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How The Re-Return Got Its Name

So, we were talking about the finale one day:


Ted spends a lot of time getting over Robin, not just in the floaty part. 124 more words


Dracula Untold (2014) is not bound to become immortal

The Plot:

Dracula Untold tells (ha!) us the “origin story” of the legendary vampire count, means how did he become the immortal bloodsucker we learned to love. 1,460 more words

Sugar and Spice

Prompt Day #292: Adapt the features and traits of any cartoon character into a “real” creature or man, exploring the freakish results. (For instance: What would a… 1,390 more words

Writing Challenge

The Thought

I once dated a guy who lived in Kentucky.

It was a 25 hour bus ride to get to him and I took it many, many times. 550 more words


Logo Defined - Why the deadlift?

So by now all of you would have seen the blog logo right? It’s literally everywhere. So what does it mean?

When designing the logo, I thought to myself about what can best convey the message that a balanced diet, proper nutrition and exercise can lead to a healthier life? 230 more words


Hi I'm Flatcat

My name is Lorelei but my friends call me Flatcat.

I live in a house with a bunch of human friends. When the human friends have other human friends over, they always say something like: “This is the common room, there’s the bathroom, that’s the kitchen…and this is our Flatcat”. 84 more words

An origin story and series discoveries, anime edition

As I mentioned last week, I’m on Gabriela Pereira’s DIYMFA launch team (yes, the book is coming out shortly). In preparation for the launch, Gabriela has been asking us weekly questions related to DIYMFA (the site, the newsletter, the course, and the book). 1,132 more words

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