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The passion that burns,binds,runs away with…my soul needs more, craves,can’t bear the thought,wait,wave of…nothingness. It’s hungry. I’m hungry for more. I want to,will to,do, choose to run,trip,fall over and over to,till I get to…you and the me of.dreams.cant.stay.awake. 62 more words

Creative Writing

75 Million: A Monologue

The good old days are called so for a reason.
They were simpler, warmer.
This new age of mammals is too cold.

Why must I… 86 more words

Illustrated Thursday - Surprises and Final Assignments

It was quite a pleasant surprise to get the notice of a new post over at my friend’s photography blog, click on it, and find this picture of me! 230 more words

Illustrated Poetry


What do you hear when you speak?do you listen/write/read into the words from shattered,more tattered lips? Our lives are the page of the tale you make. 94 more words

Creative Writing

Present Truths of Our Kind

“The form is dead,”
Is all the note read
A solemn promise of truth,
“You’re wasting your time
No fool cares for rhyme
In this age of instant scholarly proof!” 335 more words

Breanne Wright

Sore Beans

At least they make me sore. They make my equipment sore. Not to mention the soil according to ISU research. Along with my own observations over the last thirty years. 219 more words


The River is Loud.

The Water Stops for No One,

So I’ve Learned to Swim.