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Let Us Live Freely

We, as Muslims, do not owe the world a thing. Naturally, we condemn any form of violence committed falsely under or in our name and religion, but we do not owe anyone apologies, explanations or justifications.

Let us live freely.


4th instalment...

Now well settled into this poignant life of being my only friend, I felt my heart at ease. Contentment can have many a stage but it’s where one places the bar. 90 more words


Evening Thoughts: 12.2.16

The second you learn to love yourself, everything remotely negative fades away.



She lays still all the while piercing thoughts infiltrate her mind.

She stares blankly – eyes open merely to save herself from falling into yet another bout of indecision.


3rd instalment..

As I began to accept that life for me had set its own path, one that was beyond my control, I began to feel my heart beating softer, it was no longer pounding my chest, sending reverberations across my body. 70 more words


2nd instalment...

My trembling fingers rubbed viciously at my body, but all that came of it was the deep red blood that oozed from the nails that now dripped endlessly, each finger a suspect of my seemingly overt pain. 98 more words


Answering the Card-Carrying Doofus

Last week I showed you this card I created based on my “doofus” prompt:

Here are my intended jokes:

Ayn Stein can be pronounced “Einstein” 67 more words