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Double Dose Weekend 14.2. Talking Head – A Haiku

And here we are again… Late, spending a whole lot of time to write the first work and a simultaneously full and empty head that really rather wants to get to sleep than think up something to write. 42 more words


Double Dose Weekend 14.1. To My Heart's Discontent

Sometimes I wonder about my mind and the countless streams of thought that roam through and occupy it. I had planned to write a short poem for tonight. 248 more words


Biting the Bullet Part VI

“FOLKS, WE HAVE A WINNER!” the announcer shouted with glee

The Helix staircase Magically descended down into the sand until Aleksis was no longer standing in the clouds but on the sand in the middle of the Arena. 880 more words

Original Work

Is it now?

When can I make your mouth remember the language of my tongue
When can I paint the crevices of your neck with my teeth
When can my fingers translate the feeling your presence brings to me


Daily Writing Part 93, Story of Poems Part 39

Random words of the day: Tusk. Rank.

And so part three of the Artist’s Tale kicks off! For this we go a bit back in time, before the end of the last chapter and check back on some characters we haven’t seen in quite a while. 137 more words


Enter Summer: A Countersink Scene

Someone walked through the door. I looked up—I looked up whenever anyone came in. Nervous habit.

She had a backpack full of books and she was wearing a black t-shirt that said “Campus Security” in bold, white letters. 852 more words


Rules for Playing

I. Music is in the blood

It congeals on my knees
into scabs that show my clumsiness.
Your own fault, Mam says,
as she patches me up again, 111 more words