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Chapter 17: Festival Preparation

– 3 weeks later –

*Old telephone ringing sound*


(???) *Waking up* “Hm…”


(???) *Rolling over towards the noise* “Hrng…”

(Where is the damn racket…) 904 more words


Chapter 16: Item Get!


(Jack) “We’re back! Oh, everyone left to go home?”
(Becken) “Ah, yeah, more or less. Since you are back, it means everything went well?” 1,515 more words


Chapter 15: Re-examination

Right after Lere left, the air in the café suddenly turn serious.

(Becken) “Jack, follow Lere and test him whether he is truly human.”
(Sebastian) “What?!” 965 more words


Peace of mind.

I imagine the ultimate relief would be sitting on the ledge of a skyscraper, legs dangling freely over the side, chain smoking cigarettes. Somehow the mix of nicotine and adrenaline-stimulating-heights might just make everything feel better. 91 more words

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What's in a Name

If you’re a writer or a creator of any kind, you are probably familiar with this process:

  1. You think of some plot or character that you like.
  2. 204 more words

Rondeau II

In simple times, we play with doubt
to chase our sobbing phantoms out.
With harnessed backs and tied-up knees,
we guard our gardens ‘gainst the bees… 68 more words


Loveless: My Spanish Genie

I just got to the library to meet for my last class. I ran out of the class previous to this one because I didn’t want Brian following me asking me questions like he always does. 1,729 more words