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Original Fools - Shadow of your Doubt MV !

Yes it’s finally out !

After countless hours of meticulous masking, buckets of sweat and tears, humongous lungs filled with Shanghai’s polluted air, it’s done ! 560 more words




How sweet that sound ! How exciting the moment when the skill tree is enlightened by a new addition, freshly earned from hard work and luck and determination and a whole universe which we ignore totally. 774 more words


Life in 3D

Learning those 3D massive softwares take time but daaaaaaamn, how fun it is ! These are only screenshots for now but I’m working already on the animation, almost fully in 3D… There will be some after effects that’s for sure, just cos I can’t live without it, but yeah… 3D… Myriads of abstract shapes, overdose of geometry, re-invention of the physical laws to create a nice world where the colors are shinier than in real life… at least as far as Shanghai is concerned ! 23 more words

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Original Fools' Sick & Tired Music video !

Finally, my foolish friends, finally !!! After a month of slaving my ass behind my screens and missing out on ‘great’ parties and social gatherings through town, I’m done editing and uploading the newest music video for… 290 more words


Lust and found

Damn it’s been a while again !

One would think a whole year, but that would only be a date trick cos in fact i’ve been gone way longer than this, so long ago and so far away that it seems i was never really there or, as true as the aforementioned, that i’ve always been here. 445 more words


Get outta here, 2011 !

Man, have i been waiting for that to happen. 2012 i mean. I know a lot is gonna happen, as much as i’m sure nothing is gonna happen. 613 more words

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My brain activity is restless, not much like my posting efficiency on my own pages, which is a shame, but at the same time there’s still quite a lot of things to do so not much time to talk about the things already done. 370 more words

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