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Hypomanic Lyrics: Poison


I tried to pick my poison but I couldn’t decide
I picked them all

Every passing moment I die a little inside
It feels like free fall… 272 more words


Just To Be Strangers (How Sad)

A message
Here and there
A few seconds
Of conversation
I’m guessing
You’re doing fine
But a question
Do you miss us at all?

We don’t talk like we used to… 287 more words


Every Drop

One shot glass and two blood shot eyes
He says I love you with a lisp
A smile on his face, and tears on mine… 250 more words


Not Her (A Lover Left)

She can stitch a smile to my face
Keep my laughter on replay
Puts all of my anxiety to rest
Every time we’re singing duets… 446 more words


Outgoing Girl (And That Guy)

She loves sky diving and riding rollercoasters
The devil’s running out of dares for her to do
He watches the same movie scenes over and over… 390 more words


All She Wanted (Selfish)

It’s a cold, sharp breath that she breathes in
The clock screams 3 pm, still she sleeps in
The phone rings again, she doesn’t make a move… 359 more words



I don’t understand

This electric connection

We have


One look and I’m melting

I’ll be yours, if you’d just



How can I want you this much… 100 more words