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What's Your Story?

I got an urgent call.

No, it wasn’t a death or injury in the family. Far more traumatic.

And it wasn’t over the phone. It was a direct call to my heart, my soul. 629 more words

Origin Story

The Source of this Site

This has been one of the longest weeks I’ve had in a while. I have decided, however, to allow what I’ve gone through this past weekend (and these past few weeks as whole) to only result in positive outcomes. 151 more words

First Post

What are you doing here?

Well hello!

Welcome to my blog.

It’s about me, of course. Jonathan’s my name.

But mostly it’s about my passion and calling – which is to love and lead the local church. 634 more words

Origin Story

"Reformed Philosopher"

Today, this happened on Twitter:

@saouderkirk "Reformed Philosopher" is a wonderful phrase for a twitter bio. Have you written anywhere about what this means (to you)?

792 more words

Your Leadership Origin Story

I love superheroes. Because, face it, they can do super-human things like leap tall buildings with a single bound, run faster than a speeding bullet, bend metal, sense danger from miles away, shoot laser beams from their eyes, fly, and the list goes on. 666 more words


Today is the first day of the rest of my life

Today is the day. I woke up 6 hours ago and told myself that yesterday and the habits of the last 25 years of my life won’t decide how I live the next 25. 591 more words

Life Thoughts

A Historical Origin Story

The novel X  was absolutely fantastic, and the type of novel I want lots of people to read so I can talk about it with them. 122 more words