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Quote of the Month: H. Allen Orr on Darwin's Failure to explain the Origin of Species

“He recognized that he asked his readers to believe both that most evolution is due to natural selection and that sterility of hybrids routinely evolves. Indeed, Darwin spent an entire chapter of the Origin of Species trying to explain away this paradox, but his attempt was less than overwhelmingly successful.

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On the Origin of Species - Shuckle

In honor of the recent announcement of a re-release of the original Pokemon Gold and Silver, I thought now would be a good time to talk about Second Generation’s most unique addition to the Pokemon roster and one of the most bizarre Pokemon to ever be created. 1,026 more words

Charles Darwin-Related Cool Stuff About Evolution!


 https://themysteriousworld.com/top-10-oldest-animal-species-on-earth/ (Website)

Top 10 Oldest Animal Species On Earth



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Evolution of every animal species are merely depends upon environmental conditionS of Earth. 1,057 more words


A Story About Nothing.. (excerpt from Transcendental Medication)

J.T. Hilltop

The smoke from the Sandal Incense went to my head making me slightly dizzy. As I sat on the doctors bed I was in one realm looking of seeming reality looking into another of…..well I‘m not quite sure yet. 1,396 more words

On the Origin of Species - Volbeat and Illumise

Valentine’s Day: a holiday dedicated to the celebration of love between people, a day where romantics shower their significant other with gifts of flowers and chocolate, or take them out to a fancy restaurant for a delicious meal. 780 more words

Survival of the Fittest

Nur: Wer sind die Fittesten?

Für die Sozialisten waren die Fittesten die Arbeiter und Bauern, die sich im Klassenkampf gegen den Kapitalismus durchsetzen werden: Deshalb fand u.a. 1,348 more words