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Poem for Tuesay, April 21

     NEVER ALONE (Original Song Lyrics)         demo recording @ soundcloud

One by one
my lovers have all moved on
Leavin’ me
With only this lonesome song… 154 more words


Doot doot doot


In the cover of night

I turn on my light

And I let it shine

With a big glass of wine

I’ll let you go… 195 more words


Mississippi Blues

No one’s home, no one’s home

Oh Mississippi leave me alone

I ain’t got no dammed whiskey

I’ve been dry to the bone

My pockets been empty… 73 more words


Sea Change

Sea Change

Original Song Lyric: R. Dietrick Hardwick © 2015

There’s no state of world affairs
No one’s fighting to be free
No one saying “life’s unfair”! 75 more words

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Two sides of my head: RapaRocktastic version

Passion-crashing cymbals
Lightning falls in rainy claps
Tear the fairies off their high horse
Sparkles sober to frowns

Crunch, boom, thwack
Guitars sing, holding hands… 323 more words

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