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Stranger Things: Powerful Children

by Devina

Well, some things can be stranger, indeed.

I am not sure why I didn’t watch this show sooner. I kept getting distracted by a lot of other shows that I didn’t schedule some time to get to this amazing show. 362 more words

#97 The Verdict

Oh lawdy lawd, these kids! What will they get up to now? Let’s venture between the Pepto-Bismol pink covers of this book and find out! Warning: I’m not feeling very good tonight, so this is going to be the grouchiest entry ever – like my readers mind, heh. 4,805 more words

Sweet Valley High

Watch 3 Popular Amazon Prime Shows Free For a Limited Time

By: Zeila Edrial

‘Tis the season for giving. In light of the holiday season, Amazon Prime Video is allowing everyone to stream the first season of three of their most popular original series. 343 more words

Amazon Video Prime

Mood For Food: Boufé Boutique Café

So the end-of-term vacation is finally upon us.  If a “staycation” is more in your plans, why not enjoy a little out-and-about right here in town? 781 more words


#96 The Arrest

My dear readers, I am decidedly not digging this new story layout in the post-A Night to Remember books. I think they took a tip from a soap opera and decided to drag out the same story over multiple books with little bits and pieces in order to flesh out each ~215 page book more. 4,034 more words

Sweet Valley High

The Notes of Roanoke- Entry 10

I blame myself for all that has happened because of Iblis but I must wonder how much is truly my fault. Was it when I brought him to meet my family? 489 more words


The Notes of Roanoke- Entry 9

Things have become more hectic as of late. But I will continue writing these notes while I have the opportunity. Where was I…ah yes…Eodeb was finally able to talk. 467 more words