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Two sides of my head: RapaRocktastic version

Passion-crashing cymbals
Lightning falls in rainy claps
Tear the fairies off their high horse
Sparkles sober to frowns

Crunch, boom, thwack
Guitars sing, holding hands… 323 more words

Original Lyrics

Two sides of my head

When someone tells you your dreams aren’t real
A wrenching pain clenches upon your heart
It sticks its blade in your vocal chords
A strangled ‘why?’ is all you can gasp… 464 more words

Original Lyrics

'Page 3' -- If You Want To Hear My Vision For Lyrics I've Written, Here It Is

The above is pretty much what I imagined when I wrote these lyrics. I really like Radiohead’s “Go Slowly” and “Nude” and they’re both really, really slow songs.


'Designated Survivor' -- #Lyrics To A Slow Radiohead-Like Song

This would be a slow sad song like “How I Made My Millions.”

Designated Survivor
lyrics by Shelton Bumgarner
please give me credit if you produce or perform… 151 more words


'Harmless' -- #Lyrics To A Tove Lo Clone

This is my general mood this afternoon. This would have a beat and vibe similar to Tove Lo’s “Habits.”

lyrics by Shelton Bumgarner
@bumgarls… 208 more words


'Maelstrom' -- #Lyrics To A Slow Radiohead-Type Song

Work has called me two days in a row to come in on my day off and I just couldn’t do it. I had a choice between a relaxing afternoon and being thrown head-long into a maelstrom. 202 more words