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Why I'm Not Reading 27 Hours & a MASSIVE Book Unhaul

With some shake ups in my personal life, I’ve been needing to declutter my life. One of the biggest clutters, of course, is books. Books that I used to love but now no longer do, books that I read and hated, and books that I know I can’t read. 962 more words

Book Blogger

Wander And Obstacle Avoidance

Well these two behaviours were a massive pain in the ass… Overall I must have spent a good 12 hours trying to figure them out since Friday, and considering I have a weekend job that’s pretty much all my free time. 2,129 more words


In with slumping…
Conveyance of hush… (Fabulous)
Diligent and kneeling…
Whatever do these leaky deities
demand? That no hand
grasp and no foot
anchor to the ground, 14 more words




Ever lasting, crippling pain.

It leaves you at 40% at the beginning of the day

Makes you feel like you’ve past your sell by date… 32 more words

Happy Friday!

May we all be able to go to our happy place soon!

The Trews

Seek and Flee 2... Ft. Pursue and Evade

Two blog posts in two days? What is this guy thinking? Well it turns out I completely messed up my Seek and Flee code and didn’t want to leave the last blog post up without a fix… During lectures today I was thinking about how the behaviours worked when we learnt about them, and the movements were more ‘curves’ than simple going straight at/away from the target. 1,122 more words


Hello there. My name is Alexandra Foxley-Johnson, and this blog is a dedicated portfolio to the work that I have completed whilst working my internship in Media & Events at the University of Lincoln Library.

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