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THE MIGHTY ROBOT 28: Chapter 1: It Lives! It Walks! It Serves and Protects!

Dr. Sean Phillips’s lab was dark as he toiled away at the keyboard, the only sources of light being the monitors which were alight with code, algorithms, and other things and the lamp stationed over the supine robot plus the welding sparks flying. 7,120 more words

Dr. Sean Phillips

Where Did The Target Prescription Bottles Everyone Loves So Much Come From, Anyway?

We didn’t realize how much affection consumers had for Target’s ClearRX prescription bottling system until the bottles went away after CVS purchased Target’s pharmacies. Maybe customers themselves didn’t realize how attached they were to those bottles until they consigned to memory, but with the… 692 more words

A Trophy Wife is Born

It was an awful day at work, my bigoted coworker was on my last nerve.  She was rude and hateful, as per usual, and I had had enough.  347 more words


The Anatomy of a Super Hero

Every super hero has an origin story.

Your origins help you develop your personal power into super powers. Super strength, super speed, the ability to fly- you can gain all these and more in The World Without Racism. 264 more words



Oh, my friends, how I wish you had smell-o-vision!  My booking expedition yesterday yielded an unexpected window into my childhood.  I discovered a book that, upon opening, smelled exactly like the books from that magical kingdom, the library, did when I was a child.   233 more words




remember, you were born

an unspecified point

wire line across the palm,

you wondered what would happen—

wrap around the wire

remember—the puncture

points do not end, project… 94 more words


Origin stories

The universe was brought forth by the explosive forces of the first Roman Candle. This firework was the first thing to exist, and will be the last thing to exist. 109 more words