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Are you coming?

Legs crossed

Head cocked

Shirt cropped



Are you coming to play?


There is a beast of misanthropic beliefs
Collecting creatures with violet shades
Whose troubadour ways
Give way to clenched pain
Breaking porcelain scenes
Fly while you can… 22 more words


I Wish Going Home Was Easy

“I Wish Going Home Was Easy”

I wish the church that raised me
Didn’t try to burn me at the stake
I wish the man who was my mentor… 171 more words



* This poem was created by my mother, L. Elisabeth Scanzillo, for a Valentine’s Day party.  It is the chronicle of her love story.  Thank you —  RAS… 429 more words

Original Poetry


I smell the rose

Soft red velvet


When you came from behind

And slid it across my shoulderline

Its comforting scent

Smoldering me with love evidence… 66 more words


Original Poetry: Calling the Boys Home (Part 8)

“Calling the Boys Home”

Grand Kate stepped into the back garden
to hang towels in what she hoped
was a dry couple of hours. She glanced… 367 more words


Eight Twenty Three AM.

This morning I put on my brocade skirt, the one I save for special occasions

And I ate cherry jam on toast, instead of skipping breakfast and regretting it when my insides grumble as soon as I shut the front door… 104 more words