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Trump And His Supporters To John Quincy Adams: We Reject You!

When Trump and his supporters reject Cruz for urging people to vote their conscience, they also reject the words of one of our most faithful and longest-serving founders: 596 more words


Original Intent, My Ass

There are many in our society who feel the Constitution should only be interpreted with regard to the “original intent” of the Framers of the Constitution. 572 more words


Balancing High Risks: Mountain Climbing and the First Amendment

Balancing High Risks:  Mountain Climbing and the First Amendment

By James J. S. Johnson

When an American astronaut reverently quotes from Psalm 24, and is promptly faulted by a critic—for “violating” the so-called “separation of church and state” 2,485 more words


THINGS GLENN BECK DOESN'T TELL YOU: Beck's Defiition of 'Conservatism'

NOTE: I started this series to fill in some of the blanks that — whether due to ignorance or intention — Glenn Beck leaves out of his history lessons and explanations on his radio and Internet TV shows.  1,344 more words


The Comprehension of "Composition"

Parliament cannot require Supreme Court judges to be bilingual

Sébastien Grammond has published a guest-post over at Administrative Law Matters arguing that Parliament could legislate to prohibit the appointment of Supreme Court judges who are not bilingual. 1,355 more words

Constitutional Law

LESSONS IN SCRIPTURE: This Is Why Things Keep Getting Worse

There is no doubt that the fabric of Western society is coming apart.  It doesn’t matter what your personal or political world view is, we all feel it, and we all want to ‘fix’ it.  1,130 more words

Logic & Reason

Does God 'Need' Us In Heaven?

Let me preface this discussion by affirming the fact that, in the truest sense, God doesn’t need us or anything period! God is the All-Self-Sustaining Being! 1,250 more words