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Untitled, original poem #27

wooded cloud shadows
casting leaves 
and lost hope from long stalks
weave blankets on old roads
where I take myself on walks

leaves litter gravestones
legs moving old bones
slow roads like river stones

i wind my way through life


Transdimensional Poet

Human War.

I remember this strange sense of knowing,

like a bee’s stinger in my fingertip,

a seizure into which I was going,

a heart’s release from salvation’s grip, 223 more words

Americana Injustica

Pilgrim's Poem 1

The Cold is a surgeon, unfeeling and precise
With scissors and scalpels and saws
And long probing fingers of ice.
Before The Cold it matters little… 226 more words

Creative Writing

Untitled, original poem #26

i am losing my youth
there are so many things
 i should have said
 or shed
 when my leaves were still wet
before my winter came
  and snowflakes
    began tasting
     of memories


Transdimensional Poet

Untitled, original poem #25

can i really say more than
how many times
  have our souls met

like this


Transdimensional Poet

Liquid Poison

Dulling everything
Just for a moment

Liquid poison
A burn, a warmth running through;

To reconcile all things

In thoughtlessness



I fear I’ll hurt you;
I fear I already have.
As I am but a residue
Of my past whole self,
That’s now on a dank, abandoned shelf… 144 more words