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Origin stories

The universe was brought forth by the explosive forces of the first Roman Candle. This firework was the first thing to exist, and will be the last thing to exist. 109 more words


Against the Hegemony of Backstories

The twin stars of superhero comics and Freudianism have left a terrible pock mark on our culture: a fixation with backstories and origin stories. Superhero comics have, from the beginning, given not only their protagonist but the villains origin stories that establishes all of their crucial characteristics. 675 more words


Slimer Finally Has An Origin Story

The ugly little spud is arguably the face of the Ghostbusters franchise, but we don’t know much about Slimer aside from his gluttonous ways. He’s only got a little screen time in the movies, and it’s not like… 206 more words


The Orange Toque

Daily Create #1639 Show Your Defining Moment

My defining moment happened on an unusually nice and sunny March 5th, 2006.

A beautiful, wonderful woman showed up for an Internet-enabled date in an orange toque. 12 more words



The Gods lay in lament and wept,
for while they’d softly slept
he’d slowly grown and woken up the minds of millions…

Maybe more.

The Oromo laid seeds to speed… 123 more words


Origin Stories: Five mostly true stories of how I got the idea for the Hillside Produce Cooperative

Where did the idea for the Hillside Produce Cooperative come from? As far as origin stories go (and really – who doesn’t love a good origin story?), the co-op has quite a few good ones. 203 more words

Origin Stories

Origin Story #5: Twenty-Two Dollars (Moneylessness)

Japanese animation, also known as anime, refers to cartoon films and series produced in Japan. Anime art has a very distinctive style – characters often have large eyes and spiky hair.  1,231 more words

Origin Stories