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Origin Story: Episode 1

Thirty years ago, I begn collecting comics for the first time.  Now, I’m taking you back to those days with “Origin Story,” a comics podcasting miniseries where I will look at all of the comics I bought in 1986-1987 in “real time.” 82 more words


Toxic Relationships

The Human family as we know it is only about 900 years old. Before human families were created we lived in tribes.

The tribe was a lot like a herd. 328 more words


Origin Story

Allow me to call this my origin story, though I am not Batman and don’t have a bad-ass set of tales about a secret league. Nor am I Spiderman, but I can only be thankful I didn’t get bitten by a radioactive spider. 376 more words


THE MIGHTY ROBOT 28: Chapter 1: It Lives! It Walks! It Serves and Protects!

Dr. Sean Phillips’s lab was dark as he toiled away at the keyboard, the only sources of light being the monitors which were alight with code, algorithms, and other things and the lamp stationed over the supine robot plus the welding sparks flying. 7,140 more words

Dr. Sean Phillips

Strange Tales #113 (10/10/1963)

Strange Tales #113 opens with Johnny Storm facing his most difficult challenge thus far: a woman who doesn’t think he’s God’s gift to women. I have to say this definitely caught me by surprise to find a female character that doesn’t immediately swoon at the sight of the Human Torch. 416 more words

Silver Age Comic

Tales of Suspense #45 (09/10/1963)

Tales of Suspense #45 opens in an almost James Bond-like way, with Iron Man jetting along the highway on his rocket skates because he late to participate in a racing event as Tony Stark. 499 more words

Silver Age Comic

THE MONTHLY // Canberra's Forgotten Features - Dave Reid's 'Strange James'

There have been many Canberrans over the years that have dreamed of Hollywood at their back door – I admit, I am one of those dreamers. 1,130 more words