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Catching up: A linen and silk spencer

Can you believe it has been half a year already? When I decided to leave the blogging part of my life to graduate, I thought I would be back with you after a much shorter while. 1,129 more words


#21 - Doctor Bear

I think that happiness is better shared! In this case, my friend recently found out that he was accepted into medical school for the coming school year, and when I found out, I was so excited for him. 1,056 more words


Inspiration #4 - Amigurumi Tooth

Confession: I’ve had horrible luck with teeth. I’ve never had a cavity, but between braces and wisdom teeth, I’ve had some pretty unfortunate occurrences. Still, my dentist is a great guy, and I wanted to make him a little something to say thank-you! 633 more words


Adventures in cross-stitch

It’s not that I’ve stopped knitting. Quite the opposite, as I realized when I recently moved house, and 90% of my belongings were either knitted or knitting-related. 64 more words


#17 - Basketweave Scarf

Ever since I saw the basketweave stitch, I knew I was going to have to make something with it. The texture and woven look of the stitch instantly caught my attention, and it’s an amazing stitch because it’s so simple to do, but so intricate to look at! 657 more words


Claire Tank

The Claire Tank was released this week in the spring/summer 2016 issue of knit.wear (formerly knit.purl which was formerly knit.wear) .  This design had been kicking around in my head for the past few years in various iterations, including a… 108 more words