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Truths: A Sestina

From time to time, I check my old journals, notebooks, filing cabinets, or Word files to see what I wrote when I was much younger.  I do so not just to find something to post here but to see what I had to say back then and how what I thought and wrote as a younger man compares to what I think and write now, to see whether or not something that was important to me or relevant then still is now. 550 more words

Original Writing

6.21.18 (jenga and the price of infidelity)

My first move was jimmying a piece from the bottom. It was all about strategy. You destabilize the foundation first, and every move after is a risky one. 65 more words

Original Writing


For my “blue” grandparents,

ever since i can remember my grandparents have always been there for me. i will always remember the summer days out working the garden with my grandpa. 415 more words


Sin City

Craving on this city corner

A mouthful of good soup —

The things they’ll make you do.

Shivering and craving —

It’s not the gambling that’s the sin. 135 more words


A Meeting With Myself

The following is a piece of work that I wrote in a Journalism subject taster day at Leeds Trinity University. While an edited version was posted to the LT Journalism website, which you can read… 1,023 more words


plans for next few posts

when i first started this blog i thought “omg i can’t do this. Just have random strangers read my writing and thoughts? letting them judge my spelling and awful grammar? 101 more words


annoy me

I realized that i say “you know what really annoys me?” a lot. Then later that same thing won’t annoy me. I now have decided say “you know whats annoying me right now?”. 290 more words