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My Origin Story

In my newfound quest to truly take writing and its craft seriously, and dedicate myself to greater goals, I’m trying the blog thing. Ya know, the thing where writers spew even more words out into the atmosphere, sharing their thoughts and feelings, all that kind of good stuff. 436 more words


Meaning Behind My Blog Name

The name NaMarsha may seem weird at first, but there’s actually quite a funny story behind this name.

My name is Nimash and ever since I was very little people used to call me Nimasha here and there as a joke. 147 more words

Blog Name

Spaceman Ross - Origin Story - 1


So who is this Spaceman Ross, anyway? Well, to tell you that story in all its sordid detail, first we have to go forward in time about 100-200 years, and explain the dark but not entirely hopeless future into which Ross was born. 661 more words

Space Blog

The Lonely Maple Wood: My Origin Story

In the forest of north Florida, there stood a tiny, lonely maple tree. With bright green leaves and not quite enough sunshine, this little tree fought its way upward toward the life giving light. 145 more words


Princess of Waterman Bay: The Story of How it Came to Be.

My novel. A whole month of my life written in over 50,000 words.

I started writing this novel for fun during NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, just over three years ago in 2014. 477 more words


Millennial Money: What is it, and how can we make it?

We were in front of our new home. I had run back inside for something– scissors, probably. We’re always losing scissors. But my husband was standing out front, telling our well-intentioned but incredibly nosy neighbor about our plans to repaint the deck. 652 more words

A New Project

After much cajoling from friends, I’m finally setting up a fitness blog. I turn 30 this year, and now seems like the perfect time to start documenting my progress and activities toward my goals on a more regular basis. 242 more words