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Daily Writing Part 142. Story of Poems Part 76

Random word of the day: Tragedy. Aluminium

Apologies for the week and a day late installment. I don’t have any real excuses for it other than that life has been taking an unexpected but interesting turn lately, so I won’t try to make up any and waste everyone’s time with this any longer than necessary. 567 more words


Until you looked at me. 

Until you looked at me.
Innocent and carefree unconcerned without anything to convey.

No expectations or hopes

Just a simple evening where time was free to devote and thoughts were at liberty, for once, to be carefree. 253 more words


don't just push me aside - ghostofgatsby

Found some original work that I threw in a Google doc last year, and had sort-of thought about turning into a fic once. It’s very bare bones, (and there are a bunch of shift changes that I’m too lazy to fix,) but I thought I’d share. 1,131 more words

Ghost Writes


Zach stared out the window and absently played with the coin around his neck. He watched the birds hop around and peck at the grass. 2,405 more words

Original Work

Random Climate & Terrain Generator

I’m dearly fond of random generators for things in tabletop rpgs because the results are often so interesting, it avoids any sense of staleness, and it dispenses with the usual decision fatigue if I’m in a pinch or need to toss out something very rich very quickly. 1,305 more words