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Heart Vacancy

Since he left,

I’ve been kind of


Almost as if

the second he waked out of that door

he took a part of me with him. 9 more words


Morning Thoughts: 26th July 2015

Why spend so many weeks

trying to win someone’s

heart and affection,

only to drop it on the floor

the second you finally achieve it? 16 more words


Wind, Wild Wind, Christina M

In the wind, wild wind, in the wind and the storm

Flew a beast, wild beast, with its black wings all torn

Through the trees, wild trees, tossed its head to the sky… 406 more words

Original Poetry

More of me to love

{ I } dentify

{ I } dentity

{ I } am always

stuck with me!

{ I } never will be more than me… 70 more words

Original Poetry

Bad Habit

I offer my words to you

right here and now

I wish there were more for you

but I don’t know how

to articulate

this attraction… 13 more words

86. (Christopher Smart)

Donald Davie’s hand-annotated edition of Smart’s Song to David (e.d. J.B. Broadbent) is on my shelf; the annotations I might return to, but as a critical response to poet-critic Davie’s scholarly and informal reception of poet Smart’s critical-creative honoring of the Pslamist, some verses of my own. 220 more words



In a matter of seconds

I had plummeted

1,300 feet

into an abyss of unrequited devotion

and a chasm of improbability.