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Only Fool

Can I tell you something that I haven’t told a soul before?

I was so afraid of love that I crucified my heart to ensure… 463 more words



It’s on your hand in a circle
Just like the unders of my eyes
The unders of my eyes that you somehow seem to like… 392 more words

Anonymous Lyrics

I Believe In You

I hate the way that you hate yourself and everything that you think you are
Saying love’s not meant for you and a freak like you won’t get too far… 454 more words


Leave This (Like You)

Woke up with the most foolish smile on my face
I forgot to
Forget you
So cold and alone on this half-empty bed as I waste… 358 more words



I keep myself inside of yesterday, that lovely time when you were here
Before heaven sung out your name, and called upon Death to appear… 561 more words


Love Is (Bullshit)

Alone, fighting for our love
While you were giving up
And slowly falling for another
You, busy fanning a new flame
Me thinking you still felt the same… 338 more words


So Kind (Just For You)

Would you be as so kind
To hear my confession?
I find it so difficult to put myself first or even second
You see, I learned rather young… 329 more words