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Embroidery Work

This work was based on Barbara Jones’ ‘Design for death’¬† from her illustration of a man in a body bag. After I had embroidered the original sketch¬† (image 1) I found that I also enjoyed the rougher stitch work on the back (image 2). 18 more words

Digital Drawing + Development

After browsing various images of cropped parts on the human body telling a story of what happened to the person I wanted to make my own version. 205 more words

Original Artwork

Sketchbook Update

More illustrations from The Sick Rose. Right side page was from a workshop were we created morphological list to help our creativity flow.

Original Artwork

Lily Grey Art Gallery Wall

Whoop whoop!

My paintings are now on sale at Lily Grey hair salon in Abbey Street, Derby. 138 more words


The Boy Who Was Loved


By Beverly Anderson

Word count: 3879

Rating: G

Summary: Dumbledore takes action to show Harry Potter that he is loved. 3,997 more words