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You make me question
the ins and outs
of the universe,
why am I here,
the human psyche,
the condition of my heart
and how close it is to breaking point. 46 more words

They Are Here!

Here are the results of the EXPERIMENTAL CREATIVE WRITING COMPETITION which was organized by the Lit-Ent Club last month. The rules of the competition required the participants to continue the story with the given first sentence within 10 minutes. 1,442 more words


Slice a Hawaiian

“Hey kid, the fuck do you think you’re going? Yeah, you. The one pointing to himself and looking around all like, ‘He can’t possibly be talking about me, can he?’ Yeah. 748 more words


Lessons in Adventuring

This ten-minute free write from the Prompt Box came courtesy of @youarecarrying.

Simply tweet the word “inventory” and you’ll get a random list of objects. 275 more words

Random Thoughts

If I Stay

“Sometimes, you make choices in life.

And sometimes, choices make you.”

After watching Forman’s novel come to life, I was overcome by both extreme sadness that the film was over, and complete ecstasy that the film was exactly how I envisioned it to be.

321 more words

Silent Killer

Photo courtesy Barbara W. Beacham, 2015

“The Mayor and the town manager waved as their next victim approached.”

“Hullo!” the Mayor said cheerfully to Elyssa. 242 more words




You are half burden half blossom.
A wonderland I climbed
fences to be at, scraped knees and
mouthful of ‘please’ to show for it. 171 more words

Laylah Grewal