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Is It Just Me? 

You guys use Twitter? Everyone have a Facebook account? Anyone ever hear of WordPress?

If you’re a writer of any sorts, or you’re like me and pretend to be one, you’ve rooted around your social media applications (or SMAs as the kids are calling them these days) for writers’  319 more words


Coca to Coffee: Colombia’s Conversion Farming Initiative

The Cauca River and its close proximity to Pacific ports made the region ideal for coca trafficking. Credit: Santiago Restrepo Calle A Complicated Legacy

Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos’ Nobel prize winning… 1,021 more words


Burning the Midnight Oil

Hey there!

Welcome to what I am currently calling Whimsy Design and Coding. My intention for these entries is to have a daily log of my process, achievements, roadblocks, and goals for tomorrow and beyond in blog form. 498 more words

New Projects

Origin Stories: Dain, character mechanics

Last week I presented the backstory of Dain, a D&D 5e dwarf cleric, as part of my ongoing Origin Stories series. This week I’ll discuss how I actually created him. 339 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

Origin Stories: Dain, character background

My Origin Stories series of posts presents interesting characters I’ve created for a variety of games. When I put characters together, I often had more backstory and thoughts on its creation than DMs needed. 479 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

Boba Fett And Yoda Are Being Considered For Their Own Spin-Offs

With all the excitement surrounding the upcoming Han Solo film and news that Disney and Lucasfilm are working on an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie, many fans have been wondering what other… 140 more words

How Technology Can Make Coffee More Attractive to Youths

The next generation are deserting the coffee farm for more stable, profitable occupations. They see their parents struggle on low coffee prices, and instead they turn to the cities. 888 more words