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The World Without #BlacklivesMatter

We’re fighting all year.

All year we fight. all year. We fight this fight all over the world.

Not just Mayday. Not just Black Friday…. 287 more words


How Carl's Jr. & Hardee's Became One Giant Burger Chain With Two Names

Does a fast food chain by any other name smell as… burger-like? Even though Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s now share (almost) the same menu, the same graphic design elements in their branding, and the same parent company, they still retain their original names and there is virtually no geographic overlap of the two brands. 1,419 more words

Origin Stories: Cycling

I recently bought a cheap, used bicycle. A friend asked what the story was behind me getting a bike, since I don’t tend to do things without reason. 1,842 more words

Origin Stories

Episode 19 w/ Mara Wiles

This week we had the pleasure of sitting down with another local Denver comedian! This time it was the lovely Mara Wiles. She was a delight to talk to and just a great funny gal. 219 more words


Kentucky Fried Chicken Started With An Iron Pan, Dining Room Table & A Gas Station

When we imagine Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame, we see an older man with a white beard and neatly pressed suit. But that’s not really how the foray into feeding the masses started for Harland Sanders. 1,029 more words

Origin Stories: The Drive to Toronto

I was talking with someone about long drives the other day, and remembered the many, long drives my family used to make to Toronto. Thinking about it, those trips may have had a hand in my love of long drives. 1,107 more words

The Road

Daredevil - Nelson v. Murdock (Review)

To celebrate the launch of Marvel’s Daredevil and the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, we are reviewing all thirteen episodes of the first season of Marvel and Netflix’s Daredevil… 3,219 more words