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Freewill is to mind....what chance is to matter

 ” Freewill is to mind what chance is to matter “ — Charles Darwin  (c 1836-1844)


I’ve often said during some of my posts about the intrinsic wonders of naturism and how it makes me think more environmentally friendly about the planet.At the same time it also makes me think even more about nature and wildlife in ever greater defining detail. 651 more words

Life & Times

The Big Bang Theory Affirms The Sequence of Events At Genesis One

Brief Timeline of Evolution

  • Nothing (flatness of universe)
  • 13.7 Billion years ago: Ignition occurs
  • The Universe begins to expand exponentially
  • 400 Million years ago: First Stars Appear…
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Conditioned editions

The Foloio Society (for the unaware)

For anyone looking to make a foray into classic pieces of writing, or for those who just want get caught up in drooling over some fantastically bound greats, then  148 more words


Charles Darwin - From an ordinary boy to scientist extraordinaire

“Charles Darwin wasn’t very smart by the ordinary standards of human acuity, yet there he is buried in Westminster Abbey“. When I heard this on a talk given by Berkshire Hathaway’s, Vice Chairman Charlie Munger at the Harvard Law School, my interest to know more about the life and works of Charles Darwin grew intensely. 958 more words


Blurb: The Darwinian Struggle for Existence

I am cruising right through Darwin’s “Origin of Species” and it is rather amazing just how interconnected and complex the web of organic life is. In the third chapter, called the Struggle for Existence, we see that everything that is alive competes for survival and that if any one thing (such as climatological change) gives one species even the slightest advantage it will ultimately, over time, be a boon to one species and decimating to another which brings even more change. 70 more words


Biology Professor

Straight male college students the world over wish their science professors were this hot. As an additional argument for getting more women into science fields, you have to concede its irrefutable logic. 14 more words


Thomas Henry Huxley

Science commits suicide when it adopts a creed.

Thomas Henry Huxley

Speech at the Museum, South Kensington, on unveiling of a statue of Charles Darwin…

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Thomas Henry Huxley