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A Weaver of Words

Once again it’s time to crown Wicked Word Wednesday Winner. 149 more words

Original Writing

Sun rise

I drove towards the sunrise on my way to work. I was early, unusually, and well rested, even more unusual for a Sunday morning. The sky was awash with inky blues and indigo curved around a burst of egg yolk yellow. 85 more words

SoCs :: In Search of Lengthy Sh-Words

I just discovered that most words beginning with sh- are just 1 or 2 syllables long. 3 syllable sh-words are around, like shrubbery, but they seem few and far between. 255 more words

Original Writing

Week 13 NFL Sure-Thangs

UPSET Kansas City Chiefs over Atlanta Falcons

Washington Redskins over Arizona Cardinals

Denver Broncos over Jacksonville Jaguars

New England Patriots over Los Angeles Rams

TEASER Pittsburg Steelers over New York Giants… 10 more words

Original Writing

Patriotic HypoPTSD

I feel gutshot

Feels like I bet my whole nut

That my countrymen would put

Up a good fight, and they half-assed it

Seems like we had a shot and passed it… 36 more words

Original Writing

Cat Got

A cat got my tongue

Or maybe my breath

Coiled on my chest

As I slept

[Cat Wakeup Cartoon By Notorious P.U.G.]

Original Writing