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For me, one of the hardest parts of getting a pattern published is the photoshoot. I’m lucky that my go-to model is my daughter, Connie — 23, very pretty with a great figure.   287 more words

Catching up: A linen and silk spencer

Can you believe it has been half a year already? When I decided to leave the blogging part of my life to graduate, I thought I would be back with you after a much shorter while. 1,129 more words


Adventures in cross-stitch

It’s not that I’ve stopped knitting. Quite the opposite, as I realized when I recently moved house, and 90% of my belongings were either knitted or knitting-related. 64 more words


Claire Tank

The Claire Tank was released this week in the spring/summer 2016 issue of knit.wear (formerly knit.purl which was formerly knit.wear) .  This design had been kicking around in my head for the past few years in various iterations, including a… 108 more words