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Alone (part 2)

Dean had been so cold and shaken by what he had experienced, while fixing the door in the pouring rain, that he did not even hear Shelly’s approach from the stairs behind him. 666 more words


The Tip of the Zoidberg (Notes)

  • For as homosocial as Zoidberg is he seems genuinely weirded out when the professor emotes about how long they have known each other; provided, it is an odd thing to say.
  • 308 more words

Homer's Name and the Cause of His Blindness

(This is the second half of the so-called Roman Life of Homer)

“Concerning the dates for Homer’s life, the following is reported. Heraclides argues that he is older than Hesiod; Pyrander and Hypsicrates of Amisos claim he was the same age. 518 more words


Ultimate Spider-Man: Power & Responsibility, by Brian Bendis

Welcome back for our third comic-book breakdown. This week we’re taking a break from DC Comics and jumping over to their main competitor, Marvel, and looking at their preeminent hero, the spectacular… 1,232 more words

Comic Breakdowns

Szechuan Peppercorns, a Tingling Adventure

I was sitting outdoors in the second row of several rows of long wooden tables.  The humidity and summer heat were palpable. The meal had just arrived in tightly wrapped aluminum foil on a plastic plate.  802 more words



In Missouri, where we have “lovely” winters filled with deep cold, ice, snow, and lack of sunshine, spring arrives like a long lost friend and the Dogwood blossom is the smile on its face. 323 more words

Missouri Wine

T - how did you get the name T?

At the beginning of the year, 4th had a school project to learn a little bit about herself and then share it with the class. Which turned into a constant stream of questions for me.  722 more words

The Kidlets