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The Curse of Porcus

The world can be a place of wonder.
A place where every day is a new and beautiful adventure.
A place filled with vibrant colors and full of life! 654 more words

Why did you get into all this body stuff?

Fat runs in my family. A couple of aunts, a cousin or two, and a few other family members are (or have been) a weight that society has deemed unacceptable. 834 more words

Thank You Skateboarding

About thirty years ago I opened the greatest Christmas gift of my life, a set of blueprints for building skateboard ramps.  As a ten year old you wouldn’t think that receiving a stack of papers stapled together would be something to get excited about, but there was no internet, you couldn’t download this stuff, you had to physically purchase it, so this gift was huge. 303 more words

I Have 4 Moms

I have four moms. Yes, four. I’ve tried writing dramatic essays on it several times to no avail. So I figured I might as well just write it the way I use to tell the story. 1,419 more words


Hello Bookworms!!! So i am officially back from my blogging hiatus!! Exams are over and i am back to my normal life(which is still super hectic)!! 681 more words


A Short Interview with Elizabeth Ruth Deyro, Founder of The Brown Orient

Enjoy a short interview with our beloved affiliate The Brown Orient‘s founder Elizabeth Ruth Deyro and spread the word about this fabulous publication. 

terseeditor: 819 more words


Go Eat A Carrot Origin Story

Thanks to Jesus and SinDay a New Project of Truth Has Emerged


Learn All About The Carrot That Changed My Perspective

Jesus Died For Somebody’s Sins But Not Mine.

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