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Tornados and Provenance: A Birthday Message

Well friends, it happened again.

As many of you may remember from a post you totally read one year ago, birthdays and I have a love/hate relationship. 1,287 more words

Welcome to Kaleidoscope! Orientation 2017

104 applications rolled in from all five boroughs for this year’s Kaleidoscope Project at Columbia University. The students who made it to the final cut are intrepid, sharp, well-spoken, audacious, and honestly just plain fun. 911 more words

Origin Stories: Dorn, part 2: mechanics

Last week I discussed the backstory of Dorn, a Neutral Good Oath of the Ancients Paladin for D&D. This week I’ll go over how I created the character. 583 more words

5th Edition Dungeons And Dragons

Some Changes

Hi! I’m Baby. My name is The Baby Fluffy, and since they started watching “Bob’s Burgers” Mom and Dad have called me “Baby Louise.” I am okay with that. 1,381 more words

Origin Stories

Origin Story: Dorn

In this Origin Stories series, I’ll be discussing Dorn. Dorn was my second character I created for 5e D&D. As the first was for a short-lived campaign, I consider him the beginning of my 5e adventures in a way. 282 more words

5th Edition Dungeons And Dragons

Writing Prompt #17: Artyom & Raphael

Artyom’s skin was burning. Not in the metaphorical sense but the real life, stuck in a building that was on fire, kind of burning. The deep animalistic rumble that emerged from his chest could barely be heard over the crackling of the flames as they greedily licked the building. 697 more words

Writing Prompts

Origin Stories: Wing and a Prayer Farm

BY HANNAH THIESSEN // If you have the pleasure of following @wingandaprayerfarm on Instagram, you know all about Tamara White and her merry cast of creatures: pot belly pigs and guinea hogs, goslings and chickens, ducks and turkeys. 828 more words