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I would like you to stay.

Just once, stay here with me,

so that we can arch the snow

flower pink in the sunrise,

and listen to the soft silence of a new winter’s day. 47 more words

Original Poetry

A Choir of Angels

The room was silent,
filled with calm souls looking for clarity.
The stage was set, risers full of black dresses.
The lights went down, and then the angel’s sang. 14 more words

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Ali: Fear Eats the Soul -- A poem by Drew Pisarra

By Drew Pisarra

Ali: Fear Eats the Soul

I don’t know what you see
when you look at me,
when I’m not looking at you, 214 more words

Original Poetry

delirious marionette

In a crumbling pavement
I’m a paper thin doll
claiming the strings of my ligaments

right before I fall.

When the darkness holds a war… 35 more words

Original Poetry


I relive everything,

over and over.

Every word,

every smile,

every lingering glance,

every forbidden brush of skin.

Every move you made.

They dance in my mind, 28 more words

Original Poetry

The Importance of Surrender

It’s comical really

that there is a



universal energy

whatever we may call it

that invented everything

on earth and in the heavens… 1,033 more words