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012 Claudia and the New Girl

All ur soul r belong 2 babysitters club nao

Is it just me, or does Claudia’s left hand, particularly the thumb, look weird?

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011 Kristy and the Snobs

Kristy’s hair looks so weird on the right-hand side. Was she just dragged through a hedge? Also, why is the background just sky, and what’s with the random swallow? 10 more words

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010 Logan Likes Mary Anne!

aka, the most unrealistic coupling ever. Mary Anne at least looks more credibly 12, but Logan looks undead.

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009 The Ghost at Dawn's House

It bugs me that Dawn is always described — oh how she is always described — as having almost white hair that’s so long she can sit on it, and yet I have not seen even one cover, UK or US, that shows this.

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008 Boy-Crazy Stacey

The one with the skimpy — and I’m talking very skimpy — bikini. Also, Mary Anne’s eyes bug out.

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Darker Evil Series Book 1 Chapter 18 : Xenza Seis's story and Celestine's plan

It dates back to 17 years ago, before Celestine was born.
Faced with a crisis, Xenza Seis, the mother of Celestine, feared that if one day Daemon murdered her, he would have access to the amethyst garden and gain eternal life. 1,278 more words