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I don’t understand

This electric connection

We have


One look and I’m melting

I’ll be yours, if you’d just



How can I want you this much… 100 more words

Dream of Me

Tonight was a fairytale,

With you, my charming prince.

My shoes have both been lost for now,

My makeup slightly smudged,

But you whisper that I’m beautiful. 76 more words

Day 180: I'm Leavin' (Original Lyrics)

This is a song I wrote my senior year of high school for my singing group. It’s an R&B song about being done with an ex’s games and lies and finally just leaving. 484 more words

Poetic Soul

Oil and Water (incomplete)

We’ve been on and off for such a long time now,

Yet your smile still gets me.

Staying friends with you shouldn’t be this hard, 88 more words

Day 177: Love Not War (Original Lyrics)

I wrote this song my first year of college in 2009. It was meant to be a huge collaboration with different students and friends from my school but finals came along and slowed down rehearsals. 531 more words


Dear Best Friend,

Dear Best Friend,

I think I’m falling for you.

I don’t know what to do with you,

But tell you from my heart

That I can’t think of another guy… 238 more words