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Wonder Woman Theme (Cello/Heavy Metal Cover by Tina Guo)

This the most badass music cover I’ve heard in a really long time. No words.
The original track from which the theme originates is below for comparison.


The uniqueness of NieR: Automata's soundtrack vocals

GAMING, DISCUSSION – Ever since I first saw gameplay footage for NieR: Automata, there’s always that glorious, wonderful soundtrack accompanied with vocals that seem to be gibberish. 616 more words


Sugarcoat the Galaxy from Passengers

I absolutely loved the film Passengers; I remember it transported me away on every level in that theater, one of the reasons being it’s gorgeously written soundtrack. 69 more words

Female Vocals

Masked And Anonymous Original Soundtrack, Various Artists, 2003

I saw this movie for the first time in 2009 and loved it. I understand the criticisms, why it’s a frustrating movie to watch from the traditional perspective that demands a coherent narrative, but I think it’s clear early on that we’re dealing with a fractured storyline that works partly as mimetic representation of the past and partly as prophetic vision of the future. 2,677 more words


The Battle is to the Strong from Fate/Zero

This epic, brilliant battle track from the anime Fate/Zero was written by female musical composer Yuki Kajiura and is one of her many great pieces of sound. 18 more words


A day full of OSTs

I recently ran out of my Google Play Music offer, so I had to go back to full-of-ads Spotify.

But I must admit that Spotify’s recommendations do amaze me. 166 more words


Good, Bad, and the Ugly Theme

What an amazing score, such a unique film theme! I’ve only seen the movie once and I honestly thought its run time was longer than it needed to be, but the music was the most memorable element for me. 12 more words