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"Icarus Boys"

I was walking down the street, just an ordinary guy
When a boy I didn’t know fell straight from the sky
He dropped right in front of me, landed with a thud… 282 more words


"Guinevere's Spring"

(Lines preceded by the symbol ∼ are for Arthur, chorus is for both characters, all others are for Guinevere.)

What’s happened, where are we?
Arthur are you there? 326 more words


Goodbye Middle School Hello Escape Medal Of Honor

Finished! Done! Completed! 8th Grade, Middle School and, this song…

Here is my Original YouTube video.

Escape – Who Controls The Stars

Zoe is amazing and is such an icredible scholarly student. 30 more words

"The Forgotten Gate"

Sometimes I think the world is a terrible place
Full of stress and dread and so much pain
And I’m so afraid, you know
When I think about watching you go… 250 more words


"Follow the String (Ariadne's Song)"

You’re in the dark
It’s masquerading as light
A labyrinth without walls
You can’t see it’s so bright
(You’re in a dangerous place)

A monster’s behind you… 168 more words


[Kanji Lyrics] The Gazette - Hyena

The Gazette – Hyena


Album : Stacked Rubbish
Write : Ruki
Lyrics : Ruki


ふらつく足 癖だらけの声

顔は立派 しかし中身はねぇ


So handsome guy 125 more words


[Kanji Lyrics] Megurine Luka - Leia

Megurine Luka – Leia

Music : Yuyoyuppe
Lyrics : Yuyoyuppe


君の声を聞かせて 澱(よど)む心を祓(はら)って

偽りのキャンバスを 塗りつぶしてくんだ

今日も 24 more words