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Does God 'Need' Us In Heaven?

Let me preface this discussion by affirming the fact that, in the truest sense, God doesn’t need us or anything period! God is the All-Self-Sustaining Being! 1,250 more words


September 17th, 1787

September 17th, 1787.  This was the day the Constitution of the United States of America was adopted and then ratified only a year later.

Since that time, that document and our people have been under pervasive and relentless attack from powers the world over, and those powers have won. 739 more words

Law is Politics

The legal system makes a lot more sense when you realize that it’s all politics.

There are those who insist that the law is absolute; that there is only one interpretation of it; and that only crazy radical liberals engage in “judicial activism.” 440 more words

February 25th, 2016

 Jonathots, Jr. Daily Blog

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Social Commentary

Consitutution Thumping

I have a colleague who is really smart. Undeniably smart. He does his complex job extremely well and is deeply conversant in all spheres of intellectual discussion. 1,075 more words

Social Justice

Looking past, Scalia

The past year has brought us a number of significant examples of the way history can be used to inform our understanding of the present – or how it can be selectively interpreted to justify our views.  926 more words


America or Foreign Force and Influence

Most of my life I’ve couldn’t understand those that advocate policies or actions that obviously endanger the ongoing concern of our American Republic and Liberty for mankind. 1,937 more words