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My hope lies beneath my breast
in a hollow dark and deep
cavern made of cherry wood.

I shelter it with intertwined hands
from brushing winds and… 50 more words


God said to Adam:
“You may partake in all
I have made, so long as
you remain obedient”,

so goodness first required
willful ignorance.
But for all that women… 89 more words


Peter’s fairy fell in love with his wild chaotic nature…

but O what a tragedy for something so small to have a heart so big, 9 more words

Original Poetry


No better sound than
intuition: loud, escaped
into my actions.

Original Poetry

Regret of Wickedness

I reigned as a god
in the land of my fathers.
But so corroded was my heart
and so evil was my soul
that no beast of darkness… 20 more words

Original Poetry

Run. Sleep. Love.

Run with the wild ones,

Sleep with the haunted ones,

And Love the savage ones, willing to fight for your heart.

© J.G.

Original Poetry

The only taste: The poetry of Arushi Singh

By Arushi Singh


I remember moans

And dreams and screams and cries and flies

And odes and howl and obscene lies

And obscene truth and pills and pills… 305 more words

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