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And with that the rice tumbles from my hands and thunders across the kitchen floor. Drowned in a sea of endless rice, white like sea foam. 344 more words

Creative Writing

Into the Light

Kenny’s thirst was overwhelming.

And it wasn’t helping that the smell of Kentucky Fried Chicken hung thick in the air, salty, crispy, dripping of grease.  Who had the bright idea of building two KFC’s within blocks of one another?  491 more words



Tied my hair up,
and cut it all off
you said how
fucking dumb of an idea
it was
in the middle of January.

so I said… 218 more words


Biting the Bullet Part III

It was a long hard ride through the forests of Damen into the desert landscape of Parais. By the time Aleksis, Tania and Kane arrived at the famed Helix Arena, their throats were parched, their bodies exhausted from the rough journey, their faces were red from windburn and sunburn and they couldn’t seem to get the gritty feeling of sand out of their mouths. 1,997 more words

Original Work

Gray Conspiracy

They put Jack McRoy on ice because he had a brain tumor, but that was a lie; they just needed someone to experiment on. Actually, they put Jack in a tank. 551 more words

Speculative Fiction


Make sure it ends
where I’ve always been,
20,000 leagues
beneath you.

Unable to stand close
or breathe the same air,
always further
than the stars away. 24 more words


These things

keep getting worse,

I need to stop

seeing you everywhere.

In shopping centres,

in the faces of passersby.

Driving on the opposite

side of the road. 60 more words