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Joe's Lyrics - "American Nightmare"

Sometimes the words come first.

Other times the music comes to you before the words do.

With “American Nightmare,” the universe gave me a bass line and the beginnings of a simple melody first. 297 more words


Joe's Lyrics - "Tightrope"

As much as I love metaphor, I have to confess to not really being all that skillful in using this type of figure of speech in my songwriting. 438 more words


Joe's Lyrics - "Set Me Free"

I’ve got this thing for songs in 3/4 time (or waltz time).

For some reason, whenever I hear tunes done in this time signature, I sit right up and pay attention. 429 more words


Joe's Lyrics - "Yesterday (Redux)"

As I mentioned yesterday (and, probably at other times through the years this blog has existed), this is my second life as a songwriter. The first one lasted from 1995 through maybe 2001. 476 more words


Joe's Lyrics - "Tomorrow"

It’s been forever since I last collaborated with someone else in writing a song.

In my first life as a songwriter, my buddy John and I were true partners. 433 more words


Joe's Lyrics - "Ferguson"

Do the words “Ferguson, Missouri” mean anything to you?

How about the name Michael Brown?

Eighteen year-old Michael Brown was gunned down by a police officer on August 9, 2014, in Ferguson, MO. 338 more words


Joe's Lyrics - "Mr. Onion Skin"

There are a few songs I’ve yet to play in public.

Sometimes the reason is they’re very hard to perform as a solo act. Some songs just won’t work unless you’ve got a full band – meaning, guitars, bass, and a very good drummer – performing them. 410 more words