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The Origin Story

I was always the fat girl. In my elementary school, I remember my skinny friends grabbing their flat stomachs and saying, “look at my rolls!” And I remember thinking that they had no idea. 914 more words


The Way to Whaledom & The Making of a Fish Lizard

Whales are definitely not fish. You hopefully know they are mammals, and if you do not then I worry about your education. Whales are an example, one out of many in prehistory but one of the most famous surviving to today, of why it is sometimes profitable to head back into the water and be a reverse- 447 more words

Fish Eaters

Meet me under the clock

We’ll write our own poem.

It starts at Grand Central Station-
as all good millennial poems do-
under a stone sky full of misplaced stars. 167 more words


Week 15: Invisible

The past seven days has been one long ride that I can tell you that I completed my second semester of seminary yesterday. It all started last Friday with our Friday night Bible study through Romans 4, which I led that session.   219 more words

Martial Arts

Origin Stories of the Animals

I love dogs. I am the kind of person who googles “cute puppy videos” on rough days. It works like a charm to cheer me up every time. 948 more words

Free Short Story, appropriate for kids age 7 to 97+. From Lost to Loved, a Stray Dog's Tale. #shortstory

This was a labor of love.  While I reside in sci-fi and paranormal tales, I’ve loved imagining my dog’s background story.  I also wrote this with my students in mind, hoping to one day share this story with them.  93 more words


Chaos of the Month

Sorry the post is SOOOOOO late. We’ve been super busy with projects, which are awesome. I’m having a blast participating in them.

Firstly, we started a great project I saw on Good Morning America (yes, I watch morning news programs: I like to stay informed). 1,089 more words