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Hidden Thorns.

For all my historical obsessions I think the most long-lasting one and the one I always return to is Greek mythology and tonight I thought I would write an adaption of the Hades/Persephone myth with a decidedly feminist twist or rather, an adaption of the myth as I understand it because now that I actually look up more details, the whole thing is a little more complicated than I had originally suspected (the plan had been to submit it to a writing competition thing but I think I’m going to try and come up with something a little more original). 794 more words


I follow the same pattern daily to the point where thought seems inane;

Don’t think,

Just do,

Just do exactly and only what you’re told to. 76 more words

Estranged From My Past Life

When I speak about my past to someone I haven’t known for years,

My stories spill out like tales I have almost forgotten how to tell. 46 more words

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A Review: Jo. M. Sekimonyo’s “Cast Away for These Reasons – Economic Jihad”

Immediately after downloading the Kindle eBook version of this work, I began the task of unpacking the author’s message.  That message begins in earnest: quotes from champions of the poor and destitute, anecdotes from a well-traveled memory, a critical view of Nelson Mandela.  275 more words

Original Writing

Reasons why we failed at love (part two)

  1. I wanted the happy ending, he just wanted the end.
  2. I wasn’t the only one he called “Baby.”
  3. He didn’t care that I cried the whole way home.
  4. 538 more words

Killing Miss Dee

Jeff was the witty one of the group.  He was always cracking jokes, making quick remarks, light-hearted, fun.

That’s why, when he said, “Let’s kill Miss Dee,” we thought it was a joke. 79 more words


What I Mean When I Say These Words

Love me like you have never loved. As though we are both new to this, the way we stumbled into each other nervous and excited with knowledge already of what we would become. 53 more words

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