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Play-Doh Originally Was Invented to be a Wallpaper Cleaner, Not a Toy

I love origin stories, and the story of how Play-Doh came to be is a fun one.

Back in the late 1920s, Cleo McVicker convinced the parent company of Kutol, a failing Cincinnati soap company, to let him and his brother, Noah, try and turn the brand around. 171 more words


Blune Day 20: Why I started this blog

I thought I would do a bit of a different post today and discuss why I started this blog. While gandering the web I found this idea on the… 769 more words

Life Style


3:57 am.

Nisa Shah awakened minutes before the alarm. She slid off her bed and passed along the shadows til she arrived at the gargantuan punching bag that hung lifeless at the center. 442 more words

Short Stories

Just watched Lady Bird

‘What is in a name?’, is precisely what Greta Gerwig seeks out in this film of an adolescent who is finding her place in the society and her life, other than what she has been told. 770 more words

cosmic evolution vs. adam & eve (a continuing quest in "spiritualism vs. religion")

I’m going to stop titling this section as “cosmic evolution vs. adam & eve (#)”, because I thought before that this section is going to extend to only a few posts, but it turned out that it’s taking much longer reflection… talking about my thoughts toward Abrahamic religions & their origin story in the context of the cosmic evolution origin story, perceptions in these religions that the human consciousness has transcended, & various levels of understanding & awareness within these religions, is going to take too many posts to be numbered under a certain label (I will suffice with categorizing them within… 841 more words

Spiritualism Vs. Religion

Jolie Laide

Have you ever met someone or something for the first time only to wonder where that thing has been your entire life? That’s jolie laide… 420 more words

An 'On The Origin Of Species' For Artists

I was in music class once and started crying. I was in a music class in college and the professor played this aria called “Casta Diva” from Bellini’s Norma sung by Maria Callas. 1,124 more words

Nature & The Landscape