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Crossover Event 2: Harlots on Hulu

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In our second Crossover Event, Kate sits down with Lanie Lopez, host of the True Crime Fan Club Podcast, to talk about the Hulu Original show: Harlots. 143 more words



The two boys were having a small fight that had started when Lark had teasingly asked him about his best friend, Amber.

He had seen Jordan sitting outside underneath the shade of a tree. 1,231 more words

Donnie and Coal

I’ve introduced Coal Azari before here but never Poseidon “Donnie” Blue! He is also part of Team Hijinks, but he is very calm, kind and a voice of reason. 216 more words

Cold (Dialogue)

This is Jaiden Frost aka Frostbite! He was first introduced¬†here. He’s typically very bitter towards Iridescence Academy students and dislikes them A LOT. Misty won’t stand for someone trying to hurt her students and is going to take him back to the Headmistress to figure out what to do with him. 762 more words

Fight with a Robot

This is a sketch to go with a piece of writing I’m working on for Iridescence Academy.

There are a few characters here who I’ve never shown before too. 9 more words


These are just some sketches I made a while ago!

They’re mostly of my character Walter’s dad, Alistair Carmen or ALS and a character I’ve talked about and referenced, Caroline Lockhart or CRO. 252 more words


I’ve been thinking about Ren and Willow’s magic lately and how I make Ren’s default magic color gold/yellow. Willow’s would be red/magenta.

I also wanted to draw Willow in a casual outfit and mess around with her color scheme. 25 more words