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A Love Letter to the Sick Day

As a kid, I loved sick days. It helped that I wasn’t sick. No, aside from an early tangle with a forced air heater and the occasional stomach flu I was relatively injury and accident free. 447 more words


The Story of Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon was an old RPG we used to play as kids on the X Box. Not everyone had an X Box back then so we would always gather in one of two houses that had it and take turns to mental in that fictional world. 186 more words

Dragon Movies

Story Idea - Spaghetti Man

This is something silly I wrote a while back I unearthed recently. It’s a bit more funny than most of the other stuff I write. It follows the birth of a super villian who goes by the name of “Spaghetti Man”. 9 more words


Rurouni Kenshin Secret Chapter To Rule Flame Review

All right, it is time to check out the prequel manga that came out for Kenshin a while back thanks to Mangastream’s hard work as they even translated the cover! 1,175 more words


Bit of a Prologue

Hello, World!

We like books, right? Television? Movies? Video games? What’s something each one has in common? All of them have stories to share. Well, generally speaking, of course – unless you find repair manuals or chemistry textbooks to be riveting tales of adventure. 376 more words


Coming out

I have a lot of attributes.

I have an unhealthy love of puns. I have a love/hate relationship with my naturally curly hair. I have the appetite of a teenage boy. 303 more words