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Universe - Swan Feathers

There have always been legends of other creatures living among us.  Werewolves, Dragons, Merfolk, Shape-shifters, Nature Spirits. 222 more words

Middle of the Night

Last call had been a half-hour ago and the bar had just closed, its workers literally pushing us stragglers out the door while flipping on the bright overhead lights, turning off the deafening, pulsating music.  529 more words


Alternate Bio 6: Teacher Edition

Alain Jackson was a man. Yes, until that fateful day he held aloft his grade book to the heavens and repeated the ancient spell, “Work without doing,” and his consciousness ascended to the Jade Mountain. 19 more words

Creative Writing

Alternate Bio 5

Alexis is a lioness of erudition at her local college. Unbeknownst to her, she is also the only student at her local college. The reptiloids have successfully infiltrated the school and replaced all of her classmates, teachers, and even the turkeys that hang out on campus sometimes with life-like holograms. 49 more words

Creative Writing

The Roadmap

Growing up it was always instilled into me how important “goals” were and “self motivation” and this has helped me in many areas of my life. 324 more words


A Reflection on Revising My Original Article

After the workshop for my original article, I focused on the following issues for revision:

1. My first draft was too academic in tone for… 285 more words

Online Writing Assignment

Top 10 Cord stories

After four years of being involved with the Wilfrid Laurier University newspaper, The Cord, I am officially leaving to enter “The Real World.” When I look back on my undergrad, I think of all of the opportunities I had to write a story that was not only worth reading, but would also reach out to someone. 872 more words