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When it’s my time
I want to know:
what it feels like

There are opportunities
for second chances, but
this isn’t one.

I want to know… 27 more words



“There are a million ways to skin a cat,

but only one way to ensure that you never get scratched

– and that’s only possible if you never pick up the knife.”


RIP Tricia

Just like a nightmare
You’ve vanished from this world
Leaving behind a chasm
Where family and friends are hurled

Pain and longing will reside
Within their coming days… 108 more words

Original Poetry

Flame Afloat

love’s eternal flame
in the currents of our lives
gem of stellar blue

This haiku series is my response to RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge #83… 10 more words



I think it’s important to

never fully give yourself

to a person.

Keep something behind,

something they can’t take

for granted

and walk away with.


To Arthur #6 (Poetry Countdown To Valentine's Day)

(#6) In Your Eyes

I see love mazes,

Blank pages,

And life phases,

In your eyes.