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Freak show

Freak Show

Imagine a circus, a human zoo.
Now imagine a woman, presenting a
sword in the air as you
hold your breath.
Her’s has almost run out. 74 more words


An Impromptu Mother's Day Adventure or How We Survived the Vortex that is Our Local Bermuda Triangle ...

… Actually, the fact that it was Mother’s Day was almost incidental. It wasn’t like the adventure was planned because it was a special day. It happened to coincide with the clocks going forward (so my routine was all out of whack), Spring conjuring up a spectacularly sunny day, and Hb wanting to scout out a bike place some distance away where he needs to be next week for a bike fit session. 1,318 more words


I wonder when it was that I began to retreat into myself

Folding, collapsing

Like oragami

To be more aesthetically pleasing

Palatable and unobtrusive

I molded myself to conform to the desires of my consumers… 81 more words


My Little Wanderer: LilVakaVivLu

I don’t think there will ever be a place that can contain her or a person who can hold her. She’s like the air we breathe – vital to our survival but grasp we are unable. 240 more words



He laughs brightly all the time wishing he could cry. A smile is just another piece of the mask he uses to hide behind, just another lie he tells.

My Words


Panic floods her veins. Her every breath comes in short sputters, desperate little wheezes that wrack her body. She tries to say something, anything, but her lungs feel as though they’re filled with ice and then fire. 43 more words

My Words


This is the first in a series of collaborative pieces, where other creatives and artists attempt to inspire each other, and hopefully in turn, be inspired.   2,510 more words

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