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Guitar Player ( A Song)


I held the guitar and I’m barely breathing

With no clue what to sing, I started strumming

I closed my eyes pretending to be strong… 90 more words

Creative Writing

seen completely: choral composition

Last year, I had the great honour + delight of writing for the Hillcrest Christian College’s choir, conducted by the fabulous Jenny Moon, who works choral wonders! 192 more words


All Alone With You ║ Psycho-Pass ED

Song: All Alone with You
Anime: Psycho-Pass / サイコパス
Original: EGOIST
Vocals: mewsic
Lyrics: mewsic
Artwork: http://www.less-real.com/imagevault/uploaded/images/part3/10028.jpg

With all the fairytales that you’ve told me of… 362 more words


Mic'Rose Lyrics

Hand me the micro phone,


maybe I’m about to go

higher now with some dro 

Wit some girls so we alone

Watching the chia grow…

400 more words

The Time Is Here

I had the best time today. Finally, a quiet day to spend doing what I love most to do. This!

The Time Is Here

Waiting game.

What would it take?
For this to cease
What needs to be done?
For this to ease
The pain that refuses
To go away
The chord that binds
That can’t be severed

Every day it’s more difficult
To look at you
With rosy-colored prism
When deep inside
There’s so much hurt
With every frown
With every heartache
Desperately trying
Desperately finding

Wish everything can be
Just the way it should be
Wish we have the courage
To be the way we should be
Don’t mean to let you down
Hanging on to this thread
Don’t mean to give you up
Holding on to this thread

What would it take? 154 more words
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