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Nancy: WU UnConference Lesson 2: The Decoder Ring

Last week, when sharing some of the great wisdom imparted to me during the early November Writers Unboxed UnConference, I discussed the importance of theme as the heart of your book… 947 more words


Herbert Hoover's tennis game

Back in the early 1930s, my great-grandfather and his farmer friends had a date with President Herbert Hoover. At the time, the productive farms in Ohio’s Ross and Vinton Counties were struggling–like most other “real people” during the Great Depression. 624 more words


Origin story

This blog is brand new. It began the night Donald Trump won the 2016 election. I was disappointed that my candidate lost, but more than that I had a heavy heart. 333 more words


A Heartful Origin: A Review on Heartless

I’d like to invite you to a tea party that you won’t forget and by tea party, I mean a book with tea and cake at the side. 425 more words

Book Reviews

Movie Review: Doctor Strange

Distracted driving is dangerous.

After a horrific accident threatens to cut short both Dr. Stephen Strange’s illustrious career and his life, the battered yet proud and determined surgeon’s journey through physical and emotional rehabilitation soon grants him not only the regained use of his finger dexterity but also the power to travel among dimensions and to manipulate space and time. 1,443 more words


I Was Destined To Be A Nerd

I was named after a TV show character. This TV show is pretty popular with nerds, and she started off as a sort of icon and then became more of a fleshed out character. 360 more words


Origin Stories and It's A Compulsion

I think Origin Stories is going to be a new post bucket of mine. Now, for the story.

In the third movie of the Ocean’s Trilogy, there is a scene where Danny Ocean is explaining what The Bank (the casino that they’re robbing) is like to Roman Nagel. 219 more words