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A moment to borrow

Do you have a moment to borrow To walk down the path, straight and narrow – no room for thoughts of tomorrow

A graduate in this occupation Worship time’s dissipation… 145 more words


Strong Enough

Some day

Hopefully soon

I’ll find it

Even ground

I’ll be able to stand on my own

And look

Straight ahead

And be


At least strong enough… 9 more words



For a moment

I though I was


Foolish I know

But don’t worry

I was shaken out of that



Change the Key

Change the key

Not a decree or a trial to persevere through some untold mystery

Whereby one must overcome some fascination out of the blue… 283 more words



Goodbye lonesome,

You’ve fallen for her

In every port,

Heart hanging by the door

With shoes that grace

The mat.

-August, 2015

Original Work

The Connection: Mind and Heart

What makes you love?

What makes you need?

What makes you as peaceful as a dove?

What makes you filled with greed?

5 One word: Desire… 665 more words

Original Work


Sifting sands under my feet

Threaten to pull me away

No solid ground to hold on

No guide or map to follow

What am I to do? 38 more words