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I always thought I’d
freak the fuck out if you left.
More like: “oh okay.”

Original Poetry

A Rose in Snow.

The sun behind

Its crystal clouds

Doth blindly show

like a rose in snow

As clouds explode

Their deluge, oh

Though sun sustain… 37 more words

Tram Rider

Where do you go to old man?

Do the tracks of the tram

match the lines on your face

and lead you back through your life? 47 more words


Every Girl Should Have a Poem Written For Her (31)

She’ll make you wish
Her painting on the ground
Face down.
You’ll soften to her
When she smiles at you in the hall… 16 more words


Bye Bye Love

It seems you’re leaving
for good. I can’t seem to care.
Now that’s really good.

Original Poetry

Poetry Thursday--The Colors of Pantoums: Green

Hello, I’ve returned.

Of course the colorful series of the pantoum form is continuing, and according to the order of the rainbow, next is green.  :)  Apparently, I had the most to say about this color, if the amount of poetry isn’t enough of a tell. 615 more words


Kind of Already Gone Though

I have this feeling
you won’t appreciate me
until I’m not here.

Original Poetry