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Top 5: Reasons why E3 2017 wasn't at it's best

E3 2017 was fine. In fact it had some great high points, like Beyond Good and Evil 2, Shadow of the Colossus Remastered, Pokémon and Metroid Prime 4 confirmed for Nintendo Switch, and the Super Mario Odyssey blowout. 1,036 more words


November Questions

This is another in a sporadic series of posts dedicated to memorializing our Lockport life before we move away.

November Questions

There is nothing romantic about early November in Lockport. 292 more words

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Examining E3 2017 conferences based on release dates for every game shown

E3 is the gamer version of Super Bowl commercials, except better, because the products are what the audience actually wants to see.  It’s a time for reveals and surprises, like a summer Xmas, but developers have recently gotten a little too excited when it comes to revealing games still in the early stages of production. 2,781 more words


It's good that Nintendo doesn’t want to make political statements

I’ve tried very hard to remove politics from CSG, as I want to cover games. They’re the world’s greatest entertainment medium, and our favorite form of escapism from our less-than-perfect, or monotonous lives. 720 more words


Photos: Sound Of Music Festival, Burlington, ON, June 15/17

Well, now. That was just an amazing thing last night in Burlington, wasn’t it? Wow. Here are some photos we took.

The Trews

How serious is Apple about original video? It just hired the TV execs behind “Breaking Bad”

Apple tapped two veterans of prestige TV to lead its own venture into original video.

The tech company, which began dabbling in original programming last year, … 388 more words

E3 2017 Impressions: Sony is now holding back the gaming industry

Every single time a console holder becomes the top dog, they also become disdainful of their fans. They lean on their past and current success, then try to maximize profits by utilizing unsustainable business practices, instead of pleasing gamers and third parties. 4,086 more words