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The Valley of Fear: Review

In this the fourth and final Sherlock Holmes novel, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle returns to the method of splitting the story into two separate and distinctive parts. 527 more words

Sherlock Holmes

Megaman X: Blue Meets Red

Parental Advisory: The following fan fiction contains multiple uses of the “F” word and “C” word, and is not intended for readers under 16 years of age. 9,650 more words

16+ Readers Only

Internet Hoaxes and Satire: Why are They so Believable?

Hello and welcome to Faux Facts. Last week, I explained what made a good camp fire story and tied it in with internet hoaxes and satire. 581 more words


Campfire Stories: What Makes Them So Great?

Hello everyone and welcome to the first blog post for Faux Facts.

Yes, you read that title correctly. I am going to analyze camp fire stories. 556 more words


The Mission. Quest. Thing.

Raise your hand if you’re a nerd!

Raise your hand if anyone has ever tried to make you feel like less of a nerd because you didn’t know about some other aspect of nerding. 509 more words

Service is More Than a Requirement

Honestly I am a person who does not like working if it is not required. At first, service just meant a mandatory mission in my high school which made me feel bored and cheesed. 267 more words

Origin Stories

The Story Of This Book

To be totally honest, I wrote this book because I wanted to practice writing sex scenes. After I finished my first and second books (Three Alarm Tenant and Spark of Desire) I decided I needed practice writing sex scenes. 363 more words

Drawn To The Rhythm