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The December Project 2017 6-25

The progress for The December Project 2017 is moving along at a reasonable pace.   I have another 25 more to go before I reach 50 and while I was nervous at the beginning with giving myself 50 pieces to create, I think I will be able to make 50 with no problem.


Tulip Dachshunds

The original idea for the Tulip Dachshunds was created to go on the cover of a compressor box for a floral cooler at Posey Girl Flowers… 170 more words



There are those times
You find yourself
All tangled up
In the threads that weave
Themselves into
And through your life
When the tapestry
You thought you knew… 75 more words


Practicing Perspective

I doodled this a few months ago trying to practice freehand perspective with some random dinos in pen.

In case you can’t read any of the super-tiny writing, the dinosaurs left to right, top to bottom are: … 37 more words


Under Construction

I have no idea why I thought I’d start up my Etsy shop again at this time of year.

I thought it would be fun: creating new stuff, possibly selling a few things, having a blast with it all… Then yesterday I realized that I have quite a few personal projects to get done before I can get to creating stuff to sell. 145 more words


New Original Art: Dark Ritual 04

I have uploaded a new original illustration, for mature people, to my pixiv gallery. There are two versions of this illustration. Till next time, … 10 more words


A Visual History of Iguanodon: The Process

I made a pretty amateur reconstruction of Iguanodon bernissartensis from the ground-up during college for the larger art piece featured in this blog’s banner. Here, I’m posting all the “concept work” that went into this piece as well as the piece itself. 826 more words