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Clueless – Episode 5

Hi guys,
so I need you to spread the word on #Clueless by using the following catch phrase on your Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms TODAY AND EVERY DAY. 3,762 more words

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Summer Ended

We wanted more than we could chew on.
Our sickly sky squirted some strange goo
on the rooftops. There was a whistling…
And just like that, summer ended. 76 more words


Third Person Narrative

Streaks on the marble.
He’s a grumbler, that one.
Teething and fawning
over yesterday’s blisters.
The drifting seasons…
The periphery dripping
into molten earth…
He captures the perplexities… 9 more words


Mark Cureton: Part 3

This should be the last installment before the ending, so enjoy!

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Mark and I arrived at school that morning to see Kevin standing by his locker next to a police officer.   3,110 more words



Starting from scratch,
he grinds the lens.
Multiplies zeroes.
Headache enfolding…
And a new
dynasty arises.

-r. miller


Clueless – Episode 4 (New Series)

Sharon wasn’t ready. She had seen crazy ladies but then, they were Maitama rich kids

crazy scratching at each other for silly issues like unshared blunts and boyfriends, not… 3,623 more words

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So the problems come heavy.
Weary, world-defying whippersnappers

with painted noses, towing
garden hoses, and giving us the finger.

Too much malignance lingering.
And then someone pulls a trigger…

-r. miller