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How to do Originalism

In my last post, I summarized the Supreme Court’s recent decision in  Caron v. Alberta, 2015 SCC 56, which held that Alberta is not under a constitutional obligation to enact legislation in French as well as English. 1,688 more words

Constitutional Law

Original Intent

Remember original intent, and no matter what the enemy tries to do in between, either directly or through others, stay true to purpose when freed up. 42 more words


Unintended Consequences

The Senate of the United States was designed… to give equal representation to the States- a more disciplined, stable, and experienced legislative body.  Madison saw the dangers in the popularly elected House, for people were often, … 292 more words


Say it ain't so Joe

Historians can say the darndest things…  the profession has been sullied by superfluous tales of alleged sexual dalliances, rumors, and tabloid style conjecture.  It’s open season on the Founding Fathers, the more… 319 more words


Sin: Chosen or Inherent?

Group texts…You either love them or hate them. “Is man born sinful or do we become sinful through our choices?” That was the question which a friend group texted me this past Thursday. 1,379 more words

Spiritual Growth

Treaty power; Constitutional duties, requirements, and remedy


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He shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur;

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Logic & Reason

Republic lost? Harvard Law Professor Lessig explains:

Who truly decides who the President, or Senator, or Congressional Representative will be?   Those who vote, or, those who determine who the voters will be allowed to vote for? 458 more words