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Becoming Fire

I was a dreamer

Mother an alarm clock


There’ll never be enough ticks and tocks to chase your dream so just stop

But tell me do you… 372 more words


This is love

I’ve fallen in every way,
Now I’ve fallen in love.
And now I don’t care what they say,
I know this is love.

And we all run out of our days, 136 more words


Stable (Could It Be)

When those flashes of the past shot back into my skull

I was shattered and fractured and so irrational

All my friends left and family wanted to but couldn’t help… 321 more words


I'm In Love

You take away my ability to think
In your eyes I can’t remember how to speak
It’s been too long since I’ve had a chance to believe… 672 more words

Anonymous Music

A broken heart will write many sad songs.
But I remember writing about getting over one during what was probably the lowest stage of the heartbreak process.

Unsure and So Scared

Listening to people tell their dreams

And then they look at me, well what about yours?

Honestly, I never really think

About it much, you see, so I’m not sure… 326 more words


Feel More Alive (Self-Harm)

Been having conversations with myself

We keep laughing at our neglected health

Funny how suicidal we get in our boredom

Taking sleeping pills to emulate death… 263 more words