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I Want Someone to Watch the Stars With Me

I want someone to watch the stars with me
We’ll stay up past midnight
And even though we’re far away
(you’re in your bedroom, i’m in mine) 82 more words

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This week in art: feat. big $exy


We didn’t have a figure drawing class this week, due to it being Victoria day and all. I missed it, but oh well. 429 more words


Evening Walk - A Haiku

Apologies for the lack of content this weekend. I’m still working through the process of getting used to my new place. It has only been about two months, but it certainly feels like a lot more time has passed: not all of it pleasant. 71 more words


Done Again

Finished the last farm last evening. Sat, May 23rd. Just in time for another shower. An all night long light shower. The kind a crop farmer prays for. 152 more words

notes and sketches: recalling witness

The 5th February 2004 was my son’s 8th birthday. That evening a group of Chinese illegal workers were taken by gang masters to dig for cockles in Morecambe Bay, just behind our house. 253 more words


Biting the Bullet Part III

It was a long hard ride through the forests of Damen into the desert landscape of Parais. By the time Aleksis, Tania and Kane arrived at the famed Helix Arena, their throats were parched, their bodies exhausted from the rough journey, their faces were red from windburn and sunburn and they couldn’t seem to get the gritty feeling of sand out of their mouths. 1,997 more words

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