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#3words1story 023

Today’s three words are: control – cure – smile. You know the drill, all three words must be used in any shape or form.
This time, you get poetry. 44 more words


Our Set of Wooden Blocks

Within sentences words can overflow,
barge in and flood perception with meaning
until its stream is only a shade of brown
flooding the bordering space. 95 more words


A Life like Water

Whisk and weave that dirty breath,
rushed in stunted steps,
learning to walk once more,
each sound stuck in phlegm,
cough, cough, heavy in,
wash it out with drink again, 34 more words



Life imitates art,
it’s why the empty spaces are always
the best place to start
searching for a why.

Omitting emissions from the report;
a science so sure of results… 66 more words


Corporate Reality

Whitewashed words,
were all I ever heard,
showering my soul
with meaningless verbs
forming a picturesque landscape
in which the lies roam.
My dreams disfigured,
led far from home.


Beachy Head

Parts of the ground starting
to give way as the sun ripples
on the sea below,
arms open, waiting patiently
for us to plunge. Feet first… 146 more words