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America or Foreign Force and Influence

Most of my life I’ve couldn’t understand those that advocate policies or actions that obviously endanger the ongoing concern of our American Republic and Liberty for mankind. 1,937 more words


... Look in the Mirror , Madame Associate Justice [#Sotomayor]...

.. she thinks that there is no such thing as ” judicial activism . ” Well , well ..

.. all she has to do is look in the mirror . 182 more words

Personal Opinion


In the New Yorker recently, some author tried to be clever, imagining a conversation between Madison and Jefferson in modern slang, about the intent of the 2nd Amendment. 530 more words

Current Events

DEFENDING THE LAW: Obama's Executive Orders on 'Gun Control' are Lawless

Today is Jan 5, 2016.  Today, Obama violated the Constitution by mandating ‘gun control’ measures without Congressional authority.  This act is lawless because it is illegal.  980 more words

Logic & Reason

DEFENDING THE LAW: The Declaration of Independence is the Highest Law of This Land

People will try to tell you otherwise, but the Declaration of Independence is part of our legal system.  In fact, it is the highest man-made law in this land — higher even than the Constitution.  692 more words

Logic & Reason

The Spirit vs. the Letter of the Law

America is no longer under the rule of law.  Today, we suffer under the rule of men, and that is defined as tyranny.  How did this happen in a nation famous for bringing the rule of law to the world?  1,456 more words

Logic & Reason

TRUTH: the 'Living Document' Doctrine is Lawlessness

Once again, I have encountered a reader who believes that the founders cannot possibly have meant what they said, and, therefore, we cannot possibly know what their original intentions were when they wrote the Constitution.  1,473 more words

Logic & Reason