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Discussion: Originalism moved the Court right

The term Originalism has become a common one around the Supreme Court and in the legal field. The concept, applied to the Constitution, means to interpret the text based on either the original intent of the Founding Fathers or what the text would have meant to people at the time of ratification. 417 more words


Rating the Facts

Not that anyone asked,
but it does seem to me
that Donald Trump overrates himself as an effective politician
more than Merryl Streep is overrated as an effective political actress. 128 more words

Complexities of Consciousness

Herein, the evolutionary positive psychologist’s voice is that of C,
leaning sometimes toward the yang-ego identity side,
while the evolutionary ecopolitician’s voice,
doing his best to play WinWin ecotherapist, is D. 446 more words

The Right to Bear Arms is an Individual Right

The Myth

The right to bear arms, which is granted to us by the Second Amendment, is a collective right, granted exclusively to those who are members of a formal military organization, called the militia.  859 more words

... Look in the Mirror , Madame Associate Justice [#Sotomayor]...

.. she thinks that there is no such thing as ” judicial activism . ” Well , well ..

.. all she has to do is look in the mirror . 182 more words

Personal Opinion

Covenants and Original Intent (Week 2 Bible Study)

The bible study on Friday of week 2 focused on Covenants and the Original Intent of God for the earth and humanity, something of which I had a vague idea, but no true understanding of. 618 more words