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Origin Story Episode 33

This is it!  The big finale!

After 14 months, I have finally reached the end of my comic book origin story, having covered the books from 1986 and 1987 that I bought, read, and enjoyed.  60 more words


Nate Blogg!!!!!!

La-da-da-da-da its the one and only N-A-T-E!

*C-Walks onto Blog*

(NATE BLOGG you lil Buster!!!)

La-da-da-da-da you know I’m mobbing with the…

Ok I’m not mobbing with anyone at the moment, but hopefully you got the reference. 863 more words

Aspiring Writer


For my comic, not me. That was my last post. Guys, I am getting lost in my origin story, but I do feel much better about it after tonight’s gathering. 949 more words

Storytellers and the Stories they Tell...

I’ve come to find out, writing in itself, is nothing more than storytelling. A fairly straightforward concept I know, but that’s the reality of it. So the first prerequisite to becoming a writer is to simply… 814 more words

Aspiring Writer

Ten Year Night Playlist

My love, my latest CD mix for you is our origin story, told in 15 songs.

This thing called “we” is a space we first began to occupy on this night, ten years ago, at Lee’s Liquor Lounge. 940 more words


Aiden and Jubilee - An Origin Story

(Another story feature my original characters, Aiden and Jubilee. You can also find them in the stories: Beautiful With YouSymphony, and Leave Out All the Rest… 2,599 more words

Story Time

A peek into a life but does it matter when people are mean to be mean?

Many times you hear that you don’t know someone fully and thus there may be a larger context to their behaviors. I get that. I am a social psychologist by training. 422 more words