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The Original Inspiration For The Hulk Was A Woman Rescuing Her Baby

One of the best things about comic-book characters is how they are born from a truly human place. It’s not about being extraordinary at all — it’s about things that tie the human race together. 240 more words


REVIEW: Portland Street Blues (1998)

1998, Golden Harvest/B.O.B. and Partners Limited/Everwide (H.K.) Limited

Raymond Yip
Raymond Chow
Wong Jing
Manfred Wong
Manfred Wong (screenplay) 905 more words

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My Origin Story

I use to think that my skin was as tough as nails. While I had friends who complained about having “sensitive skin” and the woes of finding products that worked for them, nothing seemed to bother me. 554 more words


The moment I knew...

We all have our origin stories…those moments that we realize who we truly are, or meant for. Whether for our careers, hobbies, our future, we have those moments. 564 more words


I Find Your Lack of Ending Disturbing

‘I Find Your Lack of Ending Disturbing’ is part of a multi-post series where the writers of Some Nerd Girl share their Origin Stories – in other words, when and how did the nerdening happen?! 1,568 more words

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Nick: An IBLer is converted!

David’s post reminded me, as is often needed, that I should start at the beginning and not where I am now. Here begins my conversion story. 931 more words

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David: An IBLer is Born

Every good blog needs an origin story. So, before I start sharing my struggles and successes in adopting an Inquiry Based Learning approach to my courses, I thought it best to back up a little. 539 more words

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