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There Is Water Here: Poetry by Amy Durant

By Amy Durant


They flew away from home,
these lost boys. They didn’t
want to grow up. Home was
dragging them into careers,
responsibility, lives that looked… 698 more words


A Somewhat More Conventional, Inaugural (almost) Post

Welcome. Whomever you are, I’m glad you’re here.

This is something I’ve wanted to do for years. I haven’t until now because frankly, I’ve been an introvert in most settings, for most of my life. 420 more words

A Term Used Too Loosely .

Trust is a concept not foreign to me,

though I haven’t known its full capacity,

I have no reason to trust anybody,

as no one should put much faith into me, 34 more words

Americana Injustica


Caustic waves collide

crashing, rolling over.

Ferociously blown in

abrasive frothy sprays.

Virulently caressing

in corrosive surges.

Overbearing billows

fracture and crumble.

Weakened and declining… 28 more words


Smeared Ink - A Haiku.

If my nightmares smear,

the ink penned in my own fear,

seeping through paper.


Americana Injustica

s/he said

my mother pinned me down and painted my toes the day I decided to kill myself

she said there are driveways so long you can’t imagine what the houses look like… 52 more words


The Wedding Dress

A frail and threadbare
memory draped in
satin, no longer
soft against her skin.

A cobweb of the
past, fabricated.
Intricately laced
with tiny white beads. 30 more words