : Origin of Species

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Nick Spencer ( Atheists: The Origin of the Species ) doesn’t believe the standard creation myths about atheism.

According to the standard account, atheism is the produce of reason and science: “men began to work the metal, which they called ‘reason’, using it to forge a new weapon, which they called ‘science’, and they used ‘science’ to attack the monster, and the very clever men.” 259 more words