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Puppet Master: The Origins of Banette

A lot of Pokemon have weird and interesting back stories, some seem harmless and plain while some have a more dark and sinister origin. Pokemon like Banette (below), an abandoned children’s doll now out to seek revenge on the child who threw it away. 294 more words

Origin Stories

A Metalhead at the End of the World

Misty Owens is one of my favorite characters. She was a surprise really, a character I made for a writing class that grew into a race to finish a novel in a year while working full time at my regular job. 1,642 more words


Story Writing...

Dear Divisions 14 and 13,

We are embarking on a task that requires patiences, risk taking and time to work through.  We will have a lot of tools to work with, but our job here is to be the writer.  70 more words

Your Path

My Life as a Garden Gnome

Photo credit goes to Son of Groucho at https://www.flickr.com/photos/sonofgroucho/

I like gardens well enough, but for someone who managed to murder a cactus, I’ve spent an awful lot of time working in them. 549 more words


Vindaloo, brought to you by . . . Vasco da Gama?

One of my favorite dishes in Indian restaurants is vindaloo. I love the complex spicy flavor of the deep coral sauce. When I eat vindaloo, I can imagine the frenzied competition between ancient powers to dominate a spice trade route. 1,031 more words


Let the Story Begin - (0-2-10)

Updates on the 0-2-10 Series

Good news for everyone who has been waiting for the story of Zero.  If you’ve been following, you have already seen that portions of the upcoming series have been making their way into the… 137 more words


How I Became a Writer

I’ve always wanted to be a writer. There I said it, cliché I know. But it’s true. There are not many things I can remember from my childhood but writing was one thing I certainly can. 1,562 more words