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VA: A Crumbling Institution

On August 10th, 2015 The Huffington Post published a troubling article about 35,000 combat veterans being denied health care coverage because of computer errors. Most of these 35,000 combat veterans are veterans of the Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) in Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) in Iraq.  727 more words

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Days of Gold

These are the days of Gold

Days of Love & Loss

of Triumph & Failure

These are the days

we’ll remember when old.

These are the nights of Joy… 165 more words


"Where words fail, music speaks." - Hans Christian Andersen

Happy Valentine’s Day to our fellow fans and the band who brought us all together. <3

The Trews


Frame by frame,
the daily news comes on
like a hangover.
We really are gratuitous,
aren’t we, and senseless,
full of reactionary pride.
We spied the fallout… 46 more words


Making peace with the scale

The scale is something I think we can all admit to vilifying to some degree in our lives.  Whether the scale is actually the devil itself to you or whether it simply is an object you dislike, the scale can illicit feelings that many of us don’t care to face. 622 more words

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數碼大時代 「開放」不可擋



這種開放標準,正於全球各地出現:歐盟自去年實施的新支付服務準則 (PSD2) 、英國「開放銀行工作組」(OBWG) 以及 VISA 同期相繼的公布,都不約而同地提倡發展符合金融法規的開放應用程式介面 (APIs) ,讓業界可推出支持數據快速及安全互通的銀行及金融服務。

軟件和服務有API,硬件原來也有「API」。在後端支持著無數網絡服務的伺服器系統,也正投入開放大趨勢。 8 more words

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Join us!

We’ve been joined by a lot of Trews fans in the last few months, to which we extend a hearty “Welcome!” We wanted to let you know that we actually *are* a network of social media accounts, and you are welcome to join us wherever you have one! 84 more words

The Trews