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Virtuoso – A Haiku

I’m just back from a short but wonderful weekend at my grandparents. My grandfather and the other students of the music class he’s a part of gave a great piano recital yesterday. 58 more words


The Song of Lies

Take me away to the lier’s flute
teaching me the deadly tune.

Bring the sky to your heart
before the stars find the sea.

Sing me a song of times remembered… 7 more words


Phren Takes a Body: A Necromantic Scene

She was gone: both of them. Claudia was strong, but Garnet was stronger, and in the end, Garnet had won. Wearing the princess’s body like a cloak, Garnet left, leaving Phren tangled in the ensnarement circle she had drawn: hastily, but it still worked. 731 more words


Away – An Away Message and a Haiku

Sorry to say there won’t be a Double Dose Weekend this time around. Being away for the weekend (to my grandparents, where there is no internet connection) and leaving fairly early today meant very little time to write more than the usual one post per day. 68 more words


Questions By The Sea

What can I say
as I blind myself to the sea?
Where do I go
as I burn myself in the blue?
Must I always fly… 17 more words

Boat Ride

Not good enough

Dick ain’t long enough
Conversation ain’t strong enough