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Friday The 13th Prosperity Day

Friday the 13th…the optimist in me wants to believe that it is entirely possible to have an extraordinarily exceptional day today! I could even ponder a daydream of having my dreams realized on a day like today. 109 more words

Ending Scene (English Cover-Lyrics)

Hello there! I made an English cover of IU’s song which is Ending Scene (이런 엔딩). These lyrics are written by me. They are not the literal translation of the song but it is inspired by the original lyrics. 259 more words


Piper Rae

She’s got big eyes and a prescription

Waiting for the perfect sinner

To take away her old soul

She never said her name

but I call her Piper Rae… 193 more words

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Joe's Lyrics - "American Nightmare"

Sometimes the words come first.

Other times the music comes to you before the words do.

With “American Nightmare,” the universe gave me a bass line and the beginnings of a simple melody first. 297 more words


Joe's Lyrics - "Tightrope"

As much as I love metaphor, I have to confess to not really being all that skillful in using this type of figure of speech in my songwriting. 438 more words


Joe's Lyrics - "Set Me Free"

I’ve got this thing for songs in 3/4 time (or waltz time).

For some reason, whenever I hear tunes done in this time signature, I sit right up and pay attention. 429 more words


Joe's Lyrics - "Yesterday (Redux)"

As I mentioned yesterday (and, probably at other times through the years this blog has existed), this is my second life as a songwriter. The first one lasted from 1995 through maybe 2001. 476 more words