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Interaction Review 1

Interaction Review 1

Ryan Williams

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Game i could play forever: Halo 2(Original Xbox)

Halo 2(Original Xbox) is easily the One game i can play forever, I’ve been playing it as much as i can since its release in 2004 and to this day i still have as much fun playing it as i did when it released. 527 more words


Original Xbox Backwards Compatibility Wishlist

The news that original Xbox games were going to be added to the Xbox One backwards compatibility library got me very excited. Since the program has launched I have found it very convenient having all my favourite games on one box, I still have my 360 and OG Xbox laying around for the games that have yet to make it to the list but that number is getting smaller every week it seems. 834 more words

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Original Xbox BC games leaked?

Apparently, (discovered by twitter user @GamerTagstic) if you visit Gamestop, by going to Trade in> Games> Search: BC <XBOX> this “leaked” list of original Xbox games will appear, shown as backward compatible (BC). 48 more words

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The best original Xbox games to play on your Xbox One

The announcement at E3 this year that OG Xbox games would be made backwards compatible with Xbox One got me thinking. What original Xbox games are still worth playing in this future year of 2017? 109 more words

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Original Xbox LAN Parties are Returning

Time to break out the old copies of Halo 2!

E3 brought us a lot of news about the release of Microsoft’s new console, the Xbox One X (X.B.O.X. 341 more words

Buying an Original Xbox in 2017, and why you should get one too!

Hey guys, I had a great weekend buying up a console that I completely ignored in 2001. Its the original, black, 85kg heavyweight (well feels like it) mighty… 966 more words