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The Fleet Girls Collection

This is a ten-minute loop of one of my favorite anime soundtracks from The Fleet Girls Collection. It has strong oriental influences, with pleasant piano and female vocals accompanying. 32 more words


Fate: The Cursed King

I still play Fate, guys. This is easily one of my favorite musical scores from the franchise. This is the “Town” theme for “The Cursed King”, when you’re roaming about buying, selling, gathering quests. 27 more words


‘Jessica Jones’ Season 1 Soundtrack Cover Art and Tracklist Revealed

Marvel and Netflix have released the cover art and tracklist for composer Sean Callery’s original soundtrack for ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 1.

1. Jessica Jones Main Title (1:08) 105 more words


Fireworks from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

This is easily one of the best tracks of the Harry Potter franchise! It captures the spirit of  mischevious, fun loving Weasley twins, transformed into the magic of music. 33 more words


Hyouri from Bakemonogatari

This mysterious, anxious, powerful music box melody was written by Satoru Kōsaki. It tingles with a strong percussion rhythm by the end. This song triggers to me a sense of sweet and danger: it’s stirring. 35 more words


Hotel Dusk OST

Calming yet it keeps you on the edge.

Being surrounded by sand and finding indentations filled with water.


Album Review: Andy Hull and Robert McDowell - Swiss Army Man Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

On 2014’s Hope, Manchester Orchestra showcased a side of themselves that they had only teased in their previous work. The record reworked the songs from that year’s  723 more words

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