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Gritty Origin Stories

Power Rangers is Hollywood’s next big “Realified” project; AKA, we somehow make teenagers with superpowers and dinosaur robots bland and boring in an attempt to be realistic. 30 more words



her whisper sings
along wires

outside the field–

the field at the corner
in mind, always
an edge


beneath the field
of wild mustard and black… 6 more words


THROWBACK THURSDAY: It's Complicated - My Relationship With Student Affairs (Part I)

NOTE: In honor of October being Careers in Student Affairs Month, and to celebrate ACPA’s #WhatsYourWhy campaign, I’m reposting one of my very first posts that explains why I joined the field. 1,082 more words

Student Affairs


I have a lot of feelings.

I would like to spew them.

Thank you.


Toxic Relationships

The Human family as we know it is only about 900 years old. Before human families were created we lived in tribes.

The tribe was a lot like a herd. 328 more words


THE MIGHTY ROBOT 28: Chapter 1: It Lives! It Walks! It Serves and Protects!

Dr. Sean Phillips’s lab was dark as he toiled away at the keyboard, the only sources of light being the monitors which were alight with code, algorithms, and other things and the lamp stationed over the supine robot plus the welding sparks flying. 7,140 more words

Dr. Sean Phillips