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Kids in the Store: 1st Posting

“Kids in the Store” is a photo series I’ve been continuously working on since the summer of 2014. Throughout the (5) years working at my parent’s dollar store, I’ve seen these children grow up drastically. 258 more words

Stranger and Strangerer.....

You will probably be able to tell from my previous reviews that I am no professional film critic.. i don’t feel the need to use long complicated words and sentences in order to explain what i think about a film. 646 more words


Netflix Originals: A Personal Timeline (Part One)

By: Hannah Bernabe

When Netflix began to create original shows around 2012, I immediately loved the new kind of television storytelling the online viewing website contained. 795 more words


Tvf Permanent Roommates

For those netizens who are still unaware of the original series concept please do not read further and browse through the various channels in you tube and come back in a few hours. 358 more words


Stranger Things & the Pull of Nostalgia in Television

By: Hannah Bernabe

If you have been living away from the world of social media, you may have seen or heard references to the wonderment of Netflix’s new original series Stranger Things. 450 more words


Stranger Things

This new Netflix original series has become an almost instant hit for geeks and horror fans everywhere. Created by the Duffer brothers, this show has gotten 4/5 stars on common sense media, and 95% on rotten tomatoes. 212 more words

Baby-sitters Club (BSC) #36: Jessi's Baby-Sitter (The One with Controlling Baby-Sitters)

I’m not even going to bother with my usual litany of excuses for not writing in so long. I’m a lame-o. We’ll go with that, okay? 1,222 more words

Baby-sitters Club