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I remember putting on too much make-up that day. I do not know why. Whatever I did seemed a bit too little or too much; but you can never go wrong by doing too much, right? 1,294 more words

Original Work

Autumn Coots – A Haiku

I’ll be away for the weekend – going on Friday, coming back on Sunday – to celebrate my grandparents’ birthday, so my writing time in advance to it is pretty scarce. 123 more words


Daily Writing Part 98, Story of Poems Part 43

Random words of the day: Cupboard. Flare

So apparently, the sentry’s a parrot now? Not a hamster or a dog then? I mean, he squawks, so… We might not ever know the truth about what this mysterious sentry really is… Could be Vernon Dursley, considering the punishment he’s threatening with… I suppose this is where you can place your bets on what animal he might be next week. 220 more words


When You're Not Okay

When you’re not okay,
say that you’re not okay.
Being not okay is fine.
It shouldn’t be a stuttering tongue.
Make it your war cry, 62 more words

Creative Writing

When It Rains… - A Haiku

What’s this?! A post on Thursday?! It’s like, starting to write early in the afternoon, before going away for the rest of the day, really helps with getting actual writing down and that I might be better off actually doing such a thing in the future! 108 more words