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Jessica Jones - AKA The Sandwich Saved Me (Review)

It could be argued that Jessica Jones is at its strongest when it embraces its status as an anti-superhero story.

The weakest points in the first season come when… 3,000 more words


Why Loopy Quantum

I didn’t really introduce Loopy Quantum before I sent her out, so here she is. When I made her, I was working my way through a book of crochet techniques.  63 more words

Loopy Quantum

Canigeta: The Herberts Dozen Origin Story

By Dry Jam

-This story is inspired by a true conversation-

“That’s not how you play gawnfoot!!” spewed Glad Stan from the sidelines. It seemed that his day had gone from bad to worse. 489 more words

Dry Jam

The Morning Sun on the Waves

“The dance in which I was to appear as a solo performer was called “The Morning Sun on the Waves,” about a maiden who takes a morning swim in the ocean and falls in love with an enchanted dolphin.” …

60 more words

The Thought Behind The Logo

So earlier today I unveiled the new logo for Gallifrey Archive, and I can confess that I’ve been planning this logo since I had the idea for the site many moons ago. 474 more words

Origin Story

I got into the Reading and Writing game pretty late in my life. Not like there’s an expiration date for that kind of thing. When I was younger I had trouble understanding words on a book. 507 more words

#CODENAMEKANSAS: Origin Stories, "Leo"


If you are reading this…I am dead.

Or IDK, you just like, stumbled upon it on a beautiful open sourced cloud network. One CAN dream. 3,358 more words