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Relax (Dialogue)

Misty walked towards the beach, her sandals dragging across the sidewalk as she tiredly yawned. She perked up a little when the beach was within her view and began to walk a little faster. 913 more words

Nice to meet You

When I was making Rosemaria’s character, I actually made her so she could interact with Ren, not Lark. Her innocent, bubbly, young spirit was supposed to contrast Ren’s dark, distant and mature nature. 92 more words

Shadow Monster

Darkness Monster both related

This is a creature reference I made. I’m thinking about a name for it still but supposed to be evil-ish.

First Day

Amber’s first day at Iridescence Academy was… Interesting.

She had run late for the qualification tests but was still ecstatic they let her try out. She tried making friends with the other participants, though most were fairly hostile towards her. 40 more words

Annabelle Artemis

It took me a while to realize, but I hadn’t ever introduced the main antagonist of my series, Iridescence Academy.

So meet Annabelle Artemis!

Annabelle Artemis is relentless and malicious, very vengeful, holding grudges, despising anyone who crosses her. 88 more words