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Ketchup's Origin Story Is Surprisingly Fishy

You say catsup, I say it’s ketchup, gosh darn it, get with the standards! No matter how you spell it though, one thing’s for certain: … 277 more words


Surf Report: Know Thy Origin Story

Santa Monica, CA — I have been hooked on Origin Stories ever since Clark Kent held up that green Kryptonian crystal in the family barn and wondered from whence he came in Richard Donner’s… 1,079 more words


Origin story of the Republic | A history of Latin part 4

The English word ‘republic’ comes from the Latin res publica, which literally means ‘the public’ (with ‘public’ an adjective, not a noun). From Wikipedia: 1,051 more words

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Books with a feminist slant

“Just books, and all things books, with a feminist slant.”

And so, Annie came up with our purpose of a blog. I had a tag-line: “Fabulously feminist, broadly bookish.” Thanks to WordPress being free, we have a blog.



Genesis of The Bible and Theogony by Hesiod, are both origin stories. They are widely different in many ways, the most prominent being Genesis, being polytheistic (one god) and Theogony monotheistic (many gods.) 253 more words

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Silver and Gold Episode 09: Major Tom

In this episode of the Silver and Gold Podcast, Jay discusses the similarities between the origin of Captain Atom and the subject matter of the Peter Schilling song “Major Tom (Coming Home).” 24 more words

Captain Atom

Batman: The Killing Joke


Well, for anyone that doesn’t live under a rock and follows comic book websites, you know that Batman:  The Killing Joke is set to be released as an animated film this summer.   852 more words

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