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Origin Stories: Wing and a Prayer Farm

BY HANNAH THIESSEN // If you have the pleasure of following @wingandaprayerfarm on Instagram, you know all about Tamara White and her merry cast of creatures: pot belly pigs and guinea hogs, goslings and chickens, ducks and turkeys. 828 more words


This Does Not Bode Well

I hope this terrifying image does not trouble you too much, dear readers; Taco would say that he and his fellow cats are adjusting to the Beast In The Backyard as well as could be expected of Seven Indoor Cats. 263 more words

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In Closing (Taco's Tale) -- Part Four

Taco hopes that the readers find his Tale intriguing! Of course, there’s a little more to it, or the beginnings of it. He was kept in the upstairs apartment bathroom until he could be moved into Mom’s apartment in the basement of the building, the Tiny Apartment, with Big Brother Owen. 335 more words

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Paul Bunyan's Origin Story

Welcome back! For my first mythology story, I though I would take a piece of folklore from the United States. I decided to do one of the most famous stories from the country, Paul Bunyan. 331 more words


Guest Blog : Horror: A Love Story By: Kenzie Kordic

Horror: A Love Story

By: Kenzie Kordic

Horror has always, for as long as I can remember, been a huge part of my life. Everything from watching it, reading it, and even writing it, nothing has been off limits for me. 437 more words


Origin Stories: Upcycled Wool and the Gang

BY HANNAH THIESSEN // I truly believe that most people have a passion for the environment. Regardless of how you feel about climate change or the politics of going green, I would wager that most humans around the world have had at least one outdoor experience they found enjoyable. 1,366 more words


It Really Is All About Me: Part Three

As one can already perceive from Taco’s most recently posted pictures — he was indeed captured from his Jungle in the Red Lobster parking lot. It happened the afternoon following the events he recorded in his previous blog post. 1,117 more words

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