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To Wed or Not to Wed

29th August: the marriage of Aiofe and Strongbow. In this edited extract from Strongbow’s Wife Aiofe contemplates the horrors perpetrated in Waterford in the preceding days. 1,141 more words

British History


That much happiness I have not felt
settling my touch to the sparkle of gold
than that I have experienced
raising my fingers to feel… 8 more words


Musical Thoughts

He played his guitar a little like he played me. His fingers strummed over a chord every now and then, to produce a harmonious melody, but when he had enough of me he put me to one side. 9 more words


Hypomanic Lyrics: Poison


I tried to pick my poison but I couldn’t decide
I picked them all

Every passing moment I die a little inside
It feels like free fall… 272 more words


Mist of Love

I guess I’m just waiting for him to fall out of the mist of lust he’s surrounded himself in. People get bored. It’s human fucking nature.


Pod 8, P1/2

As of now, parts 1 and 2 have been updated. I’ve never really written in the present tense before, so hopefully it’s not too bad, but I think I like this better than what I previously had.




Original Writing

But first, introductions.

In the time it takes to travel from A to B one can stumble across the most mundane or ingenious of ideas. In that 2 minute walk to the corner shop, or the 23 hour plane journey from London to Brisbane, all manner of ideas spring to mind. 49 more words