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Star Trek Discovery: Season 1 part one Full review

Star Trek Discovery is a series with an identity crisis. Much like it’s lead character, Michael Burnham, it is trying to live between two worlds and succeeding completely at neither of them. 2,943 more words


YOU’RE NO ALIEN! (Warning! Spoilers Ahead!)

Part of Stranger Things’ appeal (notably to Gen-X’ers) is the nostalgia manifested within the world of Hawkins, Indiana.

Which is why we scratched our heads at the evolution of the Demadogs (Demagorgon, Mind Flayer, whatever floats your boat), compared to that of the terrifying, sweaty tooth beast from LV-426 ( 228 more words

Stranger Things

A WOMAN ON THE BRINK (Warning! Spoilers Ahead!)

Nancy Byers’s (Winona Ryder) 1976 Ford Pinto* is by all accounts, a piece-of-crap car that is a bumper tap away from total combustion.  314 more words

Stranger Things

ARCADE BRAVERY (Warning! Spoilers Ahead!)

The heroism and bravery were replete in Season 1, and this season of Stranger Things is no different.

We open Season 2 finding our heroes, amassing quarters for their impending usage at the local joystick and button parlor whereby local, acne-ridden youth imbibe in games of chance. 411 more words

Stranger Things


For any red-blooded American kid who grew up in the 1980s, your required viewing is now Stranger Things.  The editors at Nitflix command you. 220 more words

Stranger Things

Mr. Covingham's Secret

Five-year-old Zooey’s eyes fluttered. She felt especially warm and cozy wrapped up in all of these blankets in front of Gerliliam’s fireplace. She opened her eyes just long enough to see that her four siblings were still sleeping all around her and that made her feel safe. 1,268 more words

Short Story

'Stranger Things' Releases Mobile Game For New Season

Netflix screens were flipped ‘Upside-Down’ last year with the release of the original series “Stranger Things.” Following the story of three young kids, as they search for their missing friend Will Byers, with the help from their new waffle loving, telepathic friend, Eleven. 453 more words