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Origin Stories: Starcroft Fiber Mill

EDITOR’S NOTE: Happy Friday! Today I’m pleased to launch another new regular┬ácolumn, this one by Hannah Thiessen (whose book Slow Knitting is due out this Fall) on the subject of yarns with great origin stories! 1,183 more words


Try a Little Tenderness is here!

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I may have a small addiction to Jason Momoa. I started watching him because of Stargate Atlantis… 257 more words

Try A Little Tenderness

Origin Story: Badger, part 2

Last week I discussed the backstory of Badger, a D&D 5e forest gnome rogue. This week, I’ll discuss the mechanics behind the character. This is in my Origin Stories series of posts, see… 328 more words

5th Edition Dungeons And Dragons

How the Porcupine Came to Be

How the Porcupine Came to Be

Click here to read the whole thrilling origin story of my ridiculous skincare venture.

High five to porcupines everywhere.


Origin Story: Badger, part 1

This is another in my “Origin Story” series of posts, which I started with an earlier one on Randulf, a Lovecraftian warlock. These posts talk about the backstory of a character I created, as well as the mechanics of how I translated that backstory into a 5e D&D character. 492 more words

5th Edition Dungeons And Dragons

In the Beginning: a very short history of religious thought

It starts with a crisis, the singular belief that defines the religious history of our species: that this world, full of suffering, where the race does not go to the swift nor food to the hungry, cannot be all there is. 1,784 more words